Tokyo Revengers Manga Officially Ended

Tokyo Revengers manga finally released its last chapter. The conclusion of Takemichi Hanagaki’s struggle ended on November 16, 2022. Six years of struggle to save his first love make him go through many trials and tribulations. Is the ending acceptable? Should you read this manga?

Let’s stop walking and look back at what he has gone through to one of the best shonen manga of all time.

Tokyo Revengers Manga

Tokyo Revengers manga was created by Ken Wakui and published in Weekly Shonen Magazine. Then, Kodansha compiled it into tankoubon.

Kodansha USA has licensed the series digitally. Meanwhile, Seven Seas Entertainment is in charge of publishing the print version.

The series took off on March 1, 2017, and landed on November 16, 2022. The 30th volume of Tokyo Revengers Manga has been released in Japan, but, only one volume has yet to be published.

Tokyo Revengers Manga cover
Tokyo Revengers 30th volume’s cover

The manga was such a hit that it reached 3 million copies in February 2020. When the arc got intense in 2021, the sales skyrocketed to 24.9 million copies in that year alone.

As of July 2022, the total of Tokyo Revengers manga sold has reached 65 million in circulation with 7 million outside of Japan.

Tokyo Revengers Anime

Because of the popularity of the manga, Tokyo Revengers announced an anime adaptation back on June 2020. The one in charge of production is Liden Films (Terra Formars, Arslan Senki). The series aired from April 11 to September 19, 2021.

Crunchyroll licensed the series worldwide outside Asia. Meanwhile, Muse Communication has bought the right to stream it on their platforms; YouTube and Bilibili for Asia.

The second season of Tokyo Revengers was announced on December 18, 2021. It will adapt the Black Dragon Arc from the manga.

Tokyo Revengers Story

Tokyo Revengers is a unique manga that embraces the classic gangster and the fantasy time leap. It combines those different aspects as one and spices it up with a lot of tears and blood.

The story follows the good-for-nothing adult, Hanageki Takemichi, with an undesirable future where he spends his entire life working as a part-timer.

One day, he gets news that his first love has died. Lost in thought, he drops from the station platform and jumps straight into the rails.

Middle school life flashes in his eyes. The last thing he remembers when the train will snuff out his soul is neither his parents nor his friend. He remembers his first and last girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana.

But, the train doesn’t claim his soul. He realizes that his friend from middle school is there instead. With confusion in mind, he just goes with the flow and thinks that it is just an illusion.

After a while, he realizes that he has jumped back from 12 years in the future. He runs to Tachibana’s house to meet her. He bursts into tears when he sees Tachibana with his own eyes.

Then, he strays to the park to take fresh air and sees a bullied kid. Pisses off, he punches the bullies and threatens them with broken glass. Turns out, the kid is Naoto Tachibana, Hinata’s little brother.

Maybe because he doesn’t know whom he should tell the time-leap phenomenon, he just blurts out on Naoto. He says that he does time-leap into the past and the fact that his sister will die in 12 years.

When he wants to leave the park, he makes Naoto promise to protect his sister. Then, they shake hands.

For the second time, something unbelievable happens. Hanagaki goes back to the future. But he ends up in hospital. In the current timeline, he meets adult Naoto who explains that his sister is killed and wants him to help save her.

Thus, Hanagaki keeps time-leaping to save his girlfriend. Solving a case to another to reach his desirable future.

Tokyo Revengers Manga Hanagaki
Cover for the first chapter of Tokyo Revengers Manga

The story of Tokyo Revengers manga is divided into seven arcs. The final arc is divided into two parts; the Three Deities Arc and the Kanto Manji Arc.

Toman Arc

This arc explains the secret of Hinata’s death. It turns out that Tokyo Manji Gang is responsible for her death. Then, Hanagaki goes back to 12 years ago to join the Tokyo Manji Gang.

There he meets the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Manjiro Sano. Interested in Hanagaki’s bravery, he decides to befriend him.

Moebius Arc

After witnessing the death of his best friend from middle school, Atsushi Sendo, Hanagaki discovers the truth about the past. Turns out, Drakken is dead when Tokyo Manji Gang confronts Moebius on August 3, 2005. Then Hanagaki strengthens his resolve to be Drakken’s bodyguard to prevent his death.

Valhalla Arc

In this Tokyo Revengers manga, after watching the death of Hinata Tachibana for the first time, Hanagaki creates a plan to stop this madness. He doesn’t have a choice but to be a top leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

This time, he confronts Valhalla which Tetta Kisaki created. Through the conflict, Hanagaki has two objectives he must accomplish. Stop Kisaki’s plan and become a top member of Toman.

Black Dragon Arc

Hanagaki achieved his goal of becoming the division captain of Toman. What he doesn’t expect is that Kiseki has complete control of Toman. Along with someone he doesn’t know who is ex 11th generation of Black Dragon.

In this timeline, Hinata is also dead and he is the one responsible for giving the order albeit unknowingly. Thus, Hanagaki comes back to the past again to throw Kiseki out from Toman.

Tenjiku Arc

Kiseki has been kicked out from Toman. After completing his objective, Hanagaki returns to the future. There, he meets Naoto who tells Hanagaki that all admins of Toman are killed by none other than Sano Manjiro.

Confused by the event, he looks for Manjiro in the Philippines. After roundabout talking, Naoto, who follows Hanagaki, shoots him in the head. With Manjiro lying on his lap, Hanagaki promises to prevent this from happening.

Turns out, kicking Kisaki out from Toman isn’t enough. He needs to stop him once and for all.

Bonten Arc

The biggest conflict of Toman has subsided. With all variables finally taken care of, Hanagaki returns to the future. Finally, everything comes back to normal. Everyone has a happy ending. Except Manjiro.

Now, he is a leader of the largest criminal syndicate in Japan, Bonten. Hanagaki investigates the reason why he continues to thread into the evil path.

Three Deities Arc

Hanagaki comes back to the past after desperately wanting to save Manjiro. Instead of the usual 12 years, he leaps to 10 years.

Now, it is time for him to help Manjiro from the evil path. Thus, Hanagaki looks for the help of the ex-members of Toman to help him.

Kanto Manji Arc

After the conclusion of the Battle of Three Deities, the Kanto Manji Gang officially became the largest gang in Japan. The future that Hanagaki sees almost becomes reality.

To prevent that outcome, he creates his gang to fight Manjiro’s gang.

Tokyo Revengers Thought

The story of Hanagaki in Tokyo Revengers manga has its magnet which attracts the fans to question what he has to offer next week. In the end, Ken Wakui beautifully packages the emotions of the main character from a good-for-nothing adult into a dependable adult at the end of the manga.

Tokyo Revengers Manga last panel
Last Panel of Tokyo Revengers

All mysteries have been uncovered as well. It fills the empty fan theories about how the ability of time-leap comes. Sure, we still don’t know the original source of the ability. But after reading the ending, it doesn’t really matter. Maybe we will have a spin-off related to the time-leap ability.

With the upcoming second season, it can be concluded that the arcs of Tokyo Revengers are still far off from being animated. If the sale is going south, there is a chance we will never see the end of the story. But, we can expect there is an anime news closing in.

So, should you read the manga? The answer is yes. In this age, the genre of gangster is rare. You should indulge yourself in classic gangster life.

Does the Tokyo Revengers Manga end?

Yes, it officially ended on November 17, 2022.

How many chapters does Tokyo Revengers have?

It has 278 chapters which are compiled into 31 volumes of the manga.

Does Tokyo Revengers have a second season?

Yes, the second season has been confirmed on December 2021.

When will the second season of Tokyo Revengers premier?

the second season of Tokyo Revengers will premier on January 2023.

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