Top 30 Best Shonen Manga Of All Time

best shounen manga of all time

Be it manga or anime, Shounen has a next-level fandom. In fact, many people become otaku after watching Shounen because they are massively popular. Like shounen anime, we have a long list of shounen manga, and today’s blog will be all about that. 

Shounen manga is loved for its art, action styles and sequences, phenomenal characters, and intricate plot. The majority of Shounen manga is filled with adventure and action. As you have guessed already, let’s start our list of the best shounen manga of all time.

30. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

 Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Somabest shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Who says that Shounen is all about action and fights? My food lovers, you should read Food Wars for an amazing experience. Souma is our main character who dreams of working as a chef in his father’s restaurant.

Unfortunately, his dream is shattered when his father reveals that he has some other plans and wants to close the business. Next, we see Souma joining a culinary academy filled with competitive chefs. In the academy, he makes many friends and rivals while participating in different challenging yet entertaining activities. 

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29. Claymore

Claymore best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

People live in fear of some species called Yoma, which feed on human flesh. However, some people called Claymore are standing against these Yoma to stop them from creating chaos and destruction. 

Claymore are only female warriors, which is the most exciting and interesting part of the manga. Watching them fighting against Yoma will give you goosebumps. Claymore offers gore and action. Adventure, fantasy, horror, and a lot more to entertain the readers. We follow the journey and life of Clare, a Yoma and Raki, a boy whom Clare helps.

28. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

The manga introduces us to an orphanage filled with orphans of different games looked after by a caretaker named Isabella. Emma, Ray, and Norman are the story’s main characters and are absolute geniuses, the best minds in the orphanage.

Emma is very much attached to Isabella and considers her as a mother. However, one night, one incident changes everything for her. She and Noman see Isabella working for the monsters who feed on the kids.

The orphanage is a prison where the kids are raised as food for the monsters. Emma, Norman, and Ray plan an escape and watching them prepare for it is nothing less than a visual treat.

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27. Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo best shounen manga of all time
Credit: WIki Fandom

How many of you like boxing? Even if you are interested in this field, give Hajime No Ippo a chance to entertain you. It’s the story of an innocent boy named Hajime who used to help his mum with different activities.

He wa not living a peaceful life because of some bullies who used to beat him and torture him every now and then. One day a boxer saved him from the bullies, and that moment proved life-changing for him.

Soon after the incident, Hajime’s talent in boxing was revealed, and he started training to become the best boxer. Once an innocent guy was becoming a confident and strong boy. There is a lot of action where we see our boy against multiple stronger boxers.

26. Gintama

Gintama best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Gintama is filled with comedy, action, and adventure. It has some phenomenal characters that are skilled enough to give you tummy aches by making you laugh. Gintoki is the main character, a wired man living life on his own terms.

No matter the rules or regulations, he will do whatever he likes. Gintoki and his friends start a journey to fight off the aliens and bad guys to make the lives of people as peaceful as they can. Gintama’s comedy and the characters are the reason people enjoy reading this. If you want entertainment or refreshment, you can consider reading Gintama!

25. Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Samurai, swordsmanship, action, and adventure, who doesn’t like such stories? The period presented in the manga is not peaceful, and deaths and killings are common. The story’s main character is a man named Kenshin Himura.

Kenshin doesn’t have a good past; he was once very brutal and did multiple killings. People knew him as Hitokiri Battousai, and even now, he gives chills to them hearing this name. Now starting a new life as Kenshin, he has decided to help people and to make up for the sins he has done.

However, it’s not easy for him to live a peaceful life as some people are misusing his name to scare people for their own benefit. You won’t regret reading Rurouni Kenshin; this is an absolute masterpiece.

24. To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wikipedia

If you are brave and watching sad stories doesn’t affect you, then you can read To Your Eternity. Otherwise, it’s best not to feel attached to any character. This is the story of an orb that can take any form, be it of objects, animals, or humans; after changing different forms, it takes the form of a boy who is later named Fushi.

He meets different people, and each one of them teaches him just like a newborn learns to speak; Fushi learns bit by bit. He was sent by a mysterious entity. The man wanted him to fight against the evil villains, Nokkers, who wished to destroy the Earth.

Apart from simple adventures, learning, and mysteries, there is also action. To Your Eternity presents a completely different and new idea which is nothing but pure entertainment!

23. Fire Force

Fire Force best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Shinra Kusakabe is the main hero who revolves around the whole story. He lives in a world with a very common phenomenon of human combustion, i.e., people start catching fire out of the blue.

Some can control fires, and some go wild, so they are termed pyrokinetic and infernals, respectively. The Fire Force is a team of pyrokinetic who try to stop the infernals from wreaking havoc, and Shinra joins the Fire Force. People consider him responsible for the Earth of his mother, which is why the poor boy lives a sad life.

Joining the team makes his life challenging yet entertaining. Meanwhile, he learns about certain mysteries and their links with some people. It’s one of the best shounen manga of all time.

22. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

22. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Iseka, action, adventure, fantasy, and whatnot! TenSura is filled with everything entertaining one can imagine. Satoru Mikami was living a monotonous and normal life till the moment he was murdered and was reborn in a new world as a slime.

In the new world, he explored his new self as a slime and started his adventurous journey to explore the place. One thing leads to the other, and we see him befriending a powerful dragon that is very beneficial for him.

TenSure spellbinds the audience with a perfect story that is engaging and compelling in all aspects. The manga has received an enormous amount of love from the otaku community all around the globe.

21. Haikyuu

Haikyuu best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

So my sports loves, Haikyuu has been made for you! Don’t you dare to miss this chance to read the eBay Shounen manga of all time? Hinata is the main character who is passionate about Volleyball and a talented player.

Due to his short height, people never fail to underestimate him, but the boy is courageous enough to prove them wrong. Then we have Tobio Kageyama, a volleyball prodigy, and Hinata considers him the perfect rival.

Hinata’s and Tobio’s teams had a match, and Hinata’s team lost badly. The story becomes interesting when the duo joins another school where they must play as a team. Watching their relationship improve bit by bit and them becoming their best buddies and the best volleyball players is a visual treat. 

20. Hell’s Paradise

Hell's Paradise best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

This is another excellent piece of art and the best shounen manga of all time. Gabimaru is the main character who is considered a person without a heart because of his cold attitude. He was tired of living a messed-up life filled with brutalities and betrayal. The executioners tried almost every method, including the most cruel and painful one, yet he couldn’t die.

Why? This is because of the strong will to survive, which he doesn’t want to accept. Deep down, he truly loves his wife and wants to live a peaceful life with her. A famous executioner presents him with an offer to bring her the elixir of life from one of the deadliest places in the world.

To top it off, he won’t be alone on this mission; many criminals are on their mission to bring the elixir. There is no doubt that Hell’s Paradise is one of the best shounen manga of all time.

19. Blue Lock

Blue Lock best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Blue Lock’s anime is a recent entry into the anime world, and viewers have been going crazy for it. Those who have read the manga know what a masterpiece it is. If you still haven’t read it, it’s not too late to binge-read this best shounen manga. It is a sports-based anime with a unique idea.

The story is about three hundred football players who are imprisoned, and they are forced into completing different challenges to win. All of them are competing against each other, and the winner will have the opportunity to become the national football team striker.

As every story has a main character, we have Yoichi Isagi in Blue Lock. Watching him become the best version of himself will surely push you toward the edge of your seats!

18. Black Butler

Black Butler best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Black Butler revolves around an orphan named Ciel whose life flips upside down after the death of his parents. People started treating him like a slave, and he soon lived a life that was nothing but a living hell.

However, the plot becomes intriguing when he makes a contract with a demon named Sebastian. The demon becomes his butler, who is willing to do anything for his master Ciel and would not let those who live in peace who wish to inflict harm on the boy.

You can expect some really cool and interesting action sequences. The mysteries make the story spellbinding, and it becomes pure entertainment to read it.

17. Spy X Family

Spy X Family best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Like the name of the manga suggests, Spy X Family is all about a psy named Twilight, aka Loid Forger and is a fake family. To complete a mission, he had to fulfill the demands of having a family. Having a real wife and a kid was impossible, so he created a fake family by adopting a six-year-old girl Anya and marrying Yor.

Loid is a remarkable spy, yet he fails to see the true colors of Yor and Anya. None of them is ordinary; the lady is an assassin, and the girl is a mind reader. Their personalities make the story hilarious, and one is intrigued throughout.

If you are searching for the best shounen manga of all time, please read Spy X Family as soon as possible. I don’t have words to describe the amazingness of this masterpiece.

16. Detective Conan

Detective Conan best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

If you enjoy reading detective stories where the main character uses his intellect to solve different mysteries, read Detective Conan. Shinichi Kudo is our main character, a high school student and a genius who brainstorms to solve different cases.

An incident changed his life entirely. To save someone, he drinks poison, which turns him into a kid instead of killing him. It is one of the most interesting parts of the story, so he takes the name Conan and starts living with a new identity. Detective Conan is a must-read if you like suspenseful stories filled with mysteries and comedy. 

15. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

The story is all about a world where a mysterious phenomenon turns everyone on Earth into stone. After a long sleep of thousands of years, we see Taiju, a boy coming to his senses and escaping from his stone life.

Soon he learns that he is not the only one, and there is also a genius boy named Senku who has come to life. The duo decided to return the world to its state before the strange phenomenon.

Though it’s not easy, the reasons are natural and unnatural. There are some evil minds who are planning to stop the duo from their missions. Watching the geniuses of Senku will enthrall you to the fullest, so do not miss the chance to read this epic masterpiece. 

14. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

The story is about hunters and their dangerous journey to find treasures and monsters. Gon Freecs is our main character who dreams of being the best hunter, and the thrills and dangers of this profession have never scared him.

Another reason for his passion is his hunter father. Being a hunter is not an easy task; one must enroll in a challenging exam that is so threatening that candidates often lose their lives.

We see Gon befriending ambitious and passionate friends like him who accompany him on his missions. The manga has received good reviews and ratings on MAL, so you shouldn’t miss reading it. 

13. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

DS introduces us to a responsible and kind boy Tanjiro Kamado who makes every possible effort to keep his family happy and smiling. One evening, after returning from, all his family members were slaughtered brutally in a demon attack.

Except for his sister Nezuko, not even a single one was breathing. The only thing he could do was to take Nezuko, who turned half demon, to a sar place. On his way, a demon slayer comes to attack him, specifically Nezuko. However, the girl was different.

Unlike cliche demons, she had remarkable self-control, and the demon slayer sent Tanjiro to his master. From there onwards, the story continues, and the main character starts training to become a demon slayer only to avenge his family’s death.

Demon Slayer has so much to offer; the power system, fantastical elements, art, character design and thrill will keep you glued throughout.

12. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Fairy Tail is not only a popular anime but also a popular manga. It is believed to be the best action fantasy manga with magic. The manga introduces us to Lucy Heartfilia, a passionate and beautiful girl with only one wish: to be a member of the famous Fairy Tail Wizard Guild.

Her dream comes true after meeting Natsu Dragneel, who introduces her to the Fairy Tail Wizard Guild. Their encounter with multiple characters, including Grey, Erza, and many more entertaining personalities, makes the manga worth reading.

There is so much to see and learn from Fairy Tail, and it’s not solely about action and magic; it’s much more than that. The type of friendship we see between the heroes is nothing but a visual treat. 

11. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

FMA introduces us to the Elric brothers, who perform alchemy to bring their mother back to life. The process of human transmutation is strictly forbidden, yet they did it. The experiment didn’t go well, and the brothers also lost their body parts.

Now they had only one thing in mind: getting back what they lost in the experiment. They meet different people who help them in different ways. After some time, they begin searching for The Philosopher’s Stone.

The manga is well-written, and the story intrigues the readers from the beginning. There is a lot of drama, action, adventure, and fantasy, so you can’t expect to get bored while reading it. 

10. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Who doesn’t enjoy reading manga about sorcery, action, and gorgeous characters? JJK introduces us to a world of cursed energies and sorcerers. Yuji Itadori was ordinary, but an incident changed his life forever.

In an attempt to save his friends from the cursed energies, he ended up eating a cursed object. The object was the finger of a king of curses, and now Yuji was his vessel. The entry of Gojo Satoru made things interesting, and it was decided that it was necessary to kill Yuji to kill Sukuna.

It was decided that Yuji would eat all the fingers of Sukuna, and then they would proceed to finish Sukuna once and for all. The suspense remains the same; meanwhile, we enjoy the heroes fighting against some more cursed energies. I am sure you will be glued to the manga right from its first chapter because it’s that good. 

9. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

The popular and one of the best shounen manga Chainsaw Man has got its anime release recently, and I am sure you are familiar with it. Its manga enjoys extreme popularity in the otaku world.

Denji is our main character, an innocent and kind boy who wants to live a peaceful life free from all the debts on his shoulders. To pay off the debts, he works for the Yakuza and earns money by devil hunting with his devil dog Pochita.

After the Yakuza betrays him and murders him, he gets back to life thanks to the loving Pochita who sacrificed himself for him. Though Denji came back to life, he was not an ordinary human at the time but a Chainsaw Man. His powers and strengths grab the attention of the devil hunters, especially of a girl named Makima, who offers him to join her. 

8. Black Clover

Black Clover best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Imagine yourself in a world of magic users where you are born without magic. Won’t that be disheartening? To top it off, you are passionate about being the best wizard!? Well, Asta’s life is messed up just like that.

He lacks magic powers and has the dream of being a wizard. Watching his friend, Yuno, have the best magic skills makes him even more passionate about his goal. Asta’s life changes when something unpredictable happens; during a ceremony when different magic users get their grimoires, Asta gets his fife leaf grimoire as well… BUT HOW?

We were never told that Asta lacks Anti-Magic, so he got the grimoire! Black Clover’s story takes its time to become engaging. After a set of 20 or 30 episodes, the entry of some overpowered characters makes the manga spellbinding.

7. Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

SDS is about the lives of the seven heroes, aka deadly sins, who were once labeled rebels. The story begins when a girl named Elizabeth asks for the help of the deadly sin of wrath (Meliodas). She wanted to help her kingdom, and none could help her better than Meliodas.

Meliodas agreed, and the duo started to find and unite all the sins. At the beginning of the manga, we see all the sins entering the story one by one. The author puts light on their powers and personality and highlights a little bit about their backstories.

Meanwhile, we see the heroes fighting off the villains who aim to wreak havoc. The main character Meliodas is a mystery, and it’s very interesting to see the author revealing his character bit by bit.

6. Death Note

Death Note best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

If you were ever confused about how a genius may behave or what kind of a person is a genius, then read Death Note. This manga will push you toward the edge of your seat because it presents the most gripping and intriguing story. Kira, aka Yagami Light, was a student passionate about the idea of justice in the world.

A single moment is enough to change one’s life, and Kira’s life flipped after receiving the Death Note. The book had the power to take the lives of anyone whose name was written into it. Kira started using his powers to bring justice to the world by killing the criminals.

His idea of bringing justice created havoc, and the investigative officers were in a mess. To top it off, Kira was a genius, and he left no proof or clues of his work. That’s why we are introduced to another genius, L, who vows to find Kira. Watching their mind games will give you an unforgettable experience. 

5. Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

AOT’s manga is also popular, but it started gaining fame when its anime was released. We don’t need to talk about the success of its anime as we are already familiar that it’s an epic masterpiece. Those who have not watched the manga are at a loss. Attack On Titan is all about a world living in fear of deadly and beastly giants called Titans.

They are so huge and powerful that it’s impossible for an ordinary human being to fight against them. The story spellbinds the readers by introducing them to a scenario where the Titans destroyed the protection wall and started feeding on humans.

During all the chaos, Eren Yeager loses his mother and watches the brutal scenes in front of his eyes, which shatters him. Eren Yeager and his friend Mikasa join the military to fight against the monsters.

The plot introduces the readers when Eren is engulfed by a titan. Still, he comes back out of the blue, transforming into a titan himself. There is gore, violence, action, and phenomenal characters. 

4. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Goku’s normal life changes when Bulma introduces him to the mystery and powers of having the seven dragon balls. Suppose one succeeds in collecting all the balls. In that case, it will enable one to summon the legendary dragon capable of fulfilling one wish.

The interesting thing is that Bulma is not the only one searching for the balls; many evil and greedy minds are also on this mission. We see Goku training to become stronger to defeat the overpowered opponents to protect his beloved motherland.

Dragon Ball is famous for its characters, power system, and thrilling fights. If you still haven’t read its manga, don’t waste any more time and start binge-reading, as this is the best shounen manga of all time.

3. Bleach

Bleach best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Let’s talk about another famous and best shounen manga of all time. Bleach revolves around the life of a handsome high school boy Ichigo Kurosaki. The life of Ichigo changes drastically after receiving powers from the shinigami named Rukia.

From being an ordinary student to a substitute shinigami was a life-changing experience for Ichigo. At the beginning of the manga, we see Ichigo fighting off the hollows and protecting people.

Later, the story progresses, and we see Ichigo exploring his own powers, which makes the plot mysterious yet interesting. Throughout the manga, Ichigo becomes stronger, and his fights with the most overpowered characters leave one in awe.

When the Soul Society learns about Ichigo becoming a substitute shinigami, they decide to punish Rukia for breaking the rules. So, the story becomes spellbinding when our hero decides to train himself and step into the soul society to protect his friend from punishment. The plot continues to become intricate and engaging, so read for fun and entertainment!

2. One Piece

One Piece best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

One Piece has been entertaining us for the past 25 years and has promised to entertain us for a few more. It introduces us to a world of pirates and treasures. Luffy is the protagonist we follow whose life changes after eating the gum fruit.

The fruit made his body like rubber, so flexible and strong. He starts his journey to find the treasure called One Piece, and on his way, he befriends the most loyal people, such as Zoro. The greed and curiosity to find One Piece has been constant throughout the manga.

As they were not the only ones searching for the treasure, they encountered many overpowered characters and battles between them. The plot of One Piece is intricate and intriguing, and people watch it for the story rather than the action compared to most shounen manga.

Oda sensei has managed to keep up the suspense, forcing the audience to keep wondering about the coming plots. To cut it short, One Piece is all about adventure, suspense, action, friendship, and overpowered characters!

1. Naruto

Naruto best shounen manga of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

This masterpiece had to be in the first place, as there is no debate about it (XD). JK, I placed Naruto on the top because it is one of the big three’s and my personal favorite. This epic masterpiece is about a boy named Naruto, his life, and the lives of others he knows.

Once, a nine-tailed evil demon fox wreaked havoc and caused destruction in the village of Konoha. To stop the fox, Naruto’s parents sacrificed themselves and sealed the fox inside Naruto.

From that moment onwards, people treated the orphan as the culprit and never showered him with love. The innocent boy tried his best to seek attention, and before he could lose hope entirely, he found a man who believed in him, Iruka sensei.

The story develops, and we see Naruto becoming stronger day by day with pure hard work and consistency. He vowed to never give up on the people he loves and those who love him. From bringing lost friends back to changing the toughest hearts, Naruto is all about love, friendship, hope, power, action, life lessons, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the big 3 shonen anime?

Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are considered as the big 3 shounen anime.

Which is the best manga of all time?

Well, it totally depends on one’s perspectives and tastes, but according to MAL, Berserk is ranked number 1.


Finally, we are done with the list of the best shounen manga of all time. The manga world is filled with epic masterpieces, and I named some of the best from them. Have a good read!

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