25+ Best Mecha Anime Of All Time

Best Mecha Anime Of All Time

The world around us is evolving, and technology is leading the world. It wouldn’t be a wonder if we were to see real-life Transformers anytime soon. However, till that time comes, anime will let us have our fill with its Mecha genre. It is one of the most validated and widely spread genres.

From young kids fighting against giant war machines to kids teaming up with giant robots to save the world, anime is filled with Mecha. One of the few best anime and manga of all time are also from this genre, and they keep dominating others regardless of the time boundary.

Mecha is still evolving. However, from the early 50s until today, the Mecha anime genre has brought many new concepts. And most of them are still ahead of time. Let’s take a look at 25+ best Mecha anime that will give you a mixed bowl of emotions.

26. Macross Delta

Macross Delta best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This one is actually a sequel to Macross Frontier. Although the show was less loved than Macross Frontier, it still had many attractions. Aside from the slow character development and a not-so-attractive story, the animation, sound, fights and art were exceptionally eye catchy.

The story takes off 8 years after Macross Frontier. The world is still recovering from the horror, and yet another one is at its doorstep. A multidimensional phenomenon named Var Syndrome envelops the space. The young generation, specifically the Delta Squad, is keeping all the hopes up to fight against this terror as Valkyrie pilots. 

However, it is challenging for them. Their hurdles are just increasing as they face overpowering Ariel Valkyrie pilots. Whether they win or lose or face an even bigger hurdle is the only twist you see, but it’s worth a go.

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25. Bubblegum Crisis

Bubblegum Crisis best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Many beauties, action, guns, high-tech robots and machines that appear as humans are too much for an anime from the late 1980s. If not for the time, this anime could have been the best anime of the year with additional animation tactics and art improvements.

Bubblegum Crisis introduces a post-disastrous Japan and terminators, aka Boomers, that roam and spread terror. To terminate these man-killing machines, a group named Knight Sabers take their stand. They appear in powerful and colorful suits with advanced technology and a dominating arsenal.

The leader of the powerful Sabers is Sylia Stingray, and under her leadership, the girls bring doom to the Boomers. This one is a must-watch if you have a thing for old and gold anime.

24. Full Metal Panic

Full Metal Panic best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Like its name, the story is all about future tech and thrilling fights. However, it has much more to it. At one time, it may feel like living in the future, and yet in another, you will feel the thrill and fear of war. Not to mention it also teases the rumors of romance in it. 

The anime is all about teenage kids holding the key to changing the future and protecting mankind. Sagara, the handsome, cold and talented member of the Mithril organization that relates to the military, is assigned to protection detail. His mission this time is to protect a high school genius brain of the era named Kaname. 

However, the story takes a hilarious yet interesting turn, and Sagara becomes a student alongside Kaname. Adjusting to the new environment, being decent and trying to avoid standing out more is quite difficult for the brilliant fighter. This one is actually fun to binge.

23. Star Driver

Star Driver best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Time for another harrowing yet thrilling story of the Mecha genre. The anime is truly lit in story, animation and fighting style. It has a mystery of its own and an engaging plot that will keep you hooked till you binge it. 

In a fictional world, the fantasy begins with some stone giants turning into humanoid robots named Cybody. However, there is a specific place where it can happen, named Zero Time. Villainous forces are in play to break the boundary and use these Cybodies everywhere. The only problem is the remaining seal in the hands of a maiden named Wako. 

To her surprise, she gets a gift from fate. Takuto, a stranger, ends up at their doorstep. As the story progresses, Takuto takes the role of protecting Wako by using his own Cybody. With a mystery, this mysterious man takes the lead to turn the criminal organizations down. Simply put, he is here to beat the hell out of them.

22. Aldnoah. Zero

Aldnoah. Zero best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Talk about Mecha with giant humanoid robots, fights, and then intergalactic wars. Aldnoah.Zero renovates the typical intergalactic wars into a historical and thriller war with politics and suspense leading it. 

The anime is set in a future where Mars is colonized, and Vers empire stands tall. A portal on the moon teleports humans from Earth to Mars. After a war, the moon portal is destroyed, and a case fire occurs. 

However, years later, when Inaho Kazuki, a college student, learns of the war’s horrors, it actually happens. Now it all comes down to him and his fellows to protect the Earth against Mars not only by fighting a war but by uncovering the heinous strategies and politics behind all chaos.

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21. Bokura No 

Bokura No best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This one is not your typical Mecha with space fights and giant robots against each other. Bokura No is an episodic anime with an exceptional plot and entangling stories in play. 

The basis of the story is that fifteen children are tricked into a contract. The contract states to pilot a giant robot and save the earth. Each episode brings in one child who pilots the robot.

Not only do they have to fight the evil robots, but also a battle of their own. Their one-time trip to save the world makes them face their worst fears and past. Each child grows with the battle and comes out as a warrior. As a given, they get attention from every single human around them. But that is not all. Each decision they make will affect their present, future and surprisingly their past.  

20. King of Braves Gaogaigar

King of Braves Gaogaigar best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

It’s an old anime from 1997 with a little messed up story. Yet coming from the previous century, it still portrayed a distant future with aliens, high-tech robots and their infusion of humans. It is a masterpiece, but the art and animation sometimes lose numbers.

The story is set in a time when Tokyo is hit by alien monsters named Zonders. A secret organization introduces a giant robot named Gaogaigar, piloted by Guy Shishio. This former astronaut has a story for you to watch. When the battle rages on, Guy, now with the core of a mysterious robotic lion inside him, meets transforming robots.

Not only that, his encounter with the boy named Mamoru is a battle-turner. Mamoru, with his power to purify Zonders, joins forces with Guy to save humanity. These are the highlights because the story needs Kren’s attention and has many links that only one who watches can link.

19. Heavy Object

Heavy Object best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Why is Mecha never with a simpler story with a normal plot? Because it’s Mecha, it has to be a mesh of things to bring the genre to life. Heavy Object is yet another complicated anime with many things in play, including politics, power and fate.

The story is set in a future where only the worst of weapons exist to bring humanity down to its knees. Giant, spherical tanks named Objects rule the battlefield because each carries its own arsenal. Nothing survives in front of these man-killing machines. But who knew that humanity was fate’s favorite. 

Qwenther and Havia, two genius students of the century, come together after certain events and use their knowledge and skills to take down these  Objects. However, they don’t just simply take them down. They turn the whole idea of an Object into something no one had heard of. If you like to give your brain teasers, then try this one. You won’t be bored for sure.

18. Fafner

Fafner best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This one is a sure blend of astonishment and awe for a Mecha anime. The story comes off as typical, with an additional factor of a giant robotic dragon and a few kids in oblivion. The animation and sound may sometimes feel awkward, but the anime is worth watching.

The story starts with a paradise-like feeling on a peaceful Island where Makabe Kazuki and his friends live in oblivion. The story flips in seconds when their peaceful life is invaded by a war against the Festum, the supernatural and extraterrestrial race.

Soon comes the realization that the paradise-like Island is a moving fortress and humanity’s last stand. Makabe, the center of the story, takes in all and leads his fellow soldiers to win the war against Festum with the giant robotic dragons named Fafner. Pretty simple, no? Well, it’s only an overview; the fun is when you enjoy all the fights and emotions and feel the thrill. So are you up for it?

17. SSSS.Gridman

SSSS.Gridman best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Coming from a Mecha anime, high school life mixed up with a portion of giant robotic fights sounds like a deal. However, that is only the pretext. The story holds more emotionally challenging characters, and you unconditionally find yourself entangled in this net of emotions.

The anime starts slow with an amnesiac lead named Yutta, who can hear the gigantic robot named Gridman. Rikka enters the story as Yutta’s friend and knowledge of the Kaijuus attacking the city daily. However, her interests are not in the battle of robots and Kaijuus but in what starts them.

Yutta struggles to maintain a normal high school life because of shattered memories. However, his skills and how he pilots Gridman tell a different story. It’s a Mecha anime with a blend of mystery, emotions and robotic fights with monsters, not to mention. Definitely, it’s worth watching anime.

16. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

It’s another anime coming from the old times, and beyond expectations, it grows heavily on you. The concept is surely not out of the box, but this surely hits differently for the time of its airing. It is solely based on a prediction and fantasy. The Mecha genre gave a top-notch anime with all the x-factors in it.

The story begins when humans form an alliance after the Earth is struck with an alien spaceship and are threatened by alien existence. After years of study and effort, the humans turn the alien spaceship into their own named Macross. However, after an uninvited fleet of alien spaceships attacks Macross on its launch day, Macross teleports itself and its city into an unknown space.

There begins the story of a pilot Hikaru and a singer Lynn. Their loves intervened as they witnessed the horrors of war, the terror of unknown space and the fear of death closely. Starting from emotional rile up to the Mecha thrills, this one has everything that makes it worth the time.

15. Break Blade

Break Blade best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

In a world of power, being born without power is a dreadful fate. But it is only for those who think so. You never know what blessing it is in this disguise. Break Blade is such a powerful story that takes up this fact and portrays a phenomenal masterpiece. 

The story starts in a fantasy world where war is the only truth. The people there use quartz to magnify their powers and skills. It’s like the soul to the body. However, Arrow Rygart is an exception. Among the sorcerers, he lacks the mana to begin with. 

Yet he is the only one chosen to pilot an ancient relic, a Golem. The Golem holds the potential to actually stop the war and stand tall against any overpowering enemy. Hence begins the heroic journey of Raygar Arrow, the man who holds no power yet wields one that conquers all. 

14. Gundam Build Fighters

Gundam Build Fighters best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

From the Gundam franchise, Gundam Build Fighters introduces out-of-the-box elements and becomes a competitive anime even among its own franchise. The anime has the best sound attractions, animation, art and intriguing story that stands out.

The world has Gundam models known as Gunpla. With modern tech, these Gunpla can be used as actual robots but in a virtual reality mixed environment where they fight. Hence, introducing the Gunpla World Tournament. One of the main leads, Sei, has a talent for building these Gunpla. However, he lacks the skills to make them fight.

Enters the second lead Reiji who has skills to make Gunpla fight and control the flow of battle. It’s like two sides of one coin. Each has something the other lacks. The anime progresses as the duo decides to become each other’s strength to win the World Gunpla Tournament.

13. Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

In Mecha anime, a space setting is always a must. It always adds an X factor to the story. Mobile Suit Gundam is similar to space and humanoid robots showing off their charms. It’s a story worth watching for Mecha lovers for a majestic time.

The story begins with a war between humans that reside in space against the human federation on Earth. The humans from space come from a colony named Zeon and use extremely powerful humanoid robots. Months after the war, the earth federation also took its stand by bringing mobile suits named Gundam to the fight.

The story becomes intriguing when the lead, a 15-year-old Amuro, lands in one of the Gundam. His entry to battle and discovery of space may all be fated. However, he has to face one of the best pilots, Char, to end this war. Watch how Amuro becomes a hero from a normal civilian within days when fate plays its role.

12. Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Introducing new concepts is always a thing in Mecha. In this sense, Eureka Seven won’t fail to capture your heart. With its unique fantasy element and a mesh of entertainment and thrill, this Mecha anime became an intriguing and must-watch with its release.

The story starts with the boring life of Renton. His not-so-charming life only has responsibilities and more responsibilities for him but with one attraction. He is good at surfing, but this surfing is a whole lot different because it includes surfing the Trapar wave particles that are dispersed in the environment.

A thing only for anime. Renton finds a giant robot who is good at surfing and a hyperactive girl named Eureka who pilots it in his garage one day. The duo teams up to upgrade the robot named Nirvash to the surfing tournament. But this is just the start of entertainment for you and in Renton’s life. 

11. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Guren Lagan is yet another anime with a typical story of giant robots, monsters, wars and a clear blue sky to reach. However, this one has its own adventure, humor, friendship and action perks that make it stand out from the rest. The animation, sound and music are amazing, with engaging stories.

The story begins in a forgotten village with two friends, Simon and Kamina. They are friends but are polar opposites, and in a wish to discover the world beyond the safe walls of the village, they encounter a powerful weapon. Naming this weapon, Lagann the due fights off a powerful attack from the Earth.

Another redhead joins in, and the trio decides to discover the surface world. However, to their surprise, there are beast men, giant robots, fights and bloodshed. The trio become warriors from simple teenagers and unravel the world’s mysteries while saving humanity. The story may sometimes seem simple yet a mess, but it is worth the time.

10. Gargantia on Verdurous

Gargantia on Verdurous best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This one could easily have been one of the best anime if only the story’s pace didn’t drop. Still, Gargantia makes one of the somewhat balanced anime. The anime is set in a future where humans live in space because the Earth was flooded completely.

Ledo, a 16-year-old genius lieutenant, along with his AI comrade Chamber or an autonomous robot, finds himself dropped on Earth between his battle with alien monsters. To his surprise, Earth, aka Garagantia, still has inhabitants, and they are more human than they look.

Ledo completely transforms from a cold-blooded soldier to a human with feelings while on the water-filled planet. But peace is only a fleeting illusion as Ledo discovers the secrets of Garagantia. You will enjoy the humor, action, cultural shocks, AI robots and some alien monsters in this mesh-up of Garagantia on Verdurous.

9. Knights of Sidonia

Knights of Sidonia best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Destroyed Earth, far, long future, and extinct humans and aliens may not be a new thing. However, the way Knights of Sidonia has brilliantly portrayed these elements. It truly is a marvel in the Mecha genre of anime.

The story tells about a post-apocalyptic era where humanity has been to its knees once. The alien forces of Gauna have ruined Earth and forced the remaining humans to survive on a giant spaceship named Sidonia.

Tanikaze, a young boy, wakes up on the ship years later, only to find that the survival war continues. He unfolds many things as he protects Sidonia as a soldier equipped with technology. The art may be underwhelming at the beginning. Still, once the story picks pace, Tanikaze and others will keep you bewitched.

8. The Vision of Escaflowne

The Vision of Escaflowne best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

What’s a Mecha without some teenagers fighting wars for reasons? Escaflowne is one of the few best anime from the late 1990s, with a good story and all checks for a perfect Mecha anime. And unlike many other anime in this one, aliens are quite too handsome for them to even be called aliens.

The story is set from the viewpoint of a young and talented girl Hitomi with a talent for tarot card reading. Her human life and the predictions with it change one day when a giant robotic dragon comes in, flying into her world, and after it, a boy named Van. If that wasn’t enough, her world changes when she opens her eyes miraculously in Van’s world.

The surprises with this one keep coming when Hitomi discovers Van is a prince, and they form a team to fight against the evil empire. Van uses his family heirloom and ancient giant mechanical suit but still faces loss. However, with a new entry and Hitomi’s tarot card reading, the trio tries again once, but whether they win or lose is a surprise for you to unpack.

7. Ninja Robots

Ninja Robots best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

If you don’t know about this anime, I wonder why. In a time of monsters, aliens and Mecha, this anime brought a whole new concept with Ninja and Mecha side by side. It is one underrated anime, so mentioning it here is a must and a must-watch.

The story has a perfect setting for a Mecha anime where humans live on Mars. Joe, a young boy, witnesses an accident where he meets a runaway princess. His fateful encounter makes him enter a battle against the emperor of planet Zaboom. Joe and his friends and their Mecha beast stand alone against all odds.

However, like a miracle and mystery, a ninja robot Tobikage enters the battle to their assistance. Love triangles, mystery, jealousy and Mecha fights, all checks are there for the best Mecha anime. Plus, the story is simple yet entertaining, so give it a go.

6. Guilty Crown 

Guilty Crown best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

There are no accidents because it is always fate disguised as one. Well, such is the story of Guilty Crown, where we get an accidental hero but an exceptional one. The story is a bit complex, like many other Mecha, yet, it still attracts more attention because of the unique characters taking the lead role. 

The anime is set in post-apocalyptic Japan under the rule of an organization called GHQ. A resistance group emerges and aims to strengthen its hold by using a strange and powerful vial named Void Genome. Here enters the star of the story, the famous vocalist Inori. 

Not knowing the vial’s worth, she runs from those who now seek her. But it was all fate’s plan to bring the power to the hands of Shuu, a high school student. Now that he holds the “Power of the King,” he must learn to use it and use it for the betterment of humanity. If you are looking for Mecha, then try watching it. It has more than what you will ever imagine for the Mecha genre. 

5. 86

86 best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

If you have ever gotten a chance to watch Divergent, then you can relate it to 86. A unique and strange name with a story that depicts the horrors of war. It talks about serious topics like slavery and how politics work in a war. 86 is not a masterpiece but a Magnum opus with solid artwork and everything topnotch. 

The anime is set in a dystopian world divided by two huge entities. One that is trying to survive, and the other rules. Between them is a border protected by robots and humans fighting them. However, it is portrayed that no death occurred during this war. 

To counter this statement, enter our lead Shinei. The leader of his squadron and a survivor coming from 86; the one who is there to protect and forced to fight. He encounters a girl named Milize, and together, they move forward. But the road ahead is either salvation or self-sacrifice. Enjoy this complex yet entertaining Mecha with brilliant animation and music as well.

4. Heroic Age

Heroic Age best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Talk about a Mecha with an adventurous and thrilling story with a lot of mystery. Heroic Age will fill all checks for you. It perfectly displays history as it stitches past, present, and future with its plot. The story is simple yet entangled at the same time.

There is a prophecy left by one of the strongest races, the Golden Race. The prophecy tells of a savior who will bring salvation to mankind. Mankind is on the verge of destruction in a battle between two alien races. In search of clues Deianeira, a princess, travels the vast space. 

She meets a mysterious man named Age after 4 long years of traveling. With his rough personality and unique aura, he seems more than just someone who holds power. Fate’s wheels are already spinning, and the time of prophecy is upon them. This thrilling anime is a drill that will give you an adrenaline rush, so savor it while you can.

3. Code Geass

Code Geass Best Mecha Anime
Credit: IMDb

Who does not know of this masterpiece? Lelouch, Zero, the Power of Kings, a genius strategist and mastermind, all these words sum up to make up one of the best characters in anime history that you will ever find. Not to mention a handsome, cold, and strong hero as well!

Code Geass begins with a little tragic and dramatic story of a forgotten prince of Britannia and his sister. In a war between Britannia and Japan, Lelouch decided to protect Japan with all his might. Amidst this, he discovers that his mother was murdered. 

His instincts drive him to take revenge. However, he requires power that can control, manipulate and distort. With lady luck on his side, he encounters a girl with green hair, and she blesses him with the King’s Power. Enjoy this for a different taste of Mecha with a sprinkle of every other genre.

2. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

NGE, aka Neon Genesis Evangelion, you could not have missed this one, even if you are not a Mecha anime lover. NGE always ranks among the best anime of all time with its story that holds emotions, psychological impacts, thrill, gigantic robots driven by humans and a few angels. Definitely different from the ones you are thinking of.

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo and centers on a boy named Shinji with a sad and traumatic past of being deprived of parental love. If an apocalypse was insufficient, some aliens naming themselves angels attack humanity. To stand against them, the humans make giant, powerful mechanical humanoid robots to pilot named Evangelion.

Among many who pilot Evangelion, Shinji becomes necessary because of his exceptional skills and talents to pilot an Evangelion like no other. All elements’ character development and entanglement are basic and predictable, yet it never fails to engage successfully. A must-watch anime because it will never leave your mind once you dig in.

1. Re. Creators

Re. Creators best mecha anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Unique and creative, the very definition of creativity is what Re-Creators is. It is a brilliant magnum opus with perfect art, music, fight and a mixture of every genre with a surprise in it. Expect the unexpected because it has mystery, and the perfect blended story is on a whole other level. 

Everyone has an imagination. Some turn it into novels, movies, games and anime. Re-Creators bring those imaginations to life. Souta aspires to be a novelist, but with a strange event, he finds himself inside an anime. In a split second, he returns with its heroine Selesia. Not only that, but other characters, some from novels and others from games, start invading Souta’s world. 

To find out why this is happening and how to stop the emergence of the fictional world with theirs, Souta and Selesia form a team. However, to their surprise, a mysterious woman in a military outfit has become their opponent with a knowledge that leaves them in shock. Surely, it is not as complex as it seems, but it is exceptionally entertaining and intriguing at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Mecha anime of all time?

Many but the ones that always top the list are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Code Geass, Gurren Lagann and Mobile Suit Gundam.

What is the history of Mecha anime?

Like how technology has always fascinated humans, the anime Mecha genre goes back to the early 1980s. A few masterpieces are from that time and are still famous even after decades.


Above all are the top notch, first class Mecha anime of all time and the list is far more bigger than you can imagine. They include all genres in perfect proportions and bring out the best stories with animation and exceptional art.
There are many other anime that you may feel are missing from this list. Then again, I am all eager to know about those anime from you. So, drop them in the comments below and lets make the list together. 

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