OVERTAKE! Original Anime Key Visual And More Staff Revealed

OVERTAKE! Original Anime Key Visual And More Staff Revealed

On Wednesday, Kadokawa and TROYCA announced more staff members, key visuals, a new trailer, and an October premiere date for the Overtake anime.

It is an original racing anime by studio TROYCA, known for the anime Bloom into You and the IDOLISH franchise. The first details about the anime were published in January 2023, when the first trailer was released. Then the cast and some staff members were announced on the official website.

A month later, in March 2023, key visuals featuring the three main characters of the anime, as well as additional cast members, were also released.

OVERTAKE! Original Anime Key Visual And More Staff Revealed
© KADOKAWA・TROYCA/オーバーテイク!製作委員会

OVERTAKE! Staff and Cast

Most of the cast members have been known since March. Cast includes:

  • Anan Furuya as Haruka Asahina
  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Kōya Madoka
  • Tasuku Hatanaka as Kotarō Komaki
  • Kengo Kawanishi as Satsuki Harunaga
  • Taku Yashiro as Toshiki Tokumaru
  • Reina Ueda as Ariko Mitsuzawa

Overtake’s official site and first trailer revealed the main cast members in January:

  • Director: Ei Aoki
  • Series Composition: Ayumi Sekine
  • Project Supervisor: Katsuhiko Takayama
  • Original Character Designer: Takako Shimura
  • Character Designer: Masako Matsumoto
  • Animation Production: TROYCA

Kadowaka and TROYCA have announced new staff members:

  • Art Director: Akira Itō
  • Color Key Artist: Mariko Shinohara
  • Art Direction: Tomoyuki Arima, Takuya Sejima
  • CG Director: Masaya Machida
  • Visual Effects: Ryosuke Tsuda
  • Compositing Director of Photography: Tomoyoshi Katō
  • Editing: Shota Migiyama
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Music: Kana Utatane
  • Music Production: F.M.F
  • Music Producer: Lantis

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KADOKAWAanime youtube channel released a new promotional video for the anime Overtake today! The video features the race as well as a few of the main characters, including Haruka Asahina, Satsuki Harunaga, Toshiki Tokumaru, Kōya Madoka, Ariko Mitsuzawa, and Kotarō Komaki.

The first trailer, released in January, revealed the main staff members.


Freelance photographer Kouya Madoka is in the midst of a slump due to a certain reason. While working on a story at the Fuji International Speedway, he meets the high school F4 racer Haruka Asahina and he suddenly finds his heart racing once again.

He decides to support Asahina and help him make his dream come true with the small team, Komaki Motors. With this, the lives of Madoka and Asahina, who have completely different personalities and ages, intersect with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Overtake anime?

Crunchyroll will stream Overtake Anime series.

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