My Company’s Small Senpai Anime Set for 2023 Release

The official Twitter account of the manga author, Saiso_ announced the anime adaptation of Uchi no Kaisha no Chiisai Senpai no Hanashi (Senpai Anime) for 2023.

The announcement came with a special illustration commemorating the decision with their personal comments “it’s not a lie, it’s true.” Saiso_ also thanked everyone who supported his work.

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You can see the special illustration below:

My Company’s Small Senpai Anime Adaptation Announced for 2023
Special Illustration – Saiso_ (twitter)

What is Senpai Anime About?

My Company’s Small Senpai (Senpai Anime) is your average workplace comedy anime with a hint of romance. The story follows Takumi Shinzaki, a new office worker, and his senior, Shiori Katase. Who is exceptionally kind and caring toward his co-workers. You can read further information regarding the voice actors and release date.

Shiori is a petite woman with a slightly curvaceous figure and has a soft spot for Takumi. She goes out of her way to help him however she can. Takumi wishes she isn’t helpful toward him only because it’s her duty, and she has similar romantic feelings toward him.

This amazing slice-of-life romance series focuses on the relationship between a newbie and a senior. The franchise also revealed a trailer for the anime series.

About the Senpai Anime series

Uchi no Kaisha no Chiisai Senpai no Hanashi (My Company’s Small Senpai) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Saiso. The series was first serialized in April 2020 on Takeshobo’s Storia Dash website. Five tankobon volumes are currently available, with 73 chapters as of October 2022.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Is Takumi Shinzaki in love with his senpai?

Answer: Takumi Shinzaki is head over heels for his senpai, she is always there to help him and he hopes that Shiori has romantic feelings toward him.

Q2: When will My Company’s Small Senpai Air?

Answer: The series was is confirmed to premier in 2023; however, no release dates have been announced. We can speculate more when the information regarding the animation studio and voice actors released.

Q3: What kind of anime is Senpai Anime and is it worth watching?

Answer: Senpai anime is a workplace romance comedy, and it’s definitely a show you’ll enjoy if you like light romance anime series.


The series will likely be released in the Summer of 2023, and will consist of 12 episodes. Follow us for more anime update and stay informed.

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