My Hero Academia Anime Getting Its 7th Season

My Hero Academia Anime Getting Its 7th Season

My Hero Academia’s 6th season ended with quite the cliffhanger. Deku finally resting safely at the U.A. academy as the clock ticks on Shigaraki’s return. Special forces from countries are coming to help with the current situation, including America’s strongest hero Cathleen Bate.

The upcoming 7th season was announced recently on March 25th, with a special promotional video featuring Deku and his classmates. The franchise also released a placeholder key visual along with the official announcement.

So far, there hasn’t been an official release date for the sequel, we expect more news to be released soon.

An additional supporting character was revealed at the end of season 6 and it is now listed as the cast of the 7th season. Romi Park expressed excitement about being able to participate in such a big role.

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You can see the key visual below:

My Hero Academia Anime Season 7

The key visual features a manga-drawn panel of Deku in his tethered hero costume without his headgear and wearing the cloak handed to him by Gran Torino.

So far the only official voice actor listed for the upcoming sequel is Romi Park as the voice of Cathleen Bate.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Promotional Video

The promotional video features Deku and appearances from his classmates at U.A. with a new recorded line by Daiki Yamashita (Deku’s voice actor) saying “You are not alone, we will win together.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uraraka in love with Izuku?

There have been multiple occasions where fans are concluded that Uravity is head over heels for Deku. Her facial expressions become predictable and she blushes uncontrollably whenever the discussion is Deku.
It’s the 6th season finale, she came through and conveyed her feelings as she wanted to become a solid pillar of support for Deku.

Who is the female hero from America in My Hero Academia?

Cathleen Bate is the no. 1 strongest hero from America and she is coming to help with the current situation in Japan. Her hero name is Star and Stripe, and she’s joining the battle because All Might has personally requested her to.

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