Neko Oji: The Guy That Got Reincarnated as a Cat Web Manga to Get Anime Adaptation

Otaku’s favourite entertainer manga, “Neko Oji: The Guy That Got Reincarnated As A Cat,” is getting an anime adaptation. The anime is all set to debut in October 2024. We don’t have an exact release date to wait for, but we do have the month! 

Artist Yajima has made everyone his fan with his amazing storyline and illustrations. The story became so popular that its anime was a must. The ear blessing announcement came with a 15-second teaser and a visually appealing key visual.

After opening X (Twitter), the first thing the majority of anime fans do is reading the comic there. Yajima sensei serialized the manga on X!

About Neko Oji: The Guy That Got Reincarnated As A Cat

Neko Oji: The Guy That Got Reincarnated As A Cat

Credit: Crunchyroll

For now, a short teaser trailer announced the anime’s entry into the anime industry. However, we still have to get the official trailer highlighting the details about the world of Neko Oji. 

Though we don’t have all the details regarding the staff and voice actors, we do have a few. Takahiro Kawakoshi, famous for his praise-worthy work as the assistant director in Golden Kamuy, has taken the responsibility of directing the cat anime. 

He will co-direct the anime along with Rio sensei. We are all familiar with the spectacular work of Rio sensei as he worked as a chief animation director for the most popular anime series SDS.

Studio EIght Colors handles the overall animation production of the anime. Fans await the details in depth but no worries, they won’t take any long, and shall be out soon. So stay tuned with us for the news to reach your ears the soon as possible!


The admirers love this story for its kawaii elements, entertainment, and uniqueness. It revolves around an old man who experiences reincarnation and ends up living as a cat. To top it off, the president of the company he used to work for is his parent as he adopts him! The manga was literally an eye treat for pet lovers and anime fans. 

Source: Crunchyroll

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