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We have followed Beyblade’s phenomenal rise and development over the years as passionate collectors and enthusiasts, from the iconic spinning top battles to the furious action of the Burst series. It’s time to express your opinion and choose the series that deserves to win! Choose your best Beyblade series or recommend a worthy contender that isn’t included. Our fan base, which is always expanding, is excited to see which series will triumph and be dubbed the best Beyblade experience ever. What are you waiting for, then? Embrace the conflict and start fighting!

5. Beyblade: Burst Evolution

best beyblade

Hiro Morita’s Beyblade: Burst series has its second season titled Beyblade: Burst Evolution. It tells the tale of Valt Aoi and his buddies as they strive to become the best Bladers in the world by competing in the WBBA tournament. thrilling and realistic battles, and new characters are all introduced in the series.

Plot Summary: Valt Aoi, the strongest blader who competed in the Japanese Championship, caught the attention of the esteemed Spanish team BC Sol and is now traveling to Spain. Valt and his companions start their World League quest with their sights set on the global arena! But they have to win the European League before they can go into the World League. Can BC Sol make it to the World League under Valt’s leadership? And can he beat the best Bladers in the world? With his goals set on the summit of the globe. Valt Aoi embarks on his epic journey of growth and intense battle!

  • Season: 2
  • Year: 2017-2018
  • Episodes: 51
  • Animation Studio: OLM
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Sports

4. Beyblade: Metal Fusion

best beyblade

A well-known anime and manga animated series called Beyblade Metal Fusion centers on the fascinating world of beyblading. It chronicles the exploits of a teenage blader named Gingka Hagane on his quest to become the world’s most powerful Beyblader. Intense clashes between spinning tops, known as Beyblades, which the bladers personalize and improve to give them an advantage in battle, are a feature of the series. In addition to its compelling matches, the show delves into themes of perseverance, friendship, and collaboration.

Plot Summary: Beyblade makes its eagerly awaited comeback with a whole new generation of characters that take on the conflict between good and evil, following the Let it Rip phenomenon that swept over TV screens and playgrounds in 2002. The dangerous group known as the Dark Nebula is fighting for control of the globe while whirling their Beyblade heads in a competitive manner. The only person in their path is the adolescent Gingka, who is having a hard time mustering the will to save the world and honor Beyblade.

  • Original release date: April 5, 2009
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sports
  • Number of episodes: 51
  • Animation studio: Nihon Animedia
  • Country of origin: Japan

3. Beyblade: V-Force

best beyblade

The second season of the original series is called Beyblade V-Force. It chronicles the exploits of a gang of talented Beybladers who fight to become the ultimate champion in Beyblade tournaments. The season introduces new Beyblades, storylines, and characters.

Plot Summary: A year after Beyblade: 2000, the Bladebreakers are back to take on Team Saint Shields and Team Psykick, two brand-new teams. The Saint Shields want to seal the Bit-Beasts out of the planet so that a terrible catastrophe that occurred ages ago doesn’t happen again. Team Psykick shares the same objective, but they equip their Beyblades with Cyber Bit-Beasts that are exact replicas of the Bladebreakers’ creatures.

  • Release Year: 2002
  • Number of Episodes: 51
  • Main Protagonist: Tyson Granger
  • Main Antagonist: Kai Hiwatari
  • Beyblade Types: Bit-Beast-powered tops

2. Beyblade: G-Revolution


The third and last season of the anime Beyblade battle royale is called Beyblade G-Revolution. It tells the tale of Tyson Granger’s journey to become the greatest Beyblade champion by pushing him against other talented bladers. G-Revolution keeps fans on the edge of their seats with its introduction of new characters, thrilling bouts, and a revised tournament system.

Plot Summary: A new global championship competition is announced, but the reigning champions aren’t allowed to play together on the same squad after keeping their Bit Beasts safe. Each Bladebreaker will embark on a mission to demonstrate why they are the greatest beyblader in the world. Putting their relationship to the test. Ray, Kai, Tyson, Max, Ray, and newcomer Daichi need to continue winning even if they have to compete against one another. However, when the competition is through, they will find that their longtime opponent Boris has taken control of the BBA and changed it into BEGA, the Beyblade Entertainment Global Association. The Bladebreakers must reunite in order to protect Beybladers everywhere from BEGA’s depravity.

  • Release Year: 2003
  • Number of Episodes: 52
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Sports
  • Target Audience: Kids and Teens
  • Animation Studio: Nippon Animation

1. Beyblade Burst


A well-known anime and manga series from Japan for 10 Years old children is called Beyblade Burst centers on the world of spinning tops combat. The narrative centers on protagonists who use customisable tops called Beyblades to fight fiercely. To build special tactics and abilities, these toppers come with various energy layers, forge discs, realistic battles, and performance tips.

Plot Summary: Five-grade student Valt Aoi is a happy boy. Completely enthralled with, he puts forth great effort to improve himself there alongside Bey partner Valtryek. One of the “Supreme Four” because of his strong influence in the National Tournament, Shu Kurenai, Valt’s close buddy and a genius, is a competitor. Inspired by Shu, Valt plans to compete in the National Tournament!

  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • First Release: July 2015
  • Original Magazine: CoroCoro Comic
  • Publisher: Takara Tomy
  • Anime Seasons: 5

In conclusion, the most popular Beyblade series is a matter of personal preference and experience. Each series brings its own unique charm, characters, and storylines to the table, captivating audiences around the world. Whether you prefer the classic battles of Metal Fusion or the innovative gameplay of Beyblade Burst, one thing is for sure: the spirit of Beyblade lives on in the hearts of anime and manga fans everywhere.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which series has the most intense battles?

Each series offers its own brand of intense battles, but many fans consider Beyblade: Metal Fusion to have some of the most gripping and adrenaline-pumping showdowns.

Q2. Are there any Beyblade series that focus more on storyline than battles?

Beyblade: G-Revolution is known for its compelling storyline, character development, and dramatic plot twists, making it a favorite among fans who enjoy a good narrative alongside their battles.

Q3. Is Beyblade Burst suitable for younger audiences?

Yes, Beyblade Burst is designed to be suitable for kids and teens, offering exciting battles and positive messages about friendship, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

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