New One Piece Episode 1086 Promo, Release Date

Fans are eagerly waiting for New One Piece Episode 1086. Well, there’s never been a time when fans don’t wait for its episode. Every single episode increases the curiosity and charm of the anime. So, it’s getting a lot harder for us to wait.

One Piece is always hyped up; thanks to Oda sensei for providing us with the best story and characters. The anime comes out weekly, and it’s becoming challenging to wait. But don’t worry, I am here to update you about the coming episode’s release date and promo. 

One Piece Episode 1086 Release Date And Highlights

Well, mark your calendars for December 3, 2023. The last episode was out on November 25, so it’s just a matter of time that the most awaited one will be out. The title of New One Piece Episode 1086 is “ A New Emperor, Buggy The Genius Jester”. Well, the title says a lot about the episode. We can easily guess that it will focus on Buggy and his geniuses.

In the episode’s 30 second preview, we see that Buggy has taken Mihawk and Crocodile in his team. Yes, guys, the Buggy Sama has recruited none other than Hawkeye!!! I mean, it sounds so impossible, right? This is what makes us all One Piece fans eager to see how they end up together.

Those who have read the manga sure know the situation, but we are avoiding spoilers. On the other hand, Nami scolds Luffy, pulling his cheeks very angrily. So something interesting is going to happen for sure.

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One Piece Chapter 1058 

 New One Piece Episode 1086 / chapter 1058 cover

Credit: Wiki Fandom

New One Piece Episode 1086 will follow manga chapter 1058. According to the manga, The Straw Hat Pirates will get updates on their new bounties, and everyone’s bounty has increased. Nami is furious over Luffy for his recklessness and risking everyone’s life. On the other hand, Buggy, Crocodile, and Mihawk are on the Karai Bari Island.

Buggy’s men think that he has taken Hawkeye under his commandment for protection against the Marines. In fact, the scenario is completely different; Crocodile believes that considering Buggy as their boss is nothing but a shame. Buggy was scared for his life as he had taken a loan from Crocodile, and now he is unable to pay back. So he came up with a deal that he would work for free and would help him run his business. 

Where To Watch?

How can we forget mentioning everyone’s favorite platform? Crunchyroll has our back all the time. So, you can feel free to watch your favorite anime on Crunchyroll. However, let me tell you, the episode will be uploaded in subtitles. Unfortunately, if you prefer watching the anime in English Dubbing, then you will have to wait.

Apart from Crunchyroll, One Piece is available on multiple other platforms. You can consider, Hulu, Disney Plus, Funimation, Amazon Prime. You have a lot of options, so choose whichever you like the most! Have a great watch!


In what episode does Zoro take Luffy’s pain?

How can we forget that episode? It’s the famous One Piece episode 377!

In what episode does Monkey D. Luffy defeat Gecko Moria?

It’s episode 372 of One Piece

Why is One Piece so famous?

For its engaging plot and fantastic characters!


New One Piece Episode 1086 is going to be entertaining. There will be many comedic moments in the coming episode. It will make the fans laugh, so get ready for the epic episode. Besides, the new bounty numbers are also making the fans curious and excited. So, let’s wait for this exciting episode for further information. For more anime updates, stay connected!

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