High School DxD Season 5 Release Date Speculation

Fans have been wondering when is High School DxD season 5 release date is for years. The end of 2023 is already within a month which marks 5 years since the last anime adaptation.

Some still cling to a little hope that this series gets the continuation it deserves. After all, this anime holds a great deal of popularity for the best harem anime in general. But, why does the once great High School DxD become deserted? 

Below, we’ve gathered facts surrounding the anime adaptation for years. Is the fifth season likely to happen? To answer that question, read on!

About High School DxD

High School DxD is a light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero. The series was published from 2008 to 2018 with a total of 25 volumes. Later, Ichiei announced a new sequel called Shin High School DxD which debuted three months after the 25th volume.

With the popularity skyrocketing, Dragon Magazine launched its manga adaptation by Hiroji Mishima in July 2010. The manga series ended with a total of eleven volumes in February 2018. Aside from the original story, there are two side-story manga which illustrated by Hiroichi and SODA.

The first anime adaptation debuted in 2012 following with the second season next year. Then, two years later, the third season dropped off in 2015. Following an adding-one-year pattern, the fourth season debuted three years later in 2018.

Looking at the past record, High School DxD should have had its fifth season ready years ago. So, why it doesn’t happen? The problem starts with the third season.

High School DxD Season 3 Chaos

Before we ask about High School DxD Season 5, let’s talk about two previous seasons first. First of all, the first and second seasons of High School DxD left a nice impression of how ecchi anime should be. Moreover, the hard fans who followed the series from light novels felt satisfied with how well-paced the anime series was. In conclusion, those two were amazing seasons.

But, when the third season premiered, all hell broke loose. There was a dispute on how the storyline goes between the director, the scriptwriter, and the original writer, Ichiei Ishibumi. As a result, this season would be the last season TNK Animation Studio would produce High School DxD.

High School DxD Third Season

The third season covered three volumes of light novels from 5 to 7 but in odd order. The 5th volume covered 1-3 episodes, the 7th volume covered 4-5 episodes, and the 6th volume covered 6-9 episodes. Meanwhile, the last three episodes were an original story from Ichiei Ishibumi. The number of volumes used indicated that the third season was way rushed compared to its first two seasons making the third season the worst season High School DxD has had.

Like atoning his work, Ichiei worked with a different studio for High School DxD season 4. This time, Passione tried to open the door of High School DxD which studio TNK tried to close in the previous season. While the fourth story follows a 2-volume-one-season pattern like its first two seasons, the different visuals made the anime enthusiast flabbergasted.

High School DxD Fourth Season

The fan base finds it hard to love something that has way different visuals from the previous seasons. It is no wonder that the 4th season ended up with a low rating. Along with the finished original light novel series, is it worth continuing this series?

What’s Left to Cover?

If, by chance, there is news about the 5th season of High School DxD, the anime series will likely cover the 11th and 12th volumes. Accidentally, it also marks the Heroic Oppai Dragon arc. Moreover, if Ichisei wants to end the anime adaptation, the last chapter of the 12th volume will make a nice conclusion to the series.

For the record, the story only touched the surface of the DxD world’s mysteries. There are plenty of source materials for the anime adaptation. But, with low hopes of getting numerous following seasons, it is safe to assume that the next season is likely to be the last season of High School DxD.

High School DxD Season 5 Release Date

So, after a long talk about the series, we come to the ultimate question. When is the High School DxD Season 5 release date? The answer is, we don’t know. Through unauthorized sources, the fifth season was scheduled for a 2020 release. However, with an unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic, the project halted to this day.

But there is a sliver of hope for the fifth season release. It is because the official Twitter became active again after one year. It stated that the High School DxD Hero BD Box is once again sold. Moreover, Tokyo MX and BS Nippon TV rebroadcast the fourth season. 

Maybe the studio will announce the upcoming season after counting the profit from the BD Box Sale and rebroadcast rating. On another note, the High School novel DxD also revealed a Junior High School DxD spinoff publication on Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai Online 2023 live stream event.

High School DxD Spin-off


The prospect of the High School DxD season 5 release is nothing but slim. There have been rumors for years that this anime would be released last year, this year, or even next year. But, nothing proves the exact release.

Officially, the author Ichiei Ishibumi has yet to make the official announcement about the fifth season of the series. But, he is still eager to broaden the world of DxD up till now. So, there is a sliver of hope it is happening.

Maybe, we can expect the information related to the series next year along with the spin-off release. Just stay tuned for the anime update related to the High School DxD in Animefleek!

When is the High School DxD Season 5 release date?

As of 2023, the High School DxD Season 5 is still TBA.

How many volumes of light novels does High School DxD have?

The original story ends in the 25th volume back in 2018. But, Ichiei Ishibumi continues the series in Shin High School DxD.

Is High School DxD light novel on hiatus?

Presumably yes. The last 4th volume of Shin High School DxD was released in 2020. But, Ichiei released the spin-off DX series in 2021 and 2022.

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