50+ Best Harem Anime Of All Time

best harem anime of all time

If you enjoy watching a boy surrounded by different hot and gorgeous girls, then my friend, this list is for you. A good number of people enjoy harem, and there can be many reasons for that. Some like it for entertainment, while others simply love to watch romantic fantasies. 

Most harem anime are filled with humor, and its comedy makes it engaging, so they can also be a reason. Let’s immerse ourselves in the world of handsome boys surrounded by super hot girls…Yes, we are talking about the best harem anime of all time! Here we begin!

(P.S The rankings are subjective)

51. The Fruit Of Grisaia

best harem anime of all time The Fruit Of Grisaia
Credit: IMDb

Yuuji Kazami’s life turns upside down after he joins Mahima Academy. One of the mysterious things is that there are only five students there. Guess what? None of them is male, and all five of them are females.

The anime highlights the personalities and background stories of the girls. They have suffered a lot and are the victims of the worst-case scenarios. So, you can say that the anime is character driven instead of the plot. 

The animation, sound, character development, and entertainment are on point. It’s a good watch for everyone who likes harem with a simple, predictable storyline.

50. Love Hina

best harem anime of all time Love Hina
Credit: IMDb

Keitaro Urashima once promised a girl in his childhood, but he forgot the girl’s name after growing up. However, he still remembers the promise and is willing to fulfill it. He promised the girl they would enter the same college. 

Unfortunately, the task was challenging as he failed the entrance exam twice. In the twists and turns, he gets the opportunity to work as a manager in Hinata House, where he meets Naru, who shares the same dream of joining the prestigious college. 

The story continues by introducing multiple ups and downs where the boy struggles to find the right girl he made the promise. Whenever he thinks she has found the right one, he gets disappointed learning that he was wrong. It’s one of the cutest stories on this list, where you’ll enjoy sweet romance and a perfect love story. 

49. A Couple Of Cuckoos

best harem anime of all time A Couple Of Cuckoos
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of teenagers Nagi and Erika, whose life changes when they learn that they are not the biological children of their parents. In fact, both of them were switched accidentally on the day of their birth.

Since it’s hard to say goodbye to the kids they raised, the families planned to tie them into an arranged marriage. Poor kids are forced to stay together though it helps them get close to each other.

Parents have forbidden their children from falling in love, but this anime presents the opposite. The duo finds themselves in a mess where they face different challenges every now and then. As you have already guessed by now, there is a lot of comedy and drama that will not make you feel bored even for a while!

48. MM

best harem anime of all time MM
Credit: IMDb

Tora Sado is a masochist and ends up joining a voluntary club to fix this problem. After joining the club, the boy realizes that he is not the only weird person, but there are many others like him. 

The club is a place for eccentric people; some of them are sadists, while some are narcissists. The anime highlights their life and their journey to be kind to themselves and others while accepting the realities. 

MM brings us a different and unique story, and viewers enjoy it.  If you think it has only harem and ecchi, then you are wrong; MM is famous for focusing on almost all the necessary elements of the story. The anime enjoys a good rating and reviews on MAL (7.4/10). Isn’t that great?

47. Ladies vs. Butlers

best harem anime of all time Ladies vs. Butlers
Credit: IMDb

Hino’s life flips upside down after his parents leave him alone in this world. His uncle takes responsibility, but our boy has self-respect, so he joins a boarding school instead. And that’s how his simple life remains no longer the same. In the school, most students were female, and they judged him from his personality and thought of him as a delinquent. The bad-boy image made his time challenging. Well, this anime is recommended for the ones who just want to see a pure harem, where we see the boy spending time with hot girls and nothing else. Not gonna lie; the anime lacks a good plot because its major focus is on girls and our main character, that’s all!

46. Invaders of Rokujouma

best harem anime of all time Invaders of Rokujouma
Credit: IMDb

Koutaro’s life gets challenging after his father loses his job. Having no good place to live, he moves on to live in a mysterious house and that too in room no 6. He works as a part-timer to make ends meet. 

While adjusting to the new life, he learns about a cave and exploring it changes his life. Soon after, he encounters a ghost girl, followed by an alien and magical girl. To top it off, all of them have one aim, to own the apartment Koutaro is living in. 

Giving it would have been no big deal, but who should he give? Things get problematic yet hilarious day by day. Its characters are what makes the whole anime engaging.

45. Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color Of Lovers

best arem anime of all time Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color Of Lovers
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces us to a story where the girl’s and boys’ schools are decided to get merged. Therefore, the higher-ups decide to take responsibility for maintaining the peace in the school. 

Before completely merging the school, it is decided that some males as a test will enter the girl’s private academy. Shingo is our main character, and our cute boy who is selected is sent to the girl’s academy as a test. 

However, his time in the academy is a test of his moral values, as all the girls are not very welcoming. It’s your typical harem, but a few twists and turns make the plot engaging. So guys, enjoy watching!

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44. They Are My Noble Masters

best harem anime of all time They Are My Noble Masters
Credit: IMDb

You can expect comedy, romance, drama, and harem in this one. The anime highlights the troublesome life of two siblings, Ren and Mihato. They didn’t have enough money to support themselves, so the duo got a job. 

At last, we see them entering Kuonji’s mansion as servants. The anime has a deeper plot as compared to a typical harem. Each episode entertains the viewers with something new. Each character is entertaining in their unique style, so you won’t get bored even if you watch the anime focusing on a single character. 

43. Nagasarete Airantou

best harem aniem of all time Nagasarete Airantou
Credit: IMDb

Ikouto’s troublesome life begins after a fight with his old man. To calm himself, he decides to run away from home and enjoy life. However, something unpredictable happens after a storm hits his ship. 

After regaining consciousness, he learns he is in a place filled with gorgeous girls. To top it off, it’s an island where no one knows about electricity or technology. It’s a romantic comedy with a lot of romance and drama and a little focus on the plot. What makes it interesting is how suddenly, Ikouto is on an island that has everything traditional, like in rural Japan? 

42. H2O: Footprints In the Sand

best harem anime of all time H2O: Footprints In the Sand
Credit: Crunchyroll

The anime highlights the life of Takuma Hirose. Unlike typical main characters, this guy is blind, and the reason behind his blindness is unknown. The story continues when he enters a village to find a cure for this disease. There he meets several gorgeous and kind-hearted girls who try their best to help him heal his eyesight. 

When one of the girls heals his sight, the boy starts helping others as he can. During his mission to help others, the boy learns that one of the girls, Hayami, is living a challenging life. So as expected, Takumi decides to help the girl; meanwhile, digging deeper into his life makes him realize that the village is filled with sad stories. In short, apart from just harem, the anime offers much more to the audience.

41. Gakuen Heaven

best harem anime of all time Gakuen Heaven
Credit: IMDb

If you like watching BL and looking for the harem anime involving them, then Guys Gakuen Heaven is the right pick for you. Itou’s life takes a drastic turn when he joins an elite school filled with super hot boys. 

The boy couldn’t understand why he was treated as a special person and why he was chosen to be a part of this elite school. The anime first focuses on the boy’s struggle to adjust to this new and strange environment. The latter part of the anime highlights Itou’s relationship with different students. The characters, voice cast, art, design, and everything else are good!

40. Ah! My Goddess: Flights Of Fancy

best harem anime of all time Ah! My Goddess: Flights Of Fancy
Credit: IMDb

The anime’s story is good and interesting but pretty slow-paced. So if you hate slow-paced anime, you can watch it at 2x (XD). The anime highlights the chemistry between a goddess, Belldandy and an ordinary boy, Morisato. 

The boy’s life changes after the entry of the gorgeous goddess into his life. Since both of them are different from each other, their relationship faces many challenges. To top it off, the entry of certain characters makes things even more complicated for them. Some come to break their relationship, while others come to test it. The anime focuses on the challenges in the love of a couple.

39. Happiness

best harem anime of all time Happiness
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of a cute Kamizaka Harui who lives in a world of magic and magicians. Her dream is to be a great mage and to fulfill her dream, she joins a magic academy. She makes friends and rivals and gets busy in school to hone her skills to be the best. 

Meanwhile, our girl is searching for a special someone, a boy who once helped her. Whether she can find the body or not is a mystery! You will see different creatures, vampires wreaking havoc, making things difficult for people. Overall, the anime tries its best to entertain the audience. 

38. Ouran HighSchool Host Club

best harem anime of all time Ouran HighSchool Host Club
Credit: IMDb

This anime is one of the most popular ones regarding shoujo and reverse harem themes. Haruhi Fujioka is a nerdy girl and no less than a tomboy. Her appearance is so confusing that one would never believe that she is a girl until she doesn’t reveal who she is. 

In the new school, she finds herself in trouble when she breaks a valuable. To pay the cost, a group of handsome boys offers her to join their host club and become a host. The twists develop when the main character Tamaki mistakes her for a boy. The anime is very popular among female otaku, and seeing the love blossoming between the two is extremely interesting.

37. World’s End Harem

best harem anime of all time World's End Harem
Credit: IMDb

Imagine if all the males in the world die, leaving only the 3 to 4 lucky men. What would be the scenario? The anime introduces a similar idea where all men get killed after being infected with a deadly virus. 

Only 3 to 4 were alive because they were in cryogenic sleep all those years of the pandemic. It is decided that these men will help repopulate the world by mating with women as much as possible. Reito is our main character who can’t think of any other woman except his love, Elisa. Unfortunately, the girl is nowhere to be found. In such crises, Reito finds himself in trouble when facing different challenges while searching for her girl.

36. Tenchi Muyo

best harem anime of all time Tenchi Muyo
Credit: IMDb

Tenchi Masaki is our main character whose life becomes surprisingly entertaining after he helps a space pirate Ryouko. The incident is followed by other events where aliens reside in the boy’s house. About six alien girls came to Earth and started adjusting to the new lifestyle. 

Per prediction, the boy’s life becomes a mess as each girl brings unique troubles, thus complicating Masaki’s life. The anime focuses on the MC’s struggles to develop a good bond with all the girls and how he faces the odds. The comedy, romance, and elements of sci-fiction make this anime worth watching.

35. Campione

best harem anime of all time Campione
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces a world where battles between gods are common. Godou is a 16-year-old boy trapped in the battles between two gods/ His trip to Italy became an unforgettable memory. The plot gets slightly twisted when the boy becomes a Campion, i.e., the one who slays god. 

Therefore, he begins his journey as a god slayer, where he only defeats those who are a threat to humanity. In the new chapter of his life, he makes multiple women followers who are always ready to devote themselves to him. The anime’s fanservice, art, and characters are really likable. So, without thinking more, play this anime ASAP!

34. Girls Bravo

best harem anime of all time Girls Bravo

Yukihari’s life is a mess because of his unique behavior and personality. All girls tease him for being unmanly, and above all, whenever he gets touched by the females, something he experiences hives. 

Therefore, his life is filled with numerous embarrassing moments. Well, life doesn’t seem to come easy on him either. One day all of a sudden, the boy finds himself in a fantasy world where most of the population is females. 

And finally, he finds someone (Miharu) whose touch doesn’t give him hives. And honestly, you will be pleased to see the boy finding a good girl who doesn’t belittle him and cares for him deeply. The love chemistry between Miharu and Yukihari is ideal and cute. 

33. Heaven’ Lost Property

best harem anime of all time Heaven’ Lost Property
Credit: IMDb

Tomoki Sakura is disturbed by seeing a mysterious angel in his dreams. Each time, he is left with questions, and his curiosity increases. One day, his friend seeks help from a man who tells him that his dreams have a link with the New World. 

Soon his dreams take the form of reality when he witnesses an angel falling from the sky. With the entry of the angel, his life gets messed up with numerous mysteries. Apart from mystery and fantasy elements, the anime also focuses on romance. So you can expect the boy to develop cute bonds with multiple girls making the anime worth watching harem. 

32. IS: Infinite Stratos

best harem anime of all time IS: Infinite Stratos
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces us to IS, a weapon that only women can pilot. Yet, the entry of Ichika Orimura, the only male capable of handling it, changes everything. Ichika joins the girl academy, he struggles to adjust there, but the school life is nothing less than a dose of thrills filled with dangers. 

Luckily, he meets his childhood friends there, which makes his stay there a little fun. The anime focuses on the boy’s journey and how he faces challenges by keeping his chin up! Though it is a typical harem showing one boy surrounded by many girls, it’s quite enjoyable.

31.The World God Only Knows

best harem anime of all time The World God Only Knows
Credit: IMDb

The anime follows the life of an obsessed otaku of galge games, Keima Katsuragi. He is famous online, all thanks to his expertise in winning the girls’ hearts in the games. His life is unpredictable! 

He is forced into a situation where he must help a demon girl capture the runaway spirits. To top it off, the task can be done by conquering the hearts of these real-life girls. Our boy might be good at this task in the online world, but he hates doing this in real life. 

30. The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn With A Typical Nobody

best harem anime of all time The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn With A Typical Nobody
Credit: IMDb

Where everyone wants to be overpowered, our demon lord Varvatos is tired of the title. Therefore, to have a fresh start, he decides to reincarnate, and guess what? He learns that despite being born average, he is way stronger than anyone else in the modern era. 

Yet again, unwillingly, he will have to live being overpowered. Would anyone be able to ignore a handsome and powerful man? Of course not, right? Therefore, the females can’t take their eyes off our handsome demon lord. 

They follow him everywhere he goes, thus making the anime a great harem. Watch the cute demon lord determined to live an ordinary life, but would he be able to? Watch to know more!

29. Maburaho

best harem anime of all time Maburaho
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces us to a harem in a magical world. The system and rules for using magic are very different in the world of Maburaho. As only the ones with great respect can use magic. In short, if you want to use a lot of magic, you should first receive respect. 

Like a cliche story, the main character has the weakest magical abilities in this one. Kazuki Shikimori is always humiliated for lacking magical abilities. The fact that his ancestors were one of the greatest magicians makes him special. 

Therefore, he is in the eyes of many girls who wish to marry him because they want their children to be born with good magical abilities. His magical background makes his life a harem where the ones who used to insult him now get jealous over his luck. Looking for something hilarious and engaging? Watch this!

28. In Another World With My Smartphone

best harem anime of all time In Another World With My Smartphone
Credit: IMDb

Touya dies an untimely death because of God’s mistake. God tries to compensate by allowing him to start a new life in a different world. Like many people of this generation, he couldn’t stay away from his smartphone, so he decided to take it. 

Touya’s life in the new world is full of encounters with gorgeous hot girls as they surround him and mesmerize him with their charm. The anime is pure entertainment, and if you expect that he will use the power of a smartphone to change the world, then you are wrong. Unfortunately, the boy doesn’t use smartphones to influence the world in a positive way.

27. Demon King Daimao

best harem anime of all time Demon King Daimao
Credit: IMDb

Akuto Sai is like a cliche hero who dreams of doing good and taking out tasks that would ultimately benefit the world. Unfortunately, a prophecy that says that he will be the demon king changes his life. People start fearing him and treat him like a demon king without considering how good he is. 

In short, the poor boy’s life is filled with unpredictable events and misfortunes. Meanwhile, a group of gorgeous girls is always ready to surround him. The plot has some elements of unpredictability that will entertain you to the fullest. The pacing is good, and the entry of some interesting characters simply makes the story compelling. It’s a great watch for those looking for the best harem anime.

26. Yosuga No Sora

best harem anime of all time Yosuga No Sora
Credit: IMDb

The anime focuses on two town sisters, Haruka and Sora. Their lives get messed up after their mother passes away, and they are forced to return to their hometown. There is an action in the anime at the end; it focuses on the drama and romance themes. 

We simply follow the sisters’ lives, their challenges, and their love life. If you are a person who is into art and likes watching anime based on its good animation, then it’s a good watch. The idea of right and wrong and how people are judged based on their actions make this anime worth liking. Yosuga No Sora is a pretty average anime with a simple plot focusing on the realities of life.

25. Mayo Chiki!

best harem anime of all time Mayo Chiki!
Credit: IMDb

Kinjirou Sakamachi is a strong boy, all thanks to his mother’s and sister’s love for wrestling. Kinjirou is impressively strong and no less than a wrestler when it comes to throwing punches.. Unfortunately, there is one thing where he can’t control himself, and that is women. 

No matter how much he tries, he will get a nosebleed wherever he gets touched, and for the worse, he faints. His character is what adds humor to the show. Things take an interesting turn when he learns the popular butler of the daughter of the headmistress is not a male but a female hiding his identity. 

Now the more he wants to avoid females, the more he finds himself entangled with them. The anime later follows Kinjirou’s journey, where the girls help him overcome his phobia. 

24. Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

best harem anime of all time Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody
Credit: IMDb

What if one day you wake up in a different body with a different name and, above all, in a completely new world? For some, it would be a dream come true, and for some, it would be nothing but a challenge. 

Somehow the same happens with Ichirou, who finds himself in an RPG world. Similar to any other game, when a different creature comes to attack him, he attacks them back and ends up leveling up. 

To everyone’s surprise, he attains one of the highest levels. For anyone stuck in a game world, there are few choices except to accept and move on. So, our boy does the same; he decides to go with the flow while unveiling the mysteries of this new world. Apart from the harem, this one offers a good slice of life for everyone who wants to feel refreshed. 

23. Shuffle

best harem anime of all time Shuffle
Credit: IMDb

Shuffle provides the viewers with a lot of comedy and drama as it introduces them to a world where gods, humans, and demons co-exist. Obviously, in a world where different kinds of people live together, there would be a lot of drama. 

A high schooler, Rin finds himself in a mess when a demon’s and God’s families become his neighbors. To top it off, the daughters of both families lose their hearts to him. The good thing for Harem lovers is that these two girls aren’t the only ones wishing for the boy; multiple other cute girls are waiting to be a part of his life. Since the anime highlights drama and comedy themes, you can expect engaging stories and hilarious moments! Have a good watch, my friend.

22. Absolute Duo

best harem anime of all time Absolute Duo
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces us to a unique idea of materializing weapons from one’s soul. Those who can have this ability are called Blazers, and there is a special academy where they master their skills. The academy trains such people in pairs so that they can become the Absolute Duo. 

Tooru is our main character who joins the academy on a mission to find the murderer of his family. Meanwhile, when he unleashes his powers, his abilities turn out to be very unordinary. His powers helped him earn the attention of people effortlessly. You can expect many fun moments in the anime, so get ready!

21. Strike The Blood

best harem anime of all time Strike The Blood
Credit: IMDb

So my friends, in this one, get ready to enjoy supernatural, action, and fantastical elements with harem as a bonus. Kojou Akatsuki was living his life as an ordinary high schooler before becoming a vampire. 

He is not any ordinary vampire but a very powerful one. People start believing he might be a threat; therefore, the Lion King Organization sends its people to watch him. Contrary to their expectations, our boy protects the world using his powers. 

The plot of Strike The Blood is fairly simple and less complicated. I am sure you will enjoy watching the boy struggling to adjust to his new life with powers that effortlessly attract hot girls to him. It has to be the best harem anime because it’s a complete package that entertains the fans.

20. School Days

best harem anime of all time School Days
Credit: IMDb

The anime highlights the sweet love story of Makoto Itou, a student who fell in love with his schoolmate Kotonoha Katsura. Unfortunately, the boy lacks the courage to express his feelings.

They share the same train, yet finding the right courage to approach her is difficult for the boy. 

Things change when his classmate Sekai learns about his feelings for the girl and decides to help him win the girl. For Makoto, she decides to befriend Kotonoha, but soon things start becoming troublesome for the trio. 

It’s a dark-themed anime that highlights betrayal, obsession, and love. It’s recommended to only those who are okay with watching unexpected endings that often are sad, with one or two characters dying in the end. Those who don’t like sad endings should not watch the anime; it is a bit disturbing! 

19. Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

best harem anime of all time Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of Tomoya Aki, an otaku obsessed with anime and light novels, just like most of us. Watching anime has developed a passion in him to create his own game that people play and like. Fulfilling his dream was not easy, but he was unstoppable. 

To achieve his dream, the boy creates his team, hiring an illustrator and a scriptwriter. The anime beautifully highlights the life of an obsessed otaku. The boy’s experiences while executing his plans are what make the plot interesting. 

He learns that to make any story impactful for the audience, it is necessary to first be aware of the emotions and feelings. The plot is not complex, and it is enjoyable for the ones who like the combination of harem comedy!

18. Is This A Zombie?

best harem anime of all time Is This A Zombie?
Credit: IMDb

Ayumu’s life takes a drastic turn when he gets murdered. He was lucky enough to learn that instead of dying, he turns into a zombie, all thanks to the help of a necromancer. Ayumu decides to take advantage of his powers to take revenge on his killer. 

Meanwhile, he sees Haruna, a magical girl slaying a beast. When the girl catches Ayumu watching the scene, she tries to remove her memories. Guess what? The boy ends up absorbing all the magic powers of Haruna. 

The incident complicates Ayumu’s life as he must take up the girl’s duties to hunt down creatures instead of her. The anime entertains us with action, comedy, supernatural, and ecchi themes.

17. Princess Lover

best harem anime of all time Princess Lover
Credit: IMDb

Teppei’s life changes all of a sudden after losing his parents in a tragic accident. Having no one to call family, his grandfather takes responsibility, and the boy learns that his paternal family is one of the richest and elite. 

The new chapter of his life was interesting as he got trained in business so that he could take the seat of his grandfather. For all the training, he joins an elite school, and amidst all this, the boy learns that his marriage is fixed with Sylvia. 

It’s not a cliche harem, as you might have guessed already from its plot. The balance between comedy and drama is great. Plus, the pacing, animation, and characters win the show!

16. Nyan Koi

best harem anime of all time Nyan Koi
Credit: IMDb

Junpei is one of the people who hates cats and can’t tolerate them being close to him.  He was unlucky enough to break an object related to the cats. The accident results in him getting cursed, and to lift the curse, he must fulfill 100 wishes of cats; otherwise, he will become a cat. 

His peaceful life now is no more peaceful, and the more he hates cats, the more he will have to endure them. It’s a romantic comedy with a harem as a bonus. I am sure you will enjoy watching this awesome anime! Its character, plot, and animation make this one worth-watching experience.

15. To LOVE-Ru

best harem anime of all time To LOVE-Ru
Credi: IMDb

This is the story of a 16-year-old Rito who has been crushing on his classmate for a long time and couldn’t find it easy to confess his love. One day when he is bathing, suddenly a naked girl stands in front of her. 

The encounter with the girl changes the boy’s life as it turns out that the girl is Lala, the princess of an alien kingdom. The situation gets complicated when Lala decides to marry Rito to save herself from a political marriage. 

The entry of Lala into his life complicates things for him, and his everyday life becomes a thrilling adventure. The anime has a lot of entertaining moments for the ones who love humor, hot girls, and ecchi themes!

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14. The Asterisk War

best harem anime of all time The Asterisk War
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces us to a world affected by Invertia, a disaster that changed everything. The disaster resulted in giving people supernatural abilities; these individuals are famous as “Ganestella ”. 

The top individuals join top schools where they duel with each other only for the sake of fun and enjoyment. Ayato Amagiri joins one of the elite academies as a scholarship student. His experience in the new school doesn’t prove good as soon he gets entangled in an embarrassing situation where he sees the popular witch Julis half dressed. 

The incident angers the lady, and he challenges him to a duel. Later, it’s revealed that Ayato is in the academy on a mission to find his elder sister. Still, things start to get difficult for the boy at the academy. The anime develops interest and builds suspense right from the beginning, which makes it worth mentioning entry on this list of best harem anime of all time.

13. The Testament Of Sister New Devil

Best harem anime of all time The Testament Of Sister New Devil
Credit: IMDb

This anime entertains the audience with a different and engaging plot. The anime highlights the life of Basara Toujou, a handsome boy whose life starts a new chapter when his father introduces him to his step sisters. 

Everything went well until he learned that the sisters weren’t ordinary humans but demons. Basara himself isn’t an ordinary individual, as he is linked with a team of heroes who are on a mission to fight off the demons. 

The ups and downs of life force him to develop care and love for his stepsisters, and he decides to protect them at all costs. Soon the boy’s life gets messy between the demon and the humans. 

To top it off, there is much more to Basara’s story that is making things difficult for him. The bond  between him and the demon girls is worth praising, and I am sure you will enjoy their screen time together. It’s a good recommendation for all of you who love to watch romantic fantasy with a touch of ecchi themes. 

12. Rosario + Vampire

best harem anime of all time Rosario + Vampire
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces us to the Youkai Academy, a home to different monsters. These monsters live like humans, and the academy is similar to any other where students study different subjects. 

They have one rule, though, they should not take it easy on a human if he joins the academy. Unfortunately, Tsukune Aono was living a life full of disappointments as he failed to get admission to a good school. Having no other choice left, fate plays its part, and he joins the Youkai Academy. 

The boy encounters a gorgeous girl Moka Akashiya and loses his heart to her without thinking about the consequences. Poor boy doesn’t realize that the world he has stepped into isn’t an ordinary one and the girl is nothing less but, in fact, a vampire! In this anime, one learns about Tsukune’s life and how he overcomes problems!

11. Yamada-Kun And The Seven Witches

best harem anime of all time Yamada-Kun And The Seven Witches
Credit: IMDb

Ryuu Ramada spent his school life being a chilled-out person who enjoyed the reputation of being a delinquent. To change his delinquent reputation, he joins a new school where he decides to start again and live a peaceful life as a good student. 

Well, it was only for a little time; after a year of living like a good boy, he got bored and retired to his previous routines. His life changes after an accidental kiss with a gorgeous honors student leading the duo to switch bodies with each other. The two decide to use this ability to help each other.

Surprisingly, they weren’t the only ones experiencing these events. In fact, there are seven other characters, aka witches, blessed with different abilities, and they just need to find them. The anime is overall good and enjoyable to watch, so you can consider watching it without giving it a second watch. It’s indeed one of the best harem anime!

10. Masamune Kun’s Revenge

best harem anime of all time Masamune Kun's Revenge
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of Masamune, who used to be a chubby guy in his childhood. His overweight brought him humiliation and rejection from the girl he used to love, Aki Adagaki. The rejection hit his heart like a storm, and our boy vowed revenge. 

After growing up, Masamune is now a hot and handsome boy who attracts girls effortlessly. He joins the same school as Aki, where he decides to execute his revenge plan. Masamune’s idea was simple: he would make the girl fall for him and eventually reject her so she could feel the same pain he had felt. 

Well, things are not that easy for him, and it’s not easy to take revenge as he finds himself entangled in different twists and turns. This anime is for all those who like high school love stories and captivating characters. I am sure you’ll like watching this, as it’s considered one of the best harem anime. 

9. Trinity Seven

best harem anime of all time Trinity Seven
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces us to a world affected by a strange phenomenon that created havoc all over. Things get destroyed, and people disappear; however, the main character, Arata, uses a magical grimoire to bring everything back to normal. 

The magic grimoire belonged to his cousin Hijiri Kasuga who disappeared during the chaos. Arata decides to find his cousin, but things become problematic when he meets people who try to snatch the grimoire from him, leaving him no choice. Arata doesn’t hand over the book and instead enrolls in a magic academy. 

In the academy, he encounters beautiful girls and trains with them to be his strongest version. He learns about Hijiri’s relationship with the Trinity Seven and their mission. The good thing about this anime is that it doesn’t only revolve around harem but entertains people with action, fantasy, magic, and much more! I hope we don’t need to justify why this one is believed to be one of the best harem anime of all time. 

8. The Quintessential Quintuplets

best harem anime of all time The Quintessential Quintuplets
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Fuutarou Uesugi is living a life full of misery and loneliness. The financial conditions of his family are not good because of his father’s debt. Plus, he has no friends, and people avoid him for his unique personality. 

One day, he had a heated argument with a girl where they argued over a seat, but the boy forgot the incident, treating it pretty normal. Soon, he gets an offer to improve his financial conditions as he teaches the quintuplets to earn money. 

To make ends meet, he had to earn money. When he accepted the offer and went to tutor, he was surprised to see that he had to tutor the same girl with whom he had a heated argument. To top it off, she is not the only girl he will have to teach, but three others are like her. 

Each girl is different in personality and habits, so it’s impossible to feel bored even for a while. Contrary to Fuutarou’s expectations, tutoring these four girls to make them graduate is not an easy task, and he is in a place where he can’t give up either. 

7. Redo Of Healer

best harem anime of all time Redo Of Healer
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Keyaru’s life changes after acquiring the healing powers. Instead of things going in his favor, he suffered a lot. The poor boy was treated like a slave, and the abusers didn’t flinch, making him suffer. 

The boy tolerated the cruelty for a long time, but thanks to his powers, he could use people’s memories in his favor. Finally, he got stronger than ever and was ready to teach his abusers a valuable lesson. 

The plot turns interesting when he reverses the time and sets everything back to the time before his suffering started. He did this all to take revenge on the ones who mistreated him. There is a lot of drama and adventure, and above all, the themes of time travel, fantasy, and harem make it a watch-worthy anime.

6. Hayate The Combat Butler

best harem anime of all time Hayate The Combat Butler
Credit: IMDb

Trust me or not, it’s the best harem anime you can watch. I bet you will feel entertained throughout the anime and want to watch more. This is the story of a cute and kind-hearted boy Hayate whose life has never been easy. His parents abandoned him and sold him to the Yakuza, and all thanks to them that he is indebted to pay around 150 million yen.

A huge price, isn’t it? Poor boy!

Hayate isn’t someone who will accept whatever life throws at him. Therefore, he kidnaps a girl named Nagi. The boy is too kind and softhearted to be a kidnapper, and that’s why Nagi thinks that the boy has feelings for her. 

The story continues, and we see Hayate taking the butler job for Nagi. With time, it’s revealed that the girl belongs to a wealthy family. Following Hayate working hard in his troublesome life and managing different tasks all alone makes the anime worth praising. 

5. Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends

best harem anime of all time Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends
Credit: IMDb

When we join a new school, we all dream it to be an otherworldly experience, right? The same happened with Kodaka Hasegawa; he thought getting transferred to a new school would be a good experience. 

However, things went out of his expectation when everyone at the school started judging him on his appearance. People mistake him as a delinquent, and Kodaka can’t help it. Therefore, people refrain from talking to him, so he has zero friends. 

Things get slightly interesting when he sees Yozora Mikazuki talking to her imaginary friend. The introduction of Yozora Mikazuki makes things interesting. Though she never had any friends, she never let her feel bored as she had a good imaginary friend. Fate brings them closer, and they learn that both share the same problem: a lack of friends. The duo decides to help each other make friends. 

The story continues with them being a part of a club filled with people lacking friends. It’s very amusing to watch people making friends and overcoming their fears. Indeed, the creators have ensured that this anime’s viewers feel entertained.

4. The Familiar Of Zero

best harem anime of all time The Familiar Of Zero
Credit: IMDb

Louise belongs to a magical world where she studies in a magical academy filled with talented magicians. Poor girl is worse at magic and apparently can’t do anything about it. Her failures have earned her a name, “The Zero”. 

During a summoning ritual, Louise’s summoning resulted in an explosion, making people think it was a disaster and a failure as usual. However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, the summoning ritual summoned Saito Hiraga, a boy from another world. 

At first, everyone thinks he is useless, and even Louise shares the same thoughts. She treated the boy as nothing more than a slave. However, things started getting intriguing when they learned that Saito was not an ordinary guy but linked with a powerful entity Gandalf. 

People love this anime for its action, fantasy, and adventure themes, and the harem is simply the icing on the top! Those looking for the best harem anime should try watching this one as soon as possible.

3. Date A Live

best harem anime of all time Date A Live
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces a world where some unknown phenomenon has created havoc and disturbed the balance. One such phenomenon caused the death of over 150 million people. That was not the end but the beginning, and similar events continued to occur intermittently. 

In this anime, we follow Shidou Itsuka, who cares deeply for his younger sister Kotori. When the mysterious phenomenon occurred, he was away from Kotori. Therefore, the first thing he did was rush towards her. 

Unfortunately, amidst all the chaos, he gets entangled in a conflict where he sees a spirit girl who was apparently the cause of the happening. One thing leads to the other, and he sees a team of anti-spirits on a mission to annihilate the spirit girl.

On the other hand, things become interesting when he finds that his sister Kotori is leading a team of spirit savers. The complicated situation puts him in a situation where he must attract the spirits and win their hearts by making them fall in love with him. The anime brings us a different story that is not only full of twists and turns but a lot of comedy and entertainment. The anime also highlights the theme of science fiction and mecha, so we can call it a complete package!

2. Nisekoi

best harem anime of all time Nisekoi
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of Raku Ichijou, a high schooler from the yakuza family. However, he is least interested in getting associated with them. In his childhood, he promised a girl to meet when they grow up, and the sweet thing is he has a pendant with a lock whose key resides with the girl. Isn’t it cute? 

Ten years have passed, and he is simply interested in his beautiful schoolmate. Things in his life take a new turn after his family’s conflict with a gang puts him in a situation where he must act to be the boyfriend of the gang leader’s daughter. 

The girl is Chitoge Kirisaki, a true beauty who doesn’t need to make an effort to attract anyone toward her. The anime then follows the engaging chemistry between the pair. Their chemistry is simply a love-hate relationship where they go straight from hating each to falling deeply in love. 

The problem is that their love story isn’t that simple because it’s a harem, Raku is surrounded by many beautiful girls, and he is not a person who won’t say no to everyone! If you want to laugh watching a romantic love story, please consider Nisekoi, as it’s one of the best harem anime ever.

1. High School DXD

best harem anime of all time High School DXD
Credit: IMDb

Issei Hyoudou was enjoying his life, dreaming about being surrounded by hot girls and trying to peep at women. Things started to change for him when an attractive woman asked him out on a date. Of course, it was a dream come true for this pervert, so it was obvious that he wouldn’t refuse it. 

On the night of the date, things went out of expectations when the girl revealed herself as the fallen angel and made him experience death. The boy was lucky enough that Rias Gremory, a devil, came to his help and protected him from the fallen angel. 

Rias makes Issei his devil servant, and now he must follow whatever the lady asks him to do. The anime follows the new chapter of Issei, where he learns about the mysterious world of fallen angels and devils. There is a lot of romance and comedy in this anime that will entertain you through and through.

The good thing is, it’s not only the harem that entertains the fans but also its animation and sound. It is the best anime highlighting the life of an obsessed gamer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which anime has the best harem?

It depends upon perspectives; it’s tough to name a few. The Quintessential Quintuplets, High School DXD, Nisekoi, and Date A Live are the most popular harem anime.

What is the oldest harem anime?

Tenchi Muyo is one of the oldest harem anime.


The list contains the best harem anime, and you can pick anyone of your choice. Most of them have a cliche plot but different twists and turns and characters make each one of them unique. Make sure to give them a watch and get back here to share your experiences! 

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