Ultraman Final New Trailer Released

Ultraman Final New Trailer Released

The childhood superhero, Ultraman, will come back with the final season. Unlike the live-action or animated version, this Netflix version is using CGI technology. Well, it’s almost like a common case for Netflix adaptation so far.

Despite most anime viewers don’t see CGI as a “good” implementation, surprisingly, the Ultraman series is getting appreciation through two seasons.

The first season was released in April 2019. As an original project, fans don’t need to watch the previous version of Ultraman which is adding for a plus. Not only that, but they really appreciate the show despite having an average story.

The second season was announced in the same year at the 2019 Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France. Though, fans waited for three years before the second season premiered in 2022. Unlike the first season, the second one only consists of 6 episodes.

Ultraman Final New Trailer Released
The First Visual Teaser – Source: @heros_ultraman

With the popularity going on, the final season was announced after the final episode was aired. It stated that the final season of Ultraman is in production. In February 2023, the official revealed two additional casts and the second PV for the final season.

The anime is scheduled to be broadcasted on Netflix in Spring 2023. The exact date was announced later on April 25, 2023, along with the final PV. What does it entail? Read on!

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Ultraman Final PV

The PV explains what being Ultraman is. The protagonist has yet to resolve his inner-self conflict. Unlike the second PV which was released in February, the PV doesn’t tell much about the final season.

There are two things that can be dug up, the antagonist is Mephisto and Shinjirou is likely losing control over his power. What will happen next? We can only wait for it.

Aside from the story, we can see that Production I.G and Sola Digital Arts are making a great job in the Ultraman series for Netflix. The smooth with almost no crude movement is expected after watching the PV. Let’s hope that those two studios can change the fans’ perspective regarding the use of CGI technology.

Of course, the biggest reveal is the broadcast schedule for the Ultraman Final. The last second shows that the third season will premiere on May 11, 2023. It is joyous news knowing that we only have to wait for a couple of weeks.

Ultraman Final New Trailer Released
The visual teaser revealing the broadcast schedule – Source: @heros_ultraman

Ultraman Story

Fifty years ago, Earth was being attacked by extraterrestrial beings. Thanks to Ultraman, the Earth was saved. But, at the same time, he vanished.

Ultraman’s host, Shin Hayata, lost his memory when he was saving the Earth. But, SSSP, the organization that supports Ultraman, reveals his past endeavor. Thus, Hayata once again equips a power suit.

One night, his son, Shinjirou, is attacked by an alien and rescued by his father. Unfortunately, his father is severely injured after battling the alien. Shinjirou picks up the torch left by his father. Now, he is working with SSSP as the new Ultraman.

Despite having a stronger body than average, his mind is still fragile. He is wondering how far is he willing to do for helping the people.

When will the Ultraman Final premiere?

The final PV stated that the Ultraman Final will premiere on May 11, 2023.

How many episodes the Ultraman Final will be?

Unlike the second season, the Ultraman Final will have 12 episodes.

Source: Official Twitter

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