Oshi no ko Chapter 126 – Review

The manga will resume its main plot with the release of Oshi no ko chapter 126 on Thursday, September 21. Therefore, it will once more focus on Ichigo and Miyako Saitou. Ichigo has finally returned to Strawberry Productions after Miyako’s meltdown in the previous main plot chapter.

In the previous life story chapter, Miyako revealed that she felt wounded when Ichigo abandoned her to pursue their shared aspiration. Ichigo provided Miyako with a career path and objective, even though she found herself jobless. She therefore desired Ichigo’s return so they could continue working on their dream together.

Oshi no Ko chapter 126 spoilers: “Management” Unveiled

According to the spoilers for chapter 126, the next chapter of Oshi no ko will be titled “Management”. Miyako announced some significant changes for Strawberry Productions at the beginning of the exciting chapter. She began by introducing Ichigo, the part-time staff member, to the workers. After that, she moved the positions of her staff such that she was now in charge of Aqua and Ruby. She then declared Ichigo Saitou to be in charge of all of them.

oshi no ko chapter 126

Ruby expressed her happiness at Ichigo’s return. At that point, Ichigo told Ruby that someone had deceived him into meeting Miyako. Ichigo became a regular at the restaurant after Aqua introduced him to it. He later scheduled a surprise meeting between him and Miyako at the restaurant.

Since Ruby felt that Aqua had brought Ichigo back to Strawberry Productions on her behalf, she was actually happy with his progress. Ruby made the decision to accept Aqua’s strategies and not get in the way of his goals.

oshi no ko chapter 126

Later on, Ichigo and Miyako discussed Ruby’s schedule in Oshi no Ko chapter 126 spoilers. Ichigo announced after looking at the their schedules that they needed to get Ruby working just for really good opportunities, rather than seeking out every new one that came up. Instead of worrying about being unpopular, they should have demanded more from their suitors.

Ichigo recommended Miyako get a larger office as part of it to show that they were a large business. Miyako was sad that she had not been able to secure a better office sooner, but Ichigo gave her confidence, telling her that she had done a fantastic job. Miyako was able to establish Strawberry Productions as a respectable business regardless of the small office.

oshi no ko chapter 126

Ichigo was trying to resolve their differences, Miyako believed. But as Ichigo made clear, it wasn’t his goal. After saying that, he asked Miyako to look out for Aqua. Ichigo said Aqua was in danger because he thought the man had been broken from the inside out.

Final thoughts on Oshi no Ko chapter 126 spoilers

oshi no ko chapter 126

Spoilers for Oshi no Ko chapter 126 revealed Ichigo and Miyako’s new roles within the organization. Miyako assumed a supporting position to look for Ruby and Aqua even though she was still the leader. Ichigo, who was now employed on a part-time basis, was tasked with supervising things in the meantime. This will enable Miyako to continue being close to her kids while also assisting the company in better organizing their abilities for more efficient work.

In conclusion, as Oshi no Ko fans eagerly await chapter 126, the spoilers offer intriguing insights into the evolving dynamics between Ichigo and Miyako. With promising developments on the horizon, the manga chapters continues to captivate readers with its intricate plotlines and Popular Oshi no ko characters. You can read Oshi no Ko Chapter 126 on Manga Plus in English translation for free. Oshi no Ko is available in Japanese (raw format) on Young Jump. Don’t miss out on this manga animated experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When will chapter 126 of Oshi no Ko be released?

Chapter 126 is set to release on Thursday, September 21st.

Q2. What changes can we expect at Strawberry Productions in the upcoming chapter?

Miyako will introduce Ichigo as a part-time staff member and implement significant restructuring within the organization.

Q3. What strategy does Ichigo propose regarding Ruby’s schedule?

Ichigo suggests focusing on quality opportunities and obtaining a larger office space to signify the company’s growth.

Q4. How are Ichigo and Miyako’s roles within the organization changing?

Miyako assumes a supportive position while Ichigo takes on a part-time supervisory role.

Q5. What themes are explored in chapter 126 of Oshi no Ko?

Chapter 126 delves into themes of reconciliation, strategic planning, and organizational restructuring.

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