Oshi No Ko Episode 9 Release Date And Time

Oshi no Ko Episode 8 Review

Here is all the information you need to know about Oshi no Ko episode 9 release date and location. Episode 8 recently aired. After a sudden hiatus, episode 8 eventually debuted to wrap up the most recent arc of the anime, and it did it in a way that greatly sets up the series’ next plot points.

Here is all the information you need to know about how to watch Episode 9 as soon as it airs. It will be the beginning of yet another new plot arc.

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Oshi No Ko Episode 9 Release Date

On June 14 at around 4 PM (GMT), 8 AM (PT), and 10 AM (CT), Oshi No Ko Season 1 Episode 9 will be available. Naturally, a lot depends on how rapidly the site posts new episodes. The release date will probably be quite soon, though.

On HiDive, Oshi No Ko is now accessible with the English dub. But (so far) just the first three episodes have been made available with it. You must see the remaining episodes with subtitles in Japanese.

Where to watch Oshi no Ko Anime?

The first season of Oshi No Ko is now running on Tokyo MX, Gunma TV, Chiba TV, BS 11, Sun TV, and KBS Kyoto in Japan. Both HiDive outside of Asia and Disney Plus in Japan offer streaming access to it. There are no plans to release this anime on any other streaming services as of the time of writing.

Oshi No Ko Episode 9 Plot

The conclusion of Oshi no Ko episode #8 suggests that Ruby should finally take center stage in episode #9. One critique of Oshi no Ko has been how out of focus Ruby has been, mostly remaining in the background in favor of building Aqua’s tale and character.

The most natural course for the anime to take, though, is a return to Ruby’s plot, and that can help to finally make up for how out of focus she’s been in Oshi no Ko up until this point. Episode #8 ended with MEM-cho getting admitted into B Komachi.

With so little of the series left, it would be crucial for Oshi no Ko to finally give Ruby the attention she deserves. With only 11 episodes planned for Oshi no Ko and no information on a season 2 as of yet, there isn’t much time for the plot and the characters to grow.

When episode #9 of Oshi no Ko debuts on June 14, viewers may find out if Ruby will actually take on a more prominent role in the series by tuning in.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What Happens in Episode 8?

In short, Aqua wonders about Akane’s emotions for Ai after being shocked by his perception of her in Oshi No Ko Season 1 Episode 8. He spends time with Kana to deliberate.
He makes a promise to utilize Akane to help him discover his biological father after learning about how Akane captures Ai’s spirit. After shooting the final episode of Love Now, Aqua talks with Kubaragi about the situation and decides to meet him for sushi to get information about Ai.
Aqua signs MEM-cho up for the brand-new B Komachi idol group as the show comes to a close.

Source: HIDIVE

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