Oshi no Ko Episode 8 Review

Oshi no Ko Episode 8 Review

This is the clearest indication yet that Aqua should delegate his vendetta. Akane has all nearly figured out Ai with some guessing and Google searches, despite the fact that he has spent more than ten years of his reborn existence attempting to understand her secrets of her.

Having endured a torturous two-week wait, Oshi no Ko finally unveiled the results of Akane’s toil in the shape of Ai-Kane, a persona that feels like the deceased idol has returned to a hard life. Aqua is sincerely captivated.

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Kana recaps Akane’s career with Ruby at the start of Oshi No Ko episode 8 and emphasizes how she is a brilliant actor despite not being a good fit for reality television. As Yuki and the others welcome Akane, they see she is acting too much like her role and not like herself.

What is Oshi no Ko Episode 8 Plot?

Oshi no Ko Episode 8 Review

This episode explores the idea that romantic relationships in the entertainment business are considerably trickier to navigate than they are for the average person.

Is Aqua truly falling for Akane when she can don a character like a layer of clothing? Oshi no Ko’s characters were beautifully rendered, and the intricately choreographed passages in “First Time” underlined their nuanced emotions.

So the plot is, Aqua is acting strangely around Akane, and MEM-cho and Yuki notice this. MEM-cho tries Aqua to see whether he has affection for this new version of her. MEM-cho and Yuki make fun of him for perhaps having feelings for Akane after realizing that he exclusively pays attention to her.

Oshi no Ko Episode 8 Review

While Akane reverts to her previous state, Aqua flees the room out of sheer humiliation. Akane responds in the affirmative when MEM-cho and Yuki ask whether she would share his sentiments.

Kana informs Ruby that she no longer watches the program because she disapproves of reality television. Aqua studies Ai while thinking about how little he knows about her while sharing his new childhood with her.

He wonders what Ai means to him. Kana overhears conversations about reality programs and the shipping that people would like to see, including Akane and Aqua. When someone brings up the pair from last season kissing, Kana becomes weary. All of a sudden, Aqua comes up to Kana and invites her to hang out with him.

While playing catch at the park with Kana, he decides to skip school, which makes Kana uncomfortable. He justifies his decision to avoid Ruby and the other members of Love Now. Kana asks Aqua who he’s after, but Aqua responds that he simply views Love Now as a profession and isn’t interested in pursuing a relationship.

If he had to choose, he would like to be with older girls. Despite the fact that Akane is also older than Aqua, Kana still believes she has a chance. Aqua believes his feelings for Akane aren’t passionate after spending time with Kana.

Oshi no Ko Episode 8 Review

When Akane first meets Aqua, she describes how she used to study and educated guesses to accurately understand Ai. When Akane mentions Ai having a kid, Aqua goes limp. This mode of thinking enables Akane to reconcile her many feelings and comprehend Ai’s choices.

Akane thinks that through observing Ai’s behavior, she was able to determine the kinds of guys she preferred. Aqua intends to use Akane while filming because he thinks she could hold the secret to helping him connect with his biological father. We find our protagonists in the Fellini bar after the last episode of Love Now has finished filming.

When the group asks Akane whether she intends to date Aqua seriously, she replies that she’s not sure how to manage a relationship and her professional obligations. The director butts in and says it’s up to the couples what happens to them after the show. He notes that numerous couples continued their relationships after the broadcast and got hitched.

Outside the bar, Aqua encounters Kubaragi. The higher-ups weren’t pleased that Kubaragi breached the norm of making a public covert film, he told Aqua. He claims there was a discussion about suing Strawberry Productions for damages.

Aqua is aware that this is not possible because of the conditions outlined in the contract. However, Kubaragi instructs Aqua to meet him for sushi the following week and says he will give Aqua some information on Ai. Aqua comes back to the pub and talks to Akane.

Aqua makes it clear to Akane that his interest lies solely in her potential as an actor and not as a romantic partner. He expresses his willingness to maintain their relationship within the professional context.

MEM-cho said she is confident that Aqua and Akane would develop a romantic relationship when they go on walks together. Aqua queries MEM-cho on her familiarity with B Komachi and Ai.

MEM-cho admits to Aqua that despite always wanting to be an idol, she is content with her position as a YouTuber. Aqua asks MEM-cho to join the new B Komachi with Ruby and Kana as the show comes to a conclusion.

Episode 8 Brief Review

Oshi no Ko Episode 8 Review

We’re finally back with another entertaining episode of Oshi No Ko after a week off. Fans pondered what might transpire after Akane stunned everyone by interpreting Ai in episode seven.

It seems Aqua was nearly smitten by her performance, but he was able to make things work in his favor. It’s uplifting to witness Akane thriving and finding success despite her past hardships. However, some fans may not approve of the strategy employed by others to exploit her as a means of seeking revenge.

At that point, it seems Yuki and Nobuyuki started dating after the program, which led to the marriage of at least two members of Love Now. It will be interesting to watch MEM-cho’s interactions with Ruby and Kana.

Being able to rely on a B Komachi member who is familiar with the YouTube game will be helpful as they only have limited YouTube knowledge thanks to Pieyon. Regarding Kana, it appears that the anime is developing a love triangle involving Aqua, Akane, and Kana.

A conflict between the three characters is anticipated due to Kana’s reaction to Aqua kissing Akane in Love Now. Fans of the anime’s dramatic elements will find it intriguing, increasing the likelihood of Kana eventually meeting Akane.

The anime episode was excellent and provided a satisfying conclusion to the Love Now storyline. Aqua gains another source of information on Ai through Akane, and it seems Kubaragi will be supplying him with intelligence.

Looking forward to the upcoming episodes, I’m excited to see what adventures await our characters. Oshi no Ko is currently available for streaming on HIDIVE.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does Aqua Character become cold and Dark?

The way Aqua’s character seems to be heading down a dark path and not veering too far from it is incredibly intriguing to see. But appearing in Love Now gave him what he wanted the director gave him details about Ai. But will it take him to the father whose retribution he so dearly wants is still unknown?

Does Aqua have any romantic feelings toward Akane?

Credit to Aqua for being upfront with Akane about his interest as a performer, not a love interest, and avoiding any seduction tactics. However, his genuine interest unsettled Akane to the point of violating her character, leaving her somewhat dissatisfied.
Aqua may have found a useful ally, capable of discerning hidden truths without evidence, but it’s uncertain if their connection will remain professional or if deeper feelings are lurking beneath the surface.

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