Otaku Elf Anime Is Scheduled for April 7

Otaku Elf Anime Is Scheduled for April 7

Otaku Elf is a supernatural comedy anime coming on in Spring 2023, the franchise finally revealed the premiere date as April 7th. The official announcement came on the official Twitter account via @emonae_elf and later updated on their website as well.

The official announcement came with a brand-new key visual, 2nd promotional video, and a short 15-second commercial. Additional characters’ details were also out, along with their voice actors.

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Information regarding Artists for the opening and ending theme songs was also out. The opening theme will be “Kien Romance” by Akari Nanawo, and the ending theme is “Odoru Hikari” by Cody and Lee.

A special stage event was also announced during the AnimeJapan 2023 event, Otaku Elf will be held at the Nikkatsu booth on March 26th, Sunday.

You can see the key visual below:

Otaku Elf Anime Is Scheduled for April 7
Credit: edomae-elf.com

The key visual featured the two main characters, Koito Koganei, Elda, and the additional two supporting characters, Koyuzu Koganei and Koma Sakuraba, standing in front of a temple.

The voice actors for the series were revealed as Ami Koshimizu voicing Elda, YYuka Ozaki voicing Koito Koganei, Himoti Sekine voicing Koyuzu Koganei, and Haruka Aikawa voicing Koma Sakuraba.

The complete details about the list of staff members was also out. It features Takefumi Anzai as the series director, Akito Fujita as the sound director, Yumiko Kondou as the background artist.

Akito Matsuda for music, Takafumi Nakao as the chief animation director, Takeshi Oda for character designs, and Shougo Yasukawa for the series composition.

The details about opening and ending theme song artists were also out as Cody Lee for the ending theme song performance and Akari Nanawo for the opening theme song performance.

Otaku Elf 2nd Promotional Video

The silliness in the series is over the top but in a good way. The 2nd promotional video introduced the additional two characters. The otaku elf is in love with Red Bull, and VR games.

Aside from the silly, comedic plots, the story is decent, the character dynamics are good, and the animation style is simply beautiful.

Otaku Elf Additional Characters

Koma Sakuraba is Koito’s childhood friend. She often visits Koito at the shrine and helps her care for Elda, she has a habit of talking without thinking, which often causes her trouble. 

Koyuzu Koganei is Koito’s younger sister, she’s an elementary school student and a professional cook. She’s the one who takes care of Elda’s meal preparations. She’s an honest and serious person.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Elda?

u003cstrongu003eu003ca href=u0022https://legendsofthemultiuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Elda_(Otaku_Elf)u0022u003eEldau003c/au003eu003c/strongu003e is currently 621 years old. She was summoned into this world 400 years ago and now lives in the shrine built by the people. She loves to stay inside the shrine and play video games.

How old is Koito Koganei?

Koganei Koito is 16 years old, she’s the 15th maiden of the shrine and works diligently to take care of the elf and her little sister.

Source: edomae-elf.com, Twitter via @edomae_elf


As we have the date, so no need to worries about anything, just mark your calendars and wait. Judging from the key visual, and teaser trailer, we can expect the anime to be exciting and entertaining.

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