Under Ninja Anime is Going to Release in October

Under Ninja Anime is Going to Release in October

After a one-half year, Kengo Hanazawa’s Under Ninja finally releases some information for the anime adaptation. Under Ninja will premiere in October 2023!

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The publisher, Kodansha, opened an official website for the anime adaptation on February 22, 2023. The website contains the release month, staff, and the various channels this anime will air from. Though the information given is plenty, Kodansha still doesn’t reveal the main cast or the PV.

Under Ninja Anime is Going to Release in October
Source: Offical Website of Under Ninja

Tezuka Production will be responsible for producing the anime with Satoshi Kuwahara (Yu Gi Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions) as the producer. Keiichiro Ochi (Monogatari) will be the one who composes the script, meanwhile, Nobuteru Yuuki (Orange) will draw the character design.

Satoshi Motoyama (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax!) will handle the sound and Shouta Kowashi will be in charge of the music. It seems they will implement 3DCGI technology into the adaptation because Hideyuki Sakai (Adachi to Shimamura) is in charge of the element.

Under Ninja Trailer

The PV was released on December 31, 2022. Nothing much can be said for the PV. It only shows the scene from a manga with no refinement whatsoever.

Some fans are speculating that we will have another The Way of the Househusband (2021) animation once again. But the presence of the CDGI department clearly diminishes that premonition.

Although the animation PV has yet to come, we can expect a lot of action coming from this series.

Under Ninja Story

The ninja organization in Japan was dismantled by GHQ after the Pacific War and disappeared. Unknown to the public, the entire organization is fully operational!

There is a rumor that over 200 thousand ninjas are still roaming around the street in Japan. Every one of them has entered various institutions.

While some elite ninja often gets high-paying job, it can’t be said for low-ranking ninja. Usually, they don’t even have a job assigned to them.

The story follows Kuro Kumogakure who is a NEET while also being a low-level ninja. He receives a highly difficult mission from his superior to infiltrate a high school.

What will await him in his mission?

Stay tuned with us for the latest anime news and upcoming anime seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Under Ninja premiere?

Under Ninja will start airing in October 2023. Though the exact date has yet to be released.

Will it be using PowerPoint animation?

There is no indication that this anime is following the Way of Househusband animation. The presence of the CDGI department further confirms that this anime will be using CGI instead of crude animation.

Source: Official Site of Under Ninja

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