Overlord Season 5 Release Date Rumors and Essential Details

It’s been more than a year since the series went on a break. Though there is no official confirmation for Overlord Season 5 Release Date, anime fans can’t wait. Thanks to the spectacular previous seasons, people are in love with this anime. 

The popular isekai and dark fantasy anime series is based on its light novel. Kugane Maruyama is the author of the LN and according to him, the story should end on the 18th volume. The good news is there is prominent source material left to be adapted. The series has covered only 14 Light Novel volumes. 

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In short, if there is a story, we can assume that Overlord Season 5 should be up. However, no confirmation from the creators is what is making things difficult. 

Watching Ainz Ooal Gown life in a video game world is spine chilling. The idea of presenting fans with an overpowered character is what made it popular.

What’s Overlord Season 5 Release Date?

Overlord season 5 release date

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Rumors are everywhere, but we have to deny them. There is no official release date up and we still have to wait for the higher ups to confirm. Judging from the successful seasons, it usually takes 3 to 4 years for each season. So, sadly, we should expect the upcoming season to hit the screens in 2024 or 2025. 

In fact, many fans already know that there’s a lot of time to learn Overlord Season 5 release date. Maximum, it will take 4 to 5 years. 

Overlord Season 5 Rumors

There’s a huge debate in the anime fandom. Some believe that there won’t be another season. If we believe them then they are actually right. Why? Because nothing is official yet. The chances of Overlord season 5 are 50/50.

There’s also a huge debate regarding the dub of the series. It’s being said that Murayama sensei wasn’t satisfied with it at all. Thus, he may cancel the series and there won’t be another season. However these are just speculations as there’s no surety about whether the author is dissatisfied or not. 

There is another side to the story, fans debate that the author might have financial trouble. Many fans showed their love by buying the LN to help him. While some believe that Mr. Murayama doesn’t like fan translations of the Light Novel which affect the overall revenue. However, Light Novel doesn’t have a direct link with the anime in that sense. So, we should not lose hope.

These are the discussions going on in the otaku fandom. We can’t say any of them are correct though there may be a possibility. You can also check the Reddit link below to gain more insights about the rumors. 

I, being a fan of the series, personally recommend not leaving hope. We have been following Overlord since 2015. All these years, everytime when we thought there won’t be another season, we were proved wrong.  

About Streaming Platforms and Animation Studio

Rumors also suggest that if there’s going to another season, Madhouse will take charge. This fantastic studio has given its creativity to all its seasons. Therefore, let’s just say the animation studio will be Madhouse for Overlord Season 5. 

Madhouse has done a commendable job animating the series. We’re all in love with the visual treat it has given us. The majority of fans vote for Madhouse and would want it to animate the upcoming season. 

For years Crunchyroll was responsible for streaming this masterpiece so hopefully it will continue to do so. We can also consider Hulu, and Funimation!


Did Overlord Season 4 end?

Yes, it ended in September 2022.

Is the Overlord series over?

No, the series will hopefully end after completely adapting 16 volumes of the Light Novel.

Which season of Overlord is best?

Well, all the seasons are fantastic but many believe Season 3 to be the best


There will always be rumors for Overlord Season 5 release date. They simply indicate the love of fans. Overlord is a true gem in the anime industry. Anime lovers can only hope, wait, and sign a petition for this popular anime series to continue soon. Nothing can compare to this epic masterpiece. There’s no doubt that it will always remain the best fantasy anime of all time. For more anime updates, stay in touch with us!

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