Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom Anime Film Unveils New Teaser Visual

Everyone’s favorite Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom anime film will soon hit the screens. The excellent news is Studio MADHOUSE will handle the animation production. The anime film is all ready for the coming big event, AnimeJapan 2024.

Though no exact release date is available, we know that it will hit the big screen this year. Only a teaser visual came with details about its presence at the AnimeJapan event. 

About Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom Anime Film

Overlord Film

Credit: Crunchyroll

At the start of the new year, the movie’s announcement came with an appealing key visual and a teaser trailer. The news was a heavy dose of happiness! Naoyuki Ito works as the director of the film’s director, which will be released across Japanese theaters this year. 

In the coming AnimeJapan event, multiple merch items will be available for the fans. Stay tuned with us for more details. We will learn more details about the film’s cast, staff, and other details in more depth.

The story revolves around Momonga, who used to love playing one of the most popular MMORPG games. When the game servers were about to shut, he found himself dragged into the game world, living as Ainz Ooal Gown. 

Source: Crunchyroll

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