Pokémon: Paldean Winds Anime Unvieled By Studio Wit

Pokémon: Paldean Winds Anime Unvieled By Studio Wit

Who doesn’t know Pokemon? As an avid fan of anime, it is absurd if you haven’t even heard it even once. Unfortunately, the original main character, Ash Ketchum, already register his retirement last year. But, it doesn’t mean the franchise will stop expanding.

Currently, the new Pokemon series is aired with its new 2 main characters. But, before the final episode is in sight, they announce the new Pokemon series. Unfortunately, it isn’t in the form of usual anime but in the form of Original Net Anime (ONA).

The story will take place in the ninth generation of the Pokemon game, Scarlet and Violet. The game itself was released on November 22, 2022, on Nintendo Switch. In only the first three days, the game already sold over 10 million units. Since then, the number keeps increasing and it got 22 million copies in March 2023.

Below, we’ve gathered the information surrounding the series. All of the information should be covered by now, read on!

Pokemon: Paldean Winds Trailer

The trailer for the ONA series was released on the official Pokemon YouTube channel on August 8, 2023. It depicts the original story which is completely detached from the original anime version.

Based on the PV, the series will take place at Naranja Academy which is exclusive to the Pokemon Scarlet game. It is shown by the emblem of the academy which is a shield with orange fruit in it.

As usual Pokemon concept, there will be three Pokemon starters that will be introduced in the series. Ohara with his Fuecoco, Arikis with his third evolved Meowscarada, and Homa with his Quaxly. These Pokemon also become the starter when you play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokémon: Paldean Winds Anime Unvieled By Studio Wit
Pokemon: Paldean Winds Key Visual – Source: Official Pokemon Website

Wondering when we can watch it? Rest assured, the description of the PV said that the ONA will have four episodes which will premiere on September 6, 2023, on the Pokemon YouTube channel.

Cast and Staff

As explained above, this series will be standalone Pokemon series. It also means we will have a fresh lineup of staff and cast who will work on the series. Currently, there are 3 VAs who have been confirmed. They are:

  • Wakayama Shion as Ohara
  • Kotobuki Minako as Arikis
  • Marin as Homa

Akehita Ryouhei (Eromanga-sensei) is directing the series at Studio Wit (Spy x Family) instead of OLM, which has been the home of the Pokemon series for years. Satiu Keisuke and Utsumi Teruko (Salaryman’s Club) will work together to write the script.

Kojima Takashi (Flip Flappers) is in charge of the character design meanwhile Nakamura Ayaka (Urusei Yatsura) will handle color design. They will work under the supervision of Funao Yuuki (Wonder Egg Priority) as art director. Penkin Kevin (Made in Abyss) is composing the music for the series. The senior Pokemon staff, Mima Masafumi, (Pokemon, Attack on Titan) is coming again as the sound director.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Pokemon: Paldean Winds premiere?

The ONA will premiere on September 9, 2023.

Where can I watch Pokemon: Paldean Winds?

The series can be watched on the official Pokemon YouTube channel.

What is the story of Pokemon: Paldean Winds?

The story will be completely original and detached from the canon Pokemon anime. It is based on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games.

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