Prison School season 2 Release Date

The world of anime wouldn’t be the same without the ecchi and comedy series that bring fans together, the first season was a total blast with tons of fan service, and an interesting plot with the element of suspense and thrill. There hasn’t been any news about Prison School season 2, but fans are still hoping for a sequel.

Prison School is easily the most impressive ecchi anime out there, able to achieve so many feats with its hilariously lewd scenes and over-exaggerated characters. Prison School manages to be extremely predictable while also keeping an element of surprise, perfectly blending the serious and whimsical scenes. It’s indeed best 2015 Ecchi-comedy anime!

The first season of Prison School finished airing in September 2015, the franchise did return with a very special OVA by J.C. Staff in March 2016. But still, there hasn’t been any new information about the possibility of a sequel. Despite that anime fans are imagining and upcoming season.

Will there be Prison School season 2?

Prison School season 2

Let’s not argue about the popularity of one of the most amazing ecchi anime in the anime industry. The series is the cornerstone for all ecchi fans. So, why is there no official release date for Prison School season 2 or any other announcement?

The first season of Prison School ended with quite the banger. The five honorable perverts were able to escape the prison. And the staff members responsible for torturing them were brought to justice.

The franchise did release an OVA in March 2016. It covered the events taking place after the 5 perverts are free from prison. It showed the boys living a free life while the staff members repented for their sins.

Prison Highschool is famous for its incredibly lewd scenes with peak comedy. And there is a limit to how far a series like that can go before people start complaining on Twitter.

It’s been over seven years since the first season finished airing. And the possibility of a sequel seems unlikely because the manga is complete. There is no source material to promote.

What is studio J.C.Staff working on?

Animation Studio J.C.Staff is one of the most prominent anime studios out there. It is known for producing Danmachi, Food Wars!, A Certain Magical Index, and most recently, How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom.

Their ongoing projects include Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, Duke of Death and His Maid season 2, and In Another World with My Smartphone season 2.

It seems highly unlikely that studio J.C.Staff has any plans for releasing a sequel to the Prison School franchise.

The plot of Prison School Season 2

Prison School season 2

A group of 5 students enter to study at the prestigious all-girls Hachimitsu Private Academy due to the change in school policy.

They quickly find themselves unable to communicate with their fellow female students. So, they devise a plan to peep into the girl’s bathroom. However, they get in trouble and sent to prison for one month. It’s truly a captivating anime with charming characters regardless of gender. It was a fun story where we learned the struggles of Boys in an All girls school called Hachimitsu Academy. The story just becomes interesting after the boys find themsleves in the school prison.

The Student Council Members in charge of dealing punishment to these students are ruthless in their methods. Torturing them and harassing them in all ways just to make them suffer.

This is the new life of the five boys students inside the prestigious all-girls boarding school; how will they survive?

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How much source material is left?

Prison Highschool is based on a manga series written and illustrated by Akira Hiramoto. The series concluded its story in 28 volumes and 277 chapters.

The first season of Prison School only covered about 81 chapters from the manga. So there is more than enough source material to create a couple more seasons.

Frequently Asked Question

What happens to the student council in Prison School?

The three members of the student council were recognized as prisoners by the chairman. They were sent to the campus prison under the watch of the new u0022realu0022 student council.

How many episodes are there in the Prison School season?

There are 12 episodes in Season 1. Plus, an OVA is also there.

Is Prison School anime for kids?

Not for kids, it’s an anime for Mature audience as it’s R Rated!


Well, anime lovers shouldn’t lose hope! Rarely are there any stories we don’t wish for their anime seasons. Prison school left an ever-lasting impression on the audience which is forcing them to wish for future seasons. Everyone who has watched it is wishing for the anime series to continue. Anime creators never disappoint the fans so we should not lose hope. There is enough material for the series to continue. Let’s just pray for the future adaptations. For more anime updates, stay in touch!

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