Ragna Crimson Anime – Episode 7 Review

Talking about dark fantasies that are coming out this year, Ragna Crimson anime has released episode 7. Did you catch it? How was it for you?

Turned us inside out, yeah? Ragna Crimson episode 7 begins to show the high-concept action set pieces that the series excels at more and more over time.

Ragna Crimson Episode 7 Recap

In the battle between Future-Ragna and the Monarch, Ragna refused to undergo the Monarch’s transformation and instead stabbed himself with his sword. After the Monarchs left, Future-Crimson took Ragna’s body intending to revive him. In the present, Crimson is angry that Ragna went against their plans. One of her henchmen reports Ragna’s progress in the fight, and Crimson assigns tasks to their other henchmen while ordering the reporting henchman to return to them.

Borgius tries to help Ultimatia, but Chimera stops him with a sniper rifle. Slime eats a recovering Nebulim to prevent him from interfering. Fearing for her life, Ultimatia activates an emergency spell. Suddenly, Ragna finds himself sent back in time to the beginning of the battle when the army paraded the dragon corpses.

Ragna Crimson Anime
Credit: Ragna Crimson Wiki

In stopped time, Ultimatia confronts Ragna, questioning his deep hatred towards her despite their lack of history together. Ultimatia notices Ragna moving in stopped time as Nebulim attacks him. She dismisses it as her imagination and orders Nebulim to stop.

Femud targets Ragna with his solar weapon, but Ragna begins moving normally in frozen time. Only a monarch created by Ultimatia should be capable of this. This causes her to panic as Ragna rushes towards her, but he suddenly collapses from overusing his powers. Femud fires the weapon at Ragna, but it has no effect as Crimson protects him. Disappointed by Ragna’s failure, Crimson must now decide what to do next.

Ragna Crimson Anime Review

Ragna Crimson, a dragon hunter, is determined to make the superior dragons suffer for all the harm they’ve caused his present and future incarnations.

To start the review off, a peculiar scene bothered most fans. Ragna moved within Ultimatia’s stopped time. It’s possible that his future self still retained some essence of the superior dragon blood after they froze their heart, but it’s never explained or touched upon. This detail feels too convenient for our protagonist (plot armor?). Hopefully, a future episode will explain Ragna’s future capabilities better than this episode did.

Ragna Crimson Anime
Ultimatia Anime Design Credit: Ragna Crimson Wiki

Stopping time is a tier-one villain move that Jojo fans might recognize (The World!). It’s not a coincidence that Daiki Kobayashi has Ragna fight Ultimatia this early on in the series. Ultimatia has the most shocking powers around, and Ragna manages to overcome her time-stop powers, illustrating just how strong our protagonist is that he can overcome her powers and nearly wins right then and there. However, outside interference and pushing himself too hard too fast prevent him from achieving victory.

Establishing these power expectations early on helps set Ragna Crimson apart from many other works in the genre. Ragna is not on a zero-to-hero journey; in fact, this hero journeyed back to his zero self and boosted himself to the end game.

While this chapter had compelling visuals, action, and an interesting cliffhanger, it was a bit tough to follow narratively. The flashbacks, though insightful, could’ve been incorporated into this chapter better to make it easier for viewers to digest the information. Nonetheless, Studio Silver Link deserves praise for giving fans a nice visual treat.

General Plot of Ragna Crimson

In a world where dragons reign over the sky, sea, and land, only those who can surpass the limits of human strength can fight and win against them. Ragna, an inexperienced dragon hunter, teams up with the enigmatic Crimson, both determined to achieve victory at any cost. Although Crimson’s motives are unclear, their objective is the same as Ragna’s: to destroy the dragon monarchs.

Have you seen Ragna Crimson’s Trailer?

The anime’s plot is intricately crafted, providing a perfect balance of action, suspense, and heartfelt moments. It keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating each new episode. The themes and messages explored in the anime are thought-provoking, delving into various aspects of human nature and society. The voice acting is exceptional, bringing the characters to life, and the dialogue is both witty and profound.

Art and sound of the Anime

The show’s aesthetic perfectly captures the essence of Dark Fantasy, even in its most depressing moments. The use of color, while often appearing flat, still manages to fit the show’s overall theme and plot, resulting in a polished and purposeful look. The character design does not miss too in this show!

Ragna Crimson Anime
Slime Anime Design Credit: Ragna Crimson Wiki

The sound department also deserves praise for their excellent work, particularly in scenes that evoke deep emotions. The third and fourth episodes are great examples of this, featuring an impressive selection of tracks that add to the edgy and action-packed atmosphere.

Overall, the show’s visual and auditory elements work together seamlessly to create an immersive experience for viewers.


If you’re in search of a genuine Dark Fantasy Anime experience, then you’re in luck. This kind of experience portrays humanity as truly doomed, with survival being uncertain unless drastic measures are taken. This uncertainty is what makes it truly terrifying.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many chapters are there of Ragna Crimson manga?

By the time of this writing, there are 68 chapters out.

Does the Ragna Crimson anime follow the manga series plot-wise?

The anime adaptation follows the general plot but omits some dialogue and other extra content that does not affect the flow of the story.

Where can I watch Ragna Crimson?

Ragna Crimson is currently streaming on HIDIVE.

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