Zom 100 Anime Release Date Announced Episode 10-12

Last summer, Zom 100 anime release date brought fresh breath to the dystopian zombie genre. It offered an unorthodox story on handling the supposed tragic and horror zombie virus. While the scene of gore is present, the amazing idea of making the blood colorful makes this joyful atmosphere shine further.

It is a no-brainer that Zom 100 anime has become one of the best zombie anime ever created. Unfortunately, the series has been bombarded with a series of delays since its fourth episode. From then on, the mountain of delays always came in each episode resulting in the wreck schedule.

Finally, Zom 100 anime officially went on indefinite hiatus after its 9th episode. It was quite a bummer because they released a new version of the opening from KANA-BOON after the introduction of the last main protagonist, Beatrix.

But, there is good news comes from the official Zom 100 anime. They revealed the release date of the last episodes of the series. When will it premiere? Read on!

Zom 100 Anime Last Episodes Release Date

The official website of Zom 100 Anime announced the release date of the series on November 6, 2023. It stated that the last three episodes, 10-12, will premiere on December 25, 2023. Furthermore, the three episodes will be broadcast consecutively.

The grand finale of Zom 100 anime will premiere on several streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix. Moreover, Muse Asia will broadcast it on their YouTube channel for Asian audiences.

Zom 100 anime grand finale announcement
The Zom 100 anime Grand Finale Announcement – Source: @Zom100_EN

Though fans end up getting disappointed because of delays, most of them still holds high expectation for the last episodes. It is proved by the announcement post which breaks 1.7 million views in a week.

Actually, the expectation is given because of how well BUG FILMS put their effort into this anime. Even though it is their first project, Kazuki Kawagoe brilliantly turns this series into a phenomenon. But with a lot of production issues happening, will it ever have a chance for a second season?

Zom 100 Anime Story So far

What will you do if there is a virus break where people turns into a hungry zombie? For the 24-year-old office worker Akira Tendo, the zombie apocalypse means a blessing. With the society collapsing, he doesn’t need to go to work anymore. It is time for him to say goodbye to his soulless daily life working in the soul-crushing company for three years.

Now, with his freedom in his hands, he decides to do the 100 bucket lists he wants before turning into a zombie. Along his journey, he meets someone who has the same views as him; Kenihirou Ryuuzaki, Shizuka Mikazuki, and Beatrix Amerhauser. With them, he enjoys fulfilling days while avoiding the zombie horde.

Zom 100 anime 10th episode sneak peek
Akira in Tenth Episode Sneak Peek – Source: @Zom100_anime_jp

The ninth episode tells about Akira who wants to come back to his village. It turns out that his village becomes a sanctuary for city folks who run from zombies. Unfortunately, not all of them have goodwill to the villagers. Some of them want to spark chaos within the village.

The official released several sneak peeks on how upcoming episode 10 will unfold. For the record, the last episodes of Zom 100 will cover the fifth and sixth volumes of the manga. Well, considering the pace of the previous episode, these three episodes will likely have a well-paced storyline.


Zom 100 anime had many obstacles through its premiere. A series of delays came one after another resulting in an indefinite hiatus. Despite getting disappointment notices from fans, the official tried to do their best to finish this anime.

Thanks for that, the series gets an anime update. The grand finale of Zom 100 anime will debut consecutively on December 25, 2023, on several platforms. After the premiere, can we expect another season of Zom 100 anime in the future?

When will Zom 100 anime resume?

The series will resume on December 25, 2023. The last three episodes will debut consecutively that day.

Which chapter will the last episodes of Zom 100 Anime cover?

The three episodes will cover the fifth and sixth volumes of the manga with Hometown of the Dead Arc.

Will KANA-BOON come back to perform the opening of Zom 100 Anime?

Yes, it will. The anime released the newer version of the opening on its 9th episode before going into an indefinite hiatus.

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