10 Best Zombie Anime To Watch Right Now

best zombie anime

Zombie anime is worth a watch, especially if you are a thriller freak. They create an indescribable curiosity from the start that lasts till the end. It pushes one towards the edge of one’s seat, and one doesn’t feel zoned out even for a second. 

The good thing is there is a lot of variety when discussing Walking Dead anime. You may find action, rom-com, comedy, horror, or all in one. Today’s discussion will be all about these spine-chilling masterpieces. 

Stay with me to get yourself the best zombie anime to watch. You won’t regret it!

10. Zombie Land Saga

best zombie anime

Credit: IMDb

First, you need to know that it’s a MAPPA production, which means it will be a worthy watch. The other thing is that it’s a supernatural comedy, so you will get a lot of reasons to laugh. Isn’t that just great?

Sakura Minamoto is our ambitious female lead who had plans to make her name as an idol. Life had some other plans, and she died in an accident before he could start living. Things become interesting when she opens her eyes as a zombie. 

There enters Koutaro, the one who called her back to life. She was not the only one resurrected; a few more were there. Koutaro wanted all of these girls to form an idol group. Of course, this offer was a dream come true for the girl, so she instantly agreed. 

It’s an overall great watch for all comedy lovers, especially those who are in search of the best comedy anime!

9. Zombie Loan

best zombie anime

Credit: IMDb

Michiru Kita has a unique power; she can see when people will die. Her day-to-day life is filled with learning about the death time of people. One day, something unexpected happens as she stumbles across her classmates, Chika and Shito. 

Their death ring around the neck was different; she tried telling them about it but was stunned. Why? Because the boys were already DEAD! The duo had made a deal with a Zombie Loan Office. They were living but had to hunt zombies in return. 

Michiru’s life remains no longer the same after encountering the guys. 

8. Shikabane Hime: Aka

best zombie anime

Credit: IMDb

Just like zombies, corpses are everywhere here and there. Ouri Kagami, Keisei Tagami, and the corpse of Makina Hoshimura are the main characters. Makina was actually dead, but Keisei revived her, only to task her with killing the other undead. 

Watching her in action is entertaining as she has some fantastic fighting skills to fight. This anime offers action, thrill, excitement, and a lot more. So add this to your watch list ASAP!

7. Highschool Of The Dead

best zombie anime

Credit: IMDb

It is perhaps the first anime one always recommends when discussing the best zombie anime. Whether you like action or horror, it’s a must-watch for all of you. Imagine yourself going to school and getting stuck there? 

To top it off, all your schoolmates have become zombies; how would you feel? Terrible and scary, right? Well, this is something Takashi and everyone feels. When suddenly people tried eating each other, Takashi, his best friend, and Rei ran for their lives. 

On their way, Takashi’s best buddy got infected, and unwillingly, he had to kill him to protect Rei. The duo eventually was able to survive, thanks to their survival skills. Luckily, they weren’t the only ones, but there were more geniuses like them. 

It’s a story about students who vowed to survive and smash the zombies together. This is one of the best zombie anime to watch right now!

6. Is This A Zombie? 

best zombie anime

Credit: IMDb

Ayumu Aikawa is the male lead who dies an unnatural death as he was murdered while on a mission. He died only to be resurrected by a weird girl named Eucliwood. Ayumu learns that he is no longer an adornary human but a ZOMBIE. 

He starts on a mission to find his murderer and take revenge. Unlike cliche zombies, Ayumu was special as he had uncanny abilities. His encounter with a magical girl changed as he saw her slaying a beast. 

When the girl tried to take away his memories, Ayumu absorbed her magical powers. Now, the girl had no choice but to rely on Ayumu to fulfill her duties of monster slaying. Watch it; it is one of the best zombie anime out there!

5. Sankarea: Undying Love

best zombie anime

Credit: IMDb

This one is a complete package, as you will find everything. If you like romance, horror, and comedy, get ready to watch it ASAP. Chihiro is our protagonist, who is extremely obsessed with zombies. Deep down, he wanted a zombie life partner, and things started working for him as soon as his beloved cat passed away. 

Unable to stay long without it, he resurrected it by turning it into a zombie. With the help of a girl named Rea, he successfully creates a potion to bring back his lovely pet. Something unexpected happens when Rea drinks and drinks the potion to escape her oppressed life.

In fact, one thing leads to the other, and she finds herself turned into a ZOMBIE. Things become interesting as CHihiro never considers the consequences of becoming a zombie. Now, he has to deal with Rea’s day-to-day issues.

4. Sunday Without God

best zombie anime

Credit: IMDb

Have you ever heard of God abandoning the world? If not, then you can watch Sunday Without God. Since God is not taking responsibility, people are in a mess as neither can they give birth nor die. 

They are kinda stuck. Before leaving, God created Gravekeepers, responsible for sending the walking dead to rest in peace. Ai is our female protagonist who has become a grave keeper and does her duty with dedication. 

Things for her change drastically after she meets a mysterious man who slaughters all the villagers. The enigma and thrill will captivate you right up to the final moments. Give a try to this insanely good zombie anime!

3. Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead

best zombie anime

Credit: IMDb

Akira Tendou is a living talent who is remarkable in everything he does. He is a hard worker who hardly cares about his well-being and gives his best to all the tasks. This, in turn, resulted in him being sleep-deprived and tired. 

Gradually, his enthusiasm waned, and it was precisely when a sudden zombie outbreak occurred. He finally found plenty of free time to think outside work and fulfill his wishes. Akira started working on completing his bucket list full of wishes. Zom 100 offers great comedy, horror, and plot, making it the best zombie anime. 

2. Tokyo Ghoul

best zombie anime

Credit: IMDb

Tokyo Ghoul actually has the same concept that zombie anime has—flesh-eating. The story starts with Kaneki Ken, a sweet and innocent boy attracted to a gorgeous girl named Rize. Things went off when she offered him a date, to which he agreed. 

Unfortunately, that day was a nightmare for Kaneki as the girl turned out to be a ghoul. This meeting was not very welcoming for Kaneki as he was turned into a half-ghoul soon after all because of Rize. 

His life became a living hell in an instant. He was forced to adopt a monstrous life, surviving on human flesh, which he had never dreamt of. 

You may find the first season boring. However, Ken’s character eventually develops, and so does the story, making it hard to resist watching. In fact, it’s not just the best zombie anime but also one of the best action anime.

1. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

best zombie anime

Credit: IMDb

Horror, action, drama, and much more entertain the viewers. Viewers step into a world where an enigmatic virus has altered everything. People crave human flesh, and there is chaos everywhere. These flesh-eating people are known as Kabane. Survival has become difficult as it’s challenging to run away from them. 

However, if one manages to destroy their hearts, one can kill them. Ikoma is a guy who has successfully built a weapon that can pierce through the monster’s heart. Now, whether he will be able to kill them or not is for you to find out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tokyo Ghoul a zombie anime?

The concept is somehow the same but more entertaining as compared to an average zombie anime.

Are zombies popular in Japan?

Cosplaying a zombie has always been people’s favorite thing to do on Halloween. So not only in Japan, but they are quite popular everywhere.


Zombie anime is amazing in providing the viewers with thrills and chills. All of them are entertaining. Just pick your favorite from the list and get started!

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