Medalist Anime Unveils Main Cast, New Visual

Medalist Anime Unveils Main Cast, New Visual

Ice skating anime is rare to find with the most notable one is Yuri on Ice! from MAPPA. Fortunately, there is a new entry to the ice skating category. Tsurumaikada’s Medalist anime will be up for a challenge.

Unlike Yuri on Ice, the series will focus on young-age competition. The premise of the story is about how a regular ice skater started to practice at a young age, meanwhile, our protagonist, Inori is considered too late to get started. Will she be able to compete with other ice skaters her age? And at what cost?

Unfortunately, the information regarding Medalist anime is still scarce. But, there is good news. The series revealed a new visual and cast members. Read on!

Medalist New Visual

Medalist Anime Unveils Main Cast, New Visual
Medalist Key Visual – Source: @Medalist_PR

The new visual was revealed on October 19, 2023. It highlights Tsukasa as the coach and his protegee Inori. Just like the premise of the story, both of them seem to reach for the gold medal.

If you’re looking closely, Inori wears the same ice skating costume as she did in the first visual. The costume itself appears in the first tournament Inori participates in the manga, which means the anime will cover at least three volumes of manga.

Yet, for avid fans of manga, the anime will end up as a major cliffhanger if it stops after the third volume. If the staff is bold enough, Medalist anime will likely reach the early sixth volume when Inori’s potential shines brighter than before.

Thus, the next visual will likely include a new costume that differs from the current visual. Maybe, it will show her rival? Let’s wait for it!

Medalist Cast and Staff

The new cast for Medalist anime was revealed on October 19, 2023. Unfortunately, there is only two cast member so far. The staff also posted a commentary video with them. The cast includes:

  • Natsumi haruse as Inori Yuitsuka
  • Takeo Ootsuka as Tsukasa Akeuraji
Medalist Anime Unveils Main Cast, New Visual
Inori and Tsukasa Character Design – Source: @Medalist_PR

Yamamoto Yasutaka is directing the anime at ENGI. Hanada Jukki is responsible for the series composition, while Kameyama Chinatsu is designing the character. As of now, the full cast and staff announcement is still TBA. But, we can expect the live broadcast soon.

Medalist Story

Becoming an ice dancer was not how Tsukasa aspired to be. But, due to his “started too late” circumstance, he ended up being an ice dancer instead of having a career in solo skating.

For years, he lived like an empty shell, trying not to regret his decision. All changes when he meets a fifth-grader while being a coach in ice skating. Like him, she is branded as useless because she started too late. Everyone, even her mother, says that it is impossible to catch up with another skater her age.

With his fire lit once again, he takes the responsibility to coach her. He doesn’t want her to end up like him and promises that he will make her a medalist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which studio works on Medalist anime?

ENGI is the one that works on Medalist anime.

When will Medalist anime premiere?

Unfortunately, the premiere of Medalist anime is still TBA.

Source: Official Twitter, Website

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