Saving 80000 Gold in Another World Announced for 2023

Earlier in July, Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Twitter account announced Saving 80000 Gold Coin in Another World for my Retirement series. The announcement called the series an “isekai money-making story” along with the magazine issue date.

Another announcement revealed the key visual for the series and confirmed the series will air in January 2023. The announcement came with more information about the staff and cast for the series. You can see the key visual below:

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Key Visual and Staff

Saving 80000 Gold in Another World
Source: Comic Natalie

The key visual featured Mituha Yamano, the series’s protagonist, who Rika Nagae will voice. Hiroshi Tamada is the director for this series at Felix Film studio, with Touzai in charge of original character design, Akihiko Inari as the series composer, and FUNA as the original creator. You can learn more information about the ending theme song of the series.

Trailer Review

The trailer for the series was quite entertaining and gave a clear idea of what the show would be about.

Mitsuha Yamano falls down a cliff after some delinquents push her. Instead of losing her life, she transports into another world and gains the ability to travel freely between worlds.

The Plot of Saving 80000 Gold Coin in Another World

Mitsuha Yamano was born an orphan; she understands the value of money and desires to live a carefree life. Her involvement with delinquents leads to a fall down a cliff, where she wakes up in a mysterious fantasy world. After narrowly avoiding death by a pack of wolves, she learns about the ability to travel between her original world and this one.

Now, a average person might see this as an opportunity to start living a new life and takes on the life of adventuring. However, Mitsuha decides to become a weapons dealer, dealing modern weapons into the fantasy world with her only goal to save 80,000 gold.

About Saving 80000 Gold Coin in Another World Series

Saving 80000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement is an isekai light novel series written by FUNA. Shosetsuka ni Nari originally hosted the series. Later Kodansha USA picked it up with illustrations by Tozai in June 2017. Seven volumes are currently in circulation.

The series also received a manga adaptation by Keisuke Motoe, which began serialization in 2017 and currently has ten volumes published with no English release. Kodansha USA announced the English release of the manga in August 2023. If you liked this show, there are many other upcoming anime series for Winter 2023 that you should check out.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: When will Saving 80000 Gold Coin in Another World series air?

Answer: The fantasy anime series Saving 80000 Gold in Another World is confirmed to be released in January 2023. Studio Felix Film (Aharen San) will be producing the series.

Q2: How Does Mitsuha Yamano make money?

Answer: Mitsuha, quickly starts up a running business of arms dealing, trading the modern world guns into the fantasy world to generate huge profits.

Q3: How old is Yamano Mitsuha in Saving 80000 Gold in Another World?

Answer: In the anime series Yamano Mitsuha is 18 years old when she starts an arms dealing business.


The series is confirmed to be released in Winter 2023; however, an official release date will be announced very soon. Keep yourself informed by following our anime update.

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