Heavenly Delusion Anime Announced for 2023

The official Twitter account of the Heavenly Delusion anime announced the adaptation. The release date of the series, set to premiere in 2023, remains under wraps. Production I.G. is handling the animation of the series.

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The announcement also came with the official Key Visual:

Heavenly Delusion Anime Announced
Tdm_Anime (Twitter)

Key Visual of the series featured the two main characters, Kiruko and Maru. Masakazu Ishiguro is the original creator of the series. He also created a special illustration to commemorate the adaptation of the Tengoku Daimakyou anime:

Heavenly Delusion Anime Announced
Masakazuishi (Twitter)

A participatory video was released back in 2018, which showcased the world setting of Heavenly Delusion:

The video showcased a post-apocalyptic world setting with terrifying monsters that lurk in the world, and humans live quietly away from the sights. Tengoku Daimakyou franchise also revealed the main promo visual ahead of their release.

The Plot of Heavenly Delusion Anime

Fifteen years have passed since the unusual disaster that completely annihilated modern civilization. A group of children living in an underground facility raised by robots strongly desire to see the outside world even though everyone around them says the surface world is hell and has a sense of mystery.

A boy named Maru and a girl named Kiruko travel alone through the devastated Japan in search of Heaven.

About Heavenly Delusion Anime

Tengoku Daimakyou is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masakazu Ishiguro. The series began serialization in January 2018 in Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon magazine. The English release of the series was licensed by Denpai, who described the series as follows:

Robots raise the children of the world in a nursery-like setting. The life on the surface has completely disappeared, which was once a slice of heaven is now a hellscape.

The surface lies barren, devoid of machinery, and now succumbs to the rule of enigmatic yet powerful supernatural beings that decimate anything mechanical.

Maru and Kiurko travel around the ruins of Tokyo, searching for what was once a piece of heaven is now nothing but an untenable dream from a broken reality.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: What happened in the world of Tengoku Daimakyou?

Answer: 15 years ago before, an unprecedented disaster destroyed the world and modern civilization, leaving no machinery left running.

Question: What are the monsters in Heavenly Delusion?

Answer: The monsters came after the mysterious disaster incident and destroyed everything mechanical. A catastrophe has ravaged the world, rendering all machinery inoperable.

Question: How many episodes are there in Tengoku Daimakyou Anime Adaptation?

Answer: Heavenly Delusion anime series, with 13 episodes, will debut in Spring 2023. Follow us to stay updated on the latest anime news.


The release of the series in Spring 2023 is now official. The studio will release an official release date and further information regarding the voice actors at a later date. Follow our Popular Anime News to stay updated!

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