Seirei Gensouki Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

Seirei Gensouki Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

Isekai is like a rose. Even if the branch is full of thorns, you still pick it up and sniff it. Most of Isekai genre almost has the same concept with different spices on it. Whether it is slow life, defeating demon lords, or maybe just having a super-cheat while living extravagantly.

Yet, the industry is still prospering to this day. Almost in every season, we have Isekai anime line-up on the watchlist. Some of them are good, while others end up being mediocre or even straight up bad.

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Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicle, arguably, falls into pretty good anime because it has excellent songs, animation, and story. Not only that, the anime got a second season just a month after its anime conclusion.

So, what do we get after waiting for one and a half years? Read on!

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

As we mentioned above, the anime was confirmed to be renewed for a second season. Though the first season got a balanced amount of praise and critics, it isn’t to the point that it is hated. Thus, making the second season possible.

The trailer was released on November 5. 2021. Not much can be gained from the PV, it is a bunch of flashback clips from the first season while saying that the second season was in production.

Unfortunately, after waiting for one and a half years, we still get nothing! No new information has been released since. There is no other way than wait for the announcement to take off.

Seirei Gensouki Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date
Seirei Gensouki’s first season key visual – Source: @seireigensouki

But, we still have a sliver light of hope. Crowdfunding was opened on July 16, 2021. Its purpose is to sell merchandise related to the anime. The fund already surpassed the 5 million yen mark they set. By the time it closed, the fund collected was 9.6 million yen.

Even though it isn’t enough for paying a single episode, it already proves that many fans still expect the second season to air.

Why the Second Season is still TBA?

After doing some research, we have plenty of reasons why an anime will get a long notice even after its adaptation announcement. It is common knowledge that if the anime gets delayed, there is some production issue involved. But, we won’t delve too much into the production phase of the anime. 

Instead, we will provide another perspective on how the second season will distort the original story of the novel. Beware that there will be a quick recap about the first season and a bit of spoiler in the next paragraphs.

So, the first season ends with Haruto saving Miharu from slave traders. On the other side, Celia was saved before that. While it is great to end the episode with a great arc, such as snatching the bride at her wedding, it will derail the original story. How come?

Seirei Gensouki Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date
The fourth volume illustration – Source: @HJBunko

The first season uses four volumes of the light novel as the material. The problem is they adapted the first, second, third, and fifth volumes while excluding the fourth volume. In summary, the original plotline is:

  • Haruto comes back from Yagumo region.
  • Stop by in the Spiritfolk village.
  • Going to Stharl region while knowing that the summoning happens.
  • Save Miharu from slave traders.
  • Invite Miharu and her friends to a safe place (Spiritfolk village).
  • Come back again to Stharl region and save Celia.

If you think carefully, if Celia is saved after Miharu, they will both meet with each other early in the game. Haruto also will uncover his relationship with Spiritfolk to Celia which is originally still much later in the story. No matter the plotline they decide, the story will definitely derail from the original material.

Maybe the reason it has a long announcement is that KItayama, Seirei Gensouki’s author, tries to find a way to make the second season come back on the right track.
Either way, we don’t have a choice but to wait patiently for further announcements to come out.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the second season of Seirei Gensouki premiere?

Unfortunately, the release date is still TBA. The last announcement we have is the second season is in production.

Who works on the second season of Seirei Gensouki?

TMS Entertainment is the one who worked on the first season. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they will come back for the second season of Seirei Gensouki.

Source: Official Twitter

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