Anime Shy Set to Get an Adaptation

In a war plagued world, the Anime Shy, written by Bukimi Miki, emerges a Japanese hero who is so self-conscious that her pseudonym is ‘Shy’. This manga series follows the adventures of a young heroine who fights to keep the world and her inner peace.

The series started its serialization in August 2019 and has since amassed a total of 16 tankobon volumes.  The 45th issue of Akita Shoten’s shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Champion announced the anime adaptation of Shy, the same magazine that serializes it. Yen Press has acquired the rights to publish the series in English. The first volume will drop in December.

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Shy anime teaser visual

SHY Anime’s Release Date

Following the Weekly Shonen Champion revelation, SHY’s official Twitter account re-tweeted a tribute video. The tribute video was first uploaded in 2019 and was a compilation of several illustrations from a 43-page one-shot manga by Bikumi Miki. This one-shot won the Newcomer’s Grand Prize at the Next Champion Contest held in 2016.

Shy’s Teaser Trailer

An exact release date is not known but this manga will get an adaptation next year, in 2023.

The Weekly Shonen Champion also revealed a teaser trailer and key visuals as part of its announcement.

The Cast and Staff

Anime News Network revealed that Studio 8Bit (known for the popular Blue Lock anime) in partnership with Bandai Namco will produce this anime series and other future anime projects.

So far, the cast and staff we know are the director and the main voice actor. As the release date draws nearer, more info will be out.

It also came out that Masaomi Ando is directing the series. (known for his contributions to Fairy Tail, Gintama, Jiibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun, and Gakkougurashi among others.)

Lastly, Shimoji Murasakino (known for her roles in the Aikatsu franchise and Girls & Panzer series) will be the voice of Teru Momijiyama (Shy).

Shy Anime’s Plot

Amidst conflicts and threats of a third world war, super-powered individuals popped out of every country around the globe and worked in unison to put an end to all the discord. After their combined effort, an era of peace followed.

Enter Japan’s representative, Shy. 14-year-old Teru Momijiyama fights alongside the heroes of the earth under the pseudonym Shy to maintain the peace they ushered in. There is an issue though. Teru is extremely reserved.

The Shy Hero

Shy anime follows Shy as she tries to navigate the complexities of her line of work despite her crippling shyness. For instance, she is to give a speech as the representative of her country to reassure the people and make her presence known. This ends up being a total failure as she bore the audience and runs off the stage, pink with embarrassment, due to her shyness.

Shy Cover Volume 1

Another unfortunate incident occurs when she cannot rescue Iko Koishikawa unharmed from a broken roller coaster. The public blames Teru for failing to rescue Iko properly. This causes her to slip into a deep depression, lose her powers, and lock herself in isolation for a month. It took her closest Friend, Russian hero Spirits, to come down and comfort her to snap out of her spiraling.

With her friend’s words in mind, Teru takes up her clock again, steadies her spirit, and puts her all into being Japan’s superhero.

Furthermore, an evil organization emerges from the shadows with a twisted agenda. The organization was created by Stigma. Its purpose is to create an ideal world exclusively for children—heroes from all around band together to fight against Amalareiks, which is the organization’s name.

Shy Anime is a story about imperfections and how a teen girl tries to understand how to deal with her’s. She also tries to understand that she has little to no control over how people view her. Shy gets to learn about the human condition.

Stay tuned to know more about anime news and upcoming anime adaptation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other popular manga serialized by Yen Press that will get an anime adaptation?

The award-winning manga, Oshi No Ko, will also receive an anime adaptation. It was created by Aka Akasaka, known for his work on Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War.

How many awards did the SHY manga get?

It won the Newcomer’s Grand Prize at the Next Champion Contest held in 2016.
Later on, it also received a nomination in the print category at the Next Manga Awards in 2020.

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