Solo Leveling Anime Trailer: Opening Theme and Premiere Date

Solo leveling Anime Trailer

The Solo Leveling Anime Trailer’s worldwide premiere announcement for the opening theme song, “LEveL,” sparked excitement among fans. They eagerly anticipate the anime’s release, meeting their expectations. This highly anticipated series brings together the beloved K-pop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER and Japanese singer Hiroyuki Sawano for a thrilling collaboration. You can catch the first glimpse of the song in the trailer.

Moreover, “Solo Leveling” is based on the wildly successful South Korean web novel and webtoon. It’s set to be a hot title in the Winter 2023 anime lineup. The freshly released first opening highlights the collaboration between Japan and South Korea, showcasing the series’ quality.

Solo Leveling Anime Trailer & Opening Theme

“LEveL” will become Tomorrow X Together’s latest single on January 24. You can now pre-order it on the Weverse Shop’s online store. The Tomorrow X Together members personally recorded a video message for Solo Leveling fans, introducing themselves to the dedicated fan base. Furthermore, they assured fans that the opening theme represents the strength of the main character, Sung Jin-woo, with its dark and heavy vibe. They hope the audience will enjoy their performances in tandem with the anime adaptation.

The video also discloses the highly anticipated worldwide premiere dates for Solo Leveling. Before the official show airing, select cities worldwide will host exclusive premieres. Tokyo and Seoul will exclusively air the first two episodes of Solo Leveling on December 10. Four days later, there will be a premiere in Los Angeles. For highly anticipated anime like Solo Leveling, an exclusive early premiere helps build excitement as the official release date approaches.

Japan – Korea Collaborations

The increasing popularity of manhwa, Korean comics, has led to a growing number of announcements for anime adaptations. Hits like Tower of God and The God Of High School have showcased the potential of manhwa-based anime. Solo Leveling joins this trend as the latest addition. Due to the comic’s overseas popularity, it was inevitable for an anime project to be announced. As the anime’s release draws near, the catchy opening song affirms that it’s a must-watch.

Solo leveling Anime Trailer


Solo Leveling, adapted from the hugely popular Webtoon. It narrates the tale of Sung Jin-woo, a young hunter ridiculed for being the world’s weakest. Animation studio A-1 Pictures manages the project. Director Shunsuke Nakashige leads the anime production. Noboru Kimura and Tomoko Sudo handle scriptwriting and character design.


Yen Press, the English publisher of Solo Leveling, provides the series description as follows:

“Known as the Weakest Hunter of All Man Kind, E-rank hunter Jinwoo Sung’s contribution to raids amounts to trying not to get killed. Unfortunately, between his mother’s hospital bills, his sister’s tuition, and his own lack of job prospects, he has no choice but to continue to put his life on the line. So when an opportunity arises for a bigger payout, he takes it…only to come face-to-face with a being whose power outranks anything he’s ever seen! With the party leader missing an arm and the only healer a quivering mess, can Jinwoo some­how find them a way out?”

Solo Leveling will air on January 2024 and will stream on Crunchyroll. Click here for more anime updates.


Who is writing the Solo Leveling side story?

Noboru Kimura

Has Solo Leveling ended?

After a three-year run, Solo Leveling, the webtoon that captivated the world with its epic action sequences and incredible artwork, concluded with a total of 179 chapters.

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