My Instant Death Ability Is So Overpowered Anime Reveals Trailer

Instant Death anime has been on the list of much-awaited anime for almost a year. It has been a year since this fantasy anime was announced. Fans eagerly anticipated watching it on the big screen before its official announcement. My Instant Death Ability Is So Overpowered Light Novel has kept its fans intrigued throughout. It is one of the favorite light novels of many. Therefore, fans can expect this upcoming anime adaptation to be a smash hit. 

The plot is about Yogiri Takatou and how absolute chaos envelops his peaceful life. Things change all of a sudden during a school trip where the students find themselves isekai’d. Where everyone was lucky enough to get superpowers, he got nothing on his plate. Other students started to degrade him because he had no special forces.

Thus, soon after, they abandoned him and another classmate alone in the dangerous place. That was the moment when he started rising as a HERO!

Instant Death Anime Reveals Trailer

A few days ago, on November 2nd, the creators gifted the fans with the much-awaited trailer. The one-minute 46-second anime trailer was enough to give hints and information. We learned about the character designs, characters, animation, and a glimpse into the plot. Indeed, the character designer has done a great job! Apart from the protagonist, we are introduced to two female characters and two males. 

In the trailer, we get an idea about Yogiri’s phenomenal powers. We see his Instant Death ability working on the nearby dragon without doing anything, apparently. Our boy was simply chilling in the school bus with a sleepy face. He can effortlessly invoke death by simply thinking about it. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? We can expect him to be one of the most overpowered anime characters, can’t we?

The adventure of the characters in the new world won’t only keep them thrilled but us as well. The animation Studio working on this project is Okuruto Noboru Inc. It has worked on many popular anime such as Tomodachi Game. Kudos to Masakazu Hishida sensei, the director and series composer for this coming masterpiece!

Yogiri Takatou

Credit: Crunchyroll

What’s The Release Date Of My Instant Death Ability Is So Overpowered? 

While we lack an exact release date, expect the anime to premiere in winter 2024.

You can expect the anime somewhere in the first month of the coming year. To keep the fans intrigued, the creators have been releasing teasers and visuals. Along with the announcement, J-Novel Club also updated the fans with a short summary of the plot. According to the news, many top voice actors will be joining the off-screen cast. Among them, Miyu Tomita is the one. She is the voice behind Shuri in Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear. Last year, they announced it with a 15-second teaser. Now, we know character details, their name, designs, and visuals. It’s all thanks to the creators! Another great news is that Hanae Nakamura has taken the responsibility to as the music composer. Fantastic, isn’t it?

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Who is the most robust character in Instant Death?

Yogiri Takatou, the main character, so we can expect him to be the strongest. 

Is instant death anime out?

No, we will be able to watch it in January 2024.

Will Instant Death get an anime?

The good news is that the anime adaptation will smash the screens in January 2024


The trend of creating light novel and manga adaptation has taken the anime world to a new level. If they are based on isekai genre, it’s a double bonus! Isekai anime usually never bore, especially the ones with action, fantasy, and adventure. Judging from the teasers and trailer, we expect this adventure anime to be entertaining. Besides, Japanese fantasy novels have been forever so good to read. So, why should we expect less from the anime based on them? Hopefully, it’s going to be an entertaining anime. Let’s just wait for this upcoming anime television series and watch! Judging from the trailer, we all should expect high quality anime content. For more similar anime news, stay tuned with Animefleek because it’s the anime corner where you’ll find everything.

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