Spare Me Great Lord Season 2 What We Know So Far

A new day means another chance to update you, dear readers, about decent anime. Spare Me Great Lord Season 2 or Da Wang Rao is a Donghua based on a manhua of the same name with 12 episodes in its first season. As far similarities are concerned, the story shares themes such as cultivation, martial arts theme, and the setting is a high school with other Donghua titles.

Donghua usually targets a specific audience with its stories: people who grew up watching dramas and have an interest in gaming culture. The anime Spare Me, Great Lord! is both enjoyable for the target audience and anime fans in general.

The first season aired from December 2021 to February 2022. It was an Original Net Animated series which made finding it on official platforms a struggle. The story focuses on an orphan named Lu Shu and his adoptive sister Lu Xiaoyu.

The series amassed a considerable following in the first season due to its incredible opening that raised people’s hopes for a good time. Since then, people have been eagerly waiting for a second season and that is what I plan to inform you about in this article, so stay tuned in.

Spare Me Great Lord
Credits: Baike Baidu; wiki page for Spare Me, Great Lord!

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The Plot So Far

To get people on the same page, I’ll do a quick recount of events.

As mentioned above, the Spare Me, Great Lord! revolves around an orphan boy named Lu Shu. In the distant future, magic becomes common in the world we live in, and along with it, supernatural events start happening. The formation of guilds was a means to tame dissidents.

The only memento Lu Shu has of his mother is a walnut-shaped pendant. Not everyone has magic in this world, which is true of our protagonist. This fact was so unacceptable to Truck-kun that he had to take matters into his own hands.

A truck accident awakened Lu Shu’s powers, which were boosted by negative emotions held by those around him. Upon realizing this, he made a series of hilarious attempts to annoy his classmates to hone his power and increase his rank.

An organization recruited students with abilities at his school and Lu Shu was one of the recruits. In the story, Lu Shu steadily earns more power and meets a sword master who teaches him his skills. As a result of his mastery of powers, his sister’s power also awakens.

Additionally, the final arc of the first season played out in a dungeon that appeared. Lu Shu and his classmates were all assembled to try clearing the dungeon alongside guild members. Lu Shu’s skills and his horrible personality shine bright throughout the mission as his main goal was to loot and also not clear the dungeon.

Spare Me Great Lord Season 2 Cast

While Tencent Penguin Pictures handled the production, Big Firebird Animation studio handled the animation. The studio released other shows such as Hitori no Shita: The Outcast Season 3, Hero Return, and The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife.

No notable streaming service has bought the rights to “Spare Me, Great Lord!” which makes such a gem lie unnoticed by the public.

The story is told from Lu Shu’s point of view, so most of the side characters are used as a means for him to cultivate his powers.

The main voice actors involved in this show were,

  • Tianxiang Yang as Lu Shu
  • Zhao Shuang as Lu Xiaoyu
  • Zhang Jie as Li Yixiao
  • Nie Xiying as Cao Qingci.
  • Ajie as Nie Ting
  • Wei Chao as Shi Xuejin

For the full cast, you can read the official wiki on Baidu here.

With Ajie as the voice director, Wei Tianxing and Nishimura Ryo were in charge of directing with Ajie as the voice director. Tencent Video also released the show.

Spare Me Great Lord Season 2 Release Date

Although its renewal was announced at the Tencent Video Animation Annual Conference on the 8th of August 2022, not much has been said about the exact release date. However, it will take about 2 years to make. Based on the timeline, the earliest release will be in 2024.

Treat your eyes to this sweet opening.

Points To Take Home

The writing of Spare Me, Great Lord! relies heavily on comedy, which acts as a double-edged sword. Comedy is the greatest strength of the Donghua. However, the problem is that it may be a bit overdone, hindering potential dramatic scenes from shining.

In translation of the subtitles, a lot of meaning is lost due to the anime’s origins. This may cause someone who doesn’t have an understanding of Mandarin to not fully enjoy the show.

The opening and ending of the show enticed viewers to watch the whole series. It might even be one of the most impressive openings around in the game. The animation and song choice put it miles ahead of your typical xianxia-style donghua.

The only drawback to having such a stellar opening is the blatant contrast in animation quality between the opening and the anime itself.

Overall, the Donghua is a decent watch. Stay tuned for more anime updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the series?

Unfortunately, this show is not available on major streaming sites. Episodes could be found on sites such as YouTube.

How many Chapters are in its source material?

So far, the manhua Hui Shuohua De Zhouzi has 547 translated chapters.

Will there be a season 3?

It is yet TBA.

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