SUICIDE SQUAD ISEKAI Anime Official Teaser Released

SUICIDE SQUAD ISEKAI Anime Official Teaser Released

Anime Expo 2023 came with many interesting information for various projects. One of the most unexpected news was revealed on the third day. DC along with Wit Studio will bring the most notorious group of the DC universe to life.

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Yes, Suicide Squad will be the first anime version from DC Universe. So, what’s the difference with the previous DC Animated Universe? Grab a seat because the series won’t happen in Gotham or Metropolis, but they will go to isekai!

Warner Bros describes the series as the most maddening world collides in an epic and violent fantasy. We’ve gathered the information about the series below. Read on!

Suicide Squad ISEKAI Official Trailer

The adaptation news was revealed on the third day of Anime Expo 2023. It is unexpected that Warner Bros Japan and Wit Studio worked together to create this maddening original anime featuring the criminal group in the DC universe.

The trailer was released one day later on their official page. It is confirmed that Harley Quinn and Joker will be in the series. Moreover, the manager of Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller, also seems to be present in the series. There is a chance that other villains will show up in the future trailer.

SUICIDE SQUAD ISEKAI Anime Official Teaser Released
Suicide Squad Visual Teaser – Source: @dc_jp

The visual teaser was also released at the same time as the trailer. It shows Harley Quinn tearing her pearl necklace while grinning with her tongue out. Looking closely, there are three brooches on her clothes. One shows a clown which symbolizes Joker. The other two are still a mystery, but the black with a target likely symbolizes Deadshot and the red one is Peacemaker.

Currently, there is no information besides what’s inside the trailer which only features the staff of the anime. But, Wit Studio’s Geroge Wada stated that there is a chance that other DC projects will continue if this Suicide Squad ISEKAI is successful.

Suicide Squad ISEKAI staff

As mentioned above, the entire lineup of the Suicide Squad ISEKAI has been introduced. Warner Bros Japan and Wit Studio will collab on this project. Osada Eri (Jujutsu Kaisen, Gintama Episode Director) is responsible for directing the show.

The screenplay is written by Teppei Nagatsuki (Original Creator of Re: Zero) and Eiji Umehara (Beelzebub). Both of them worked together for Vivy: Flourite Eye’s Song which was created by Wit Studio.

SUICIDE SQUAD ISEKAI Anime Official Teaser Released
Joker and Harley Quinn Character Design – Source: @antch 

Additionally, Suehiro Kenichiro (Re: Zero, Golden Kamuy) will be responsible for composing the music for the series. Meanwhile, Amano Akira (Psycho-Pass) will work on the Character Design draft which is later perfected by Hosoda Naoto (Director of Mirai Nikki, Juuni Taisen) who is responsible for character design.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Suicide Squad Isekai release?

Unfortunately, the date is still TBA.

Who works on Suicide Squad Isekai?

Wit Studio will work along with Warner Bros Japan

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