Black Butler New Season Official Teaser Released

Black Butler New Season Official Teaser Released

Black Clover is considered one of the most successful anime franchises of all time because of its dark humor, captivating characters, and supernatural elements. 

This franchise debuted in 2006 and has already released 1 manga series, 1 TV series (2 seasons), 1 spin-off series, and 1 net animation series. Each of its series got a great response from fans, which made it enormously popular around the world. 

Now, the officials are about to release Black Butler’s new season with entirely new staff members. Furthermore, they also released the first trailer and main visuals for this upcoming new series. 

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So, let’s get straight to this informative news and find out everything about Black Butler’s new season.

Black Butler New Season Release Date and Trailer

The Official Trailer of Black Butler New Season

On July 4, 2023, the officials announced a new season for the Black Butler series at Anime Expo 2023. According to the announcement, Black Butler’s new season will be released in 2024 on Crunchyroll. 

Furthermore, it is the fourth season of the series and will adapt the new arcs from its manga counterparts. However, the exact release date of this upcoming season has yet to be revealed. 

On the same date of its announcement, the officials also released the first official trailer for Black Butler’s new season on Aniplex’s YouTube channel. Moreover, the trailer seems highly captivating and more interesting than the past three seasons, especially the visuals, which are top-notch.

Main Visual, Cast, and Staff of Black Butler New Season

Black Butler New Season Official Teaser Released
Source: Black Butler’s Anime Official Website:

On the same date as its trailer release, the officials also revealed some of the major cast and staff members of this upcoming season. Moreover, they made lots of changes in staff members and chose some new talents to produce this new season.

Here are the cast members for the new season:

  • Sebastian Michaelis, whose voice will be provided by Daisuke Ono
  • Ciel Phantomhive, whose voice will be provided by Sakamoto Maaya

Here are the staff members for the new season:

  • Original Creator: Yana Toboso
  • Director: Kenjiro Okada
  • Series Composition: Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • Character Design: Yumi Shimizu
  • Music: Ryu Kawasaki

On the other hand, Black Butler’s new season will be produced by Clover Works, which produced the past seasons of the series. This is the same studio that brought us some other great series such as My Dress Up Darling, Fairy Tail, Fate Grand Order, Spy x Family, and so on.

What will we get to see in Black Butler’s New Season?

Black Butler New Season Official Teaser Released
Source: Black Butler Manga

The first three seasons, along with ova episodes, theatrical films, and stage plays, have already adapted the story from chapters 1 to 85 from its manga counterparts. While adapting these chapters, they mainly covered the first seven arcs of their manga counterparts.

Here are the arcs that were already covered by past seasons and films:

  • Black Butler Arc
  • Red Butler Arc
  • Indian Butler Arc
  • Circus Arc
  • Phantomhive Manor Murders Arc
  • Luxury Liner Arc
  • Public School Arc

Here are the upcoming arcs that are yet to be adapted:

  • Emerald Witch Arc
  • Blue Cult Arc
  • Blue Memory Arc
  • Blue Revenge Arc

So, the Black Butler’s new season will pick up the story from chapter 87 onward and enter a new arc, “Emerald Witch Arc”. However, the officials will also pick the story from chapter 67 onwards as the Public School arc is adapted by a musical play, not a proper anime adaptation. 

Moreover, we also can’t say anything about how many arcs the new seasons will cover. So, we have to wait for their official announcement regarding their arcs, such as which arc will be adapted for the new season. As soon as we get any further information regarding its arcs, we will immediately share it with you.

That’s it for the post! We hope you found this informative news to be useful. Stay tuned with us for more of the latest anime and manga news.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Black Butler getting a reboot?

No, Black Butler is getting a new season, not a remake. Moreover, it is the fourth season of the franchise and will be released in 2024 on Crunchyroll.

2. Has Black Butler ended?

No, Black Butler debuted in 2006 and is still ongoing at Square Enix and Yen Press. Furthermore, it has been released in a total of 32 volumes, and its 33rd volume is about to be released on July 27, 2023.

3. What are the major genres of Black Butler?

Dark Comedy, Dark fantasy, and Supernatural are the major genres of the series. The series is filled with plenty of mysteries and hilarious moments that will hook you from start to finish.

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