Ten Count Film Release Date Announced

Ten Count Film Release Date Announced
Credit: Rihito Takarai/Shinshokan

A theatrical animation will premiere in 2023, according to the official website and Twitter account for the anime adaptation of Rihito Takarai’s Ten Count boys-love manga.

The Ten Count anime, which was once slated for 2020 and intends to adapt the guys’ love manga by Rihito Takarai, has now been given some information. The project has been confirmed as an anime movie with a 2023 release date, and its stars are prominently featured in a new teaser image.

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Ten Count Film Storyline

Tadaomi Shirotani, a character in Ten Count, has a severe mysophobia, or fear of germs. He is totally paralyzed by this dread and finds it difficult to function in public. He visits Riku Kurose, a therapist, with the hopes of overcoming his issues.

But to handle and get over his trauma, Kurose advises Shirotani to attempt exposure therapy. Shirotani is required to compile a list of 10 things he wishes he could accomplish as part of this by Kurose.

He initially makes significant progress on his list, but issues quickly surface when Kurose wants to cancel their therapy sessions after confessing he has fallen for Shirotani.

Shirotani, however, is adamant about going on, so they continue their treatment while simultaneously having a sexual connection, which forces Shirotani to examine the root reasons for his problems in great detail.

Such a connection would undoubtedly be immoral in the real world. However, the focus of Boys Love media has always been on strange, unsettling, or unethical relationships. However, this is not particular to the genre.

Numerous widely read heterosexual romance books and rom-com depict relationships and behaviors that are egregiously immoral in real life. But that is a feature of the genre’s attractiveness. They provide us a glimpse of a world where the conventional norms can be flouted and the prohibited, though still ambiguous, can be fantasized about.

Ten Count Film Cast, Studio, and Key Visual

In the meanwhile, a fresh key visual has arrived, and the major cast and personnel have been disclosed. The official Ten Count key visual is shown below:

Ten Count Film Release Date Announced
Credit: Rihito Takarai/Shinshokan

Shinnosuke Tachibana will play Shirotani Tadaomi in the anime, and Tomoaki Maeno will play Riku Kurose.

As a result, Toyama (Pokémon movies) is both directing and scripting the anime. The characters are being created by Elegant Yokai Apartment Life’s Tomomi Shimazaki. The anime is being made by Synergy SP and East Fish Studio. Pony Canyon is the supplier.

Ten Count Release Date

As a component of the 6 Lovers animation, the Ten Count anime incorporates its contribution. It was revealed that an animated series based on the Ten Count manga will debut sometime in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic situation caused a delay, but it will be issued in 2021. Then, it was planned for release in 2022.

Finally revealed is the much-awaited Ten Count anime adaptation, based on Rihito Takarai’s yaoi manga series of the same name. The anime movie Ten Count will debut in 2023, although the precise release date won’t be known until a later time.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Ten Count Manga Information?

Rihito Takarai created the comic series Ten Count, which ran in Shinshokan’s monthly BL manga magazine Dear+ from 2013 to 2017. Six tankobon volumes have been compiled from separate chapters.

2. What is the official release date of the movie?

As we have discussed in the article the release date is still confidential but should be publicized soon because almost all the information has been released.

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