The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Manga Gets TV Anime

The girl I like forgot her glasses is a slice of life, romance anime series set to premiere in the year 2023, the official announcement of the series was made on the official Twitter account of the series on January 13th.

So far the only official announcement came with a visual illustration by the author of the series, any further information about the series is set to be released at a later date.

The official website for the series has set a countdown timer for January 31st, and that is when the franchise will reveal more information regarding the animation studio, cast members, and the staff for the series.

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You can see the visual illustration below:

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Manga Gets TV Anime
Credit: Twitter via @Sukimega

The special illustration by professor Koume Fujichika visualized the two main characters beautifully, Mie Aie and Komura Kaede. You can even see Mie squinting her eyes as it is difficult for her to see.

And although there is no official list of cast members announced for the series from the official anime sources, it seems likely that most characters will be taken from the manga series.

The list of characters includes the main characters, Kaede Komura, and Ai Mie, and the supporting characters, Asuka, Ren Azuma, Hibachi, and Someya.

The plot of the girl I like forgot her glasses

The series has to be one of the most wholesome in terms of plot and character development, the story is simple and enjoyable.

Komura Kaede is the deskmate of Mie Ai, and he always has his attention on her, he finds her extremely attractive and only wishes that she would look at him with her beautiful eyes underneath her glasses.

However, only after a few days, he makes his observations, Kaede notices that Ai is more often squinting as she isn’t wearing her glasses, Kaede helps her like a good friend but only ends up developing stronger feelings toward her.

And Ai continues to rely on Kaede’s help which helps to strengthen their bond as friends, and slowly but surely, Kaede becomes the person that Ai always looks for.

Characters of the girl I like forgot her glasses

The series has a bunch of amazing and sweet characters; however, the main focus of the story never steers too far from the main characters who are:

Komura Kaede who is more often late to his class, it’s quite clear that he has strong feelings toward Mie Ai, but he’s too hesitant to tell her anything, and he loves to see her without glasses.

Ai Mie is the girl who sits next to Komura Kaede, she usually wears glasses but has a tendency to forget them at home, and this happens more than often. So she has to rely on the help of her deskmate.

About the Series

The girl I like forgot her glasses is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Koume Fujichika, the series was first published on the author’s official Twitter account back in the year 2018.

And it was serialized in Square Enix’s Monthly Gangan Joker magazine on November 2018, the series currently has 9 volumes available to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kaede Komura like Mie Ai for her glasses?

On the contrary, Kaede loves Ai’s eyes and would prefer that she would look at him without her glasses.

Does Mie Ai have feelings for Kaede Komura?

Yes, Mie Ai soon develops romantic feelings towards Kaede Komura, as he is always there to help her in any way when she forgets her glasses.

Source:, Official Twitter via @Sukimega

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