The Oblivious Saint Can’t Contain Her Power Volume 1 – Review

The Oblivious Saint Can’t Contain Her Power finished releasing its first volume recently, and we’d like to put it on the map for you to find!

The Oblivious Saint Can't Contain Her Power
Credit: Official Volume 1 Cover

Dawson Chen translated the manga adaptation and Tran Thoai Xuan Nguyen lettered it. Author Almond wrote the original light novel story, with original character design by Yoshiro Ambe. Artist Yona Etou did the manga art. J-Novel Club also licensed the series for English release. This talented creative team brings the world and characters of The Oblivious Saint to life in a visually engaging format that enhances the complex emotional narrative.

The Oblivious Saint Can’t Contain Her Power’s Plot

When Carolina Sanchez is bartered off politically, doom seems assured. But the purported demon she’s betrothed to defies expectations. Could other harsh rumors also ring false?

A lifetime of believing herself the “Sanchez disgrace” leaves Carolina vulnerable. Publicly, elder sister Flora acts kindly, defending Carolina…privately, her malice festers, manipulating Carolina’s low self-worth. So when Carolina is pledged to Prince Edward Martinez, disappointment seems guaranteed. Yet strangely, Edward and his family genuinely adore her! Empowered, can Carolina transcend her painful past and rise to be Edward’s worthy consort? With latent abilities surfacing, she just might…

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As royal duties entwine with hints of love, and Carolina’s gifts awaken, her path to understanding exceptionalism comes into focus.

The Oblivious Saint Can’t Contain Her Power’s Review


As the older sister, Flora has spent Carolina’s sixteen years convincing her she’s a disappointment and disaster. Publicly, Flora plays the perfect saint, model of kindness, and caring sister. Privately, behind closed doors, she devotes herself to making Carolina miserable. As many know, hear something often enough, it starts to sound true.

That brings us to the story’s start. Lady Carolina Sanchez, the younger daughter of a powerful duke, has had her self-esteem destroyed by Flora in their father’s frequent absence. Blaming Carolina for their mother’s childbirth death, Flora uses overwhelming holy magic to maintain a spotless reputation while punishing Carolina. Though considered a saint for her magic, Flora is anything but. This will likely lead to the somewhat hackneyed title reveal when Carolina proves much more than assumed.

However, this The Oblivious Saint Can’t Contain Her Power volume doesn’t get there yet, suggesting the manga is taking its time adapting the light novel, which feels promising. The idea of “saints” and “holy magic” has gone stale, and so far, The Oblivious Saint avoids those pitfalls. There’s no reincarnation or fantasy element; Carolina is just a regular girl coping with horrific bullying and realizing she may have been lied to.

The Duke

Carolina’s plight begins with her family dynamics. Her father, Duke Sanchez, also serves as the kingdom’s prime minister, frequently taking him away from home. Flora exploits his absence, convincing her baby sister, Carolina, that even their father sees her as a failure. Yet he is aghast learning this, Carolina’s first sign Flora fabricated tales. It also alerts the duke, though we soon leave the Sanchez home behind. Still, Carolina’s experiences there form her character basis. Reassured her father doesn’t wish she died instead of her mother, who alone cannot overcome sixteen years of Flora’s toxicity.

The Oblivious Saint Can't Contain Her Power
Credit: Official Volume 2 Cover

The duke’s position provides the context for Carolina’s political marriage. To ally, she is betrothed to a prince in a neighboring empire. Carolina expects this new family to also find her disappointing. However, surprisingly, her fiancé and in-laws genuinely adore her. As Carolina navigates her changing circumstances, she must reconcile her past trauma with new possibilities, leading to her ultimate discovery that she is far more than either kingdom realized. And so goes on The Oblivious Saint Can’t Contain Her Power.


When Carolina relocates to the empire for her marriage to Prince Edward Ruby Martinez, clues emerge that her kingdom’s information is unreliable. Edward is discussed fearfully for battlefield prowess and accepting commoners as knights, leaving Carolina braced for death. The story defies expectations, yet smartly, her fear of Edward and his family lingers.

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Carolina anticipated disappointment and cruelty in her new home as the imperial consort. Instead, Edward and his parents, the Emperor and Empress, welcome Carolina warmly. She finds herself cherished rather than chastised. Still, Carolina initially mistrusts their affection after Flora’s duplicity. Gradually, as Edward proves gentle and the court accepts her, Carolina’s wariness dissipates.

This nuanced portrayal keeps Carolina relatable. Trauma and self-doubt plaguing her from lifelong mistreatment do not instantly vanish. As Carolina navigates court life and her marriage, glimmers of confidence emerge. Her evolving perspective hints that unlocking her dormant power requires overcoming inner challenges, not vanquishing external foes.

The Oblivious Saint Can’t Contain Her Power in a Nutshell

The Oblivious Saint Can’t Contain Her Power volume’s greatest strength is the way it respects Carolina’s trauma and worldview, while the art lets us know how misled she was her entire life.

A deliberate disconnect between text and image is used several times throughout the volume and is very effective. For example, there is a scene that has Carolina misinterpreting Edward’s mother’s uncomfortable demeanor as dismissive. At the same time, another scene hints that Edward may have had similar experiences to Carolina’s growing up.

It will be interesting to compare this with the light novel because the manga adaptation does an impressive job of backing the writing up with images.

By the midway point of the volume, there are hints that Carolina will live up to the overwrought title. Some readers may find her too much because she spends most of the book working and worrying herself to the bone, to the point where others notice and are concerned.

But that feels like an essential element of the story – we have to understand how unhappy she is before we can appreciate her later happiness.


In The Oblivious Saint Can’t Contain Her Power, a young woman overcomes cruel edges from her sister and a traumatic upbringing to discover her strength. Hints emerge that Carolina has great power within her. This manga shows realistic character growth, portraying trauma’s lasting impact while offering hope. Subtle art enhances the nuanced story. For readers who enjoy underdog tales of inner transformation, The Oblivious Saint offers an empowering message wrapped in a creative fantasy setting. It has some real potential to turn into something great! Stay tuned for more anime news!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of manga is The Oblivious Saint Can’t Contain Her Power?

It’s a fantasy manga that focuses on the psychological growth of the main character, Carolina. It has elements of political intrigue, romance, and magic, but the core of the story is an underdog overcoming emotional trauma.

What is the setting of the manga?

The Oblivious Saint is set in a fantasy world of magic and royalty. Carolina grows up in one kingdom before moving to her husband Prince Edward’s empire. The story focuses on court politics in these medieval-inspired fantasy realms.

How long is the manga/how many volumes are there?

So far there is only one volume of the manga out, suggesting it is just starting to adapt the full light novel source material. It seems to be taking its time developing the story and characters.

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