The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse Release Date Announced

The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse Release Date Announced

The final battle of Seven Deadly Sins shows the threat of King Arthur Pendragon. Just because they can handle the disaster in the final season, it doesn’t mean that it won’t show up in the future.

With the Demon Lord’s demise, the four races finally find peace under the regime of Meliodas. Yet, the old comrade, Arthur, somehow becomes a human supremacist. Using the power of Chaos, he unites human knights who still suffer from the Holy War years ago and begins terrorizing other non-human kingdoms.

Nakaba Suzuki’s Four Knights of Apocalypse tells the next generation of Seven Deadly Sins. Just like its predecessor, the popularity of the series is still skyrocketing to the point that it deserves an anime.

After one year of waiting, the official finally released the release date of the series. It is confirmed that the Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse will premiere on October 8, 2023. Netflix will stream the series across the world.

The official also released a new PV for the series. What kind of information does it entail? Read on!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse Trailer

The trailer was released on September 25, 2032. It highlights the background story where four knights will cause the end of the world. The prophecy clearly portrays the grandeur appearance of Percival and Co.

As the PV suggests, Percival only meets four companions along the journey; Sin, Donny, Nasiens, and Anne, who aren’t other knights of apocalypse. It means that the anime will cover at least three volumes of manga after Percival’s team finally assembles.

The first series, Seven Deadly Sins, successfully adapted the whole manga chapters for five seasons, despite having a negative response for the third season and beyond. It is clear that the sequel will only scrape the surface of the story. But, will it manage to continue beyond that? Can the Four Knights of the Apocalypse follow the successful path of the Seven Deadly Sins?

The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse Release Date Announced
Key Visual of Four Knights of Apocalypse – Source: @7_taizai

The key visual was released on September 9, 2023. It depicts Percival’s team confronting Arthur’s army. For starters, the sword Percival held is the same as Meliodas from the Seven Deadly Sins. Maybe like the first series, the sword will hold significance in the series.

Cast and Staff

While the total number of episodes of Four Knights of the Apocalypse is still TBA, the revealed cast members suggest that the anime is only up for one season. There are nine cast members released so far. They are:

  • Komura Shou as Percival
  • Uchiyama Kouki as Sin
  • Toya Kikunosuke as Donny
  • Shimada Aino as Nasiens
  • Nakamura Kanna as Anne
  • Kokuryu Sachi as Arthur Pendragon
  • Morikawa Toshiyuki as Ironside
  • Koyama Rikiya as Pellegarde
  • Ootsuka Akio as Varghese
The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse Release Date Announced
Character Design; Percival, Donny, Nasiens, Anne, and Sin – Source: @7_taizai

Kodara Maki (Pokemon 2019) is directing the series at Telecom Animation Film (Lupin III). Murakashi Shigeru (Dark Gathering) is responsible for the series composition.

Takada Youichi (Blue Thermal) is in charge of the character design, meanwhile, Koizumi Kisuke (My Happy Marriage) is serving as sound director. Yamamoto Kohta (Attack on Titan: The Final Season – Final Chapters) is composing the music.

Little Glee Monster performs the opening theme “UP TO ME!”, while MOONCHILD performs the ending theme entitled “Friends Are For”. Both albums will be released on November 22, and November 29, 2023, respectively.


Percival is a boy who lives secluded with his grandfather on top of God’s Finger, a remote haven that sits high above the clouds. Though he is content with his life, there is a desire for adventure flickering in his heart.

One day, his peaceful life turns upside down when the individual calls himself his father murdering his grandfather. With his grandpa’s last word, he finally steps down from the haven to chase the one who took everything from him.

During his journey, Percival discovers many things he doesn’t understand in normal life. Fortunately, he finds friends along the way that can help him. But, what will he do after hearing the prophecy related to him? How can the existence of an isolated boy be the cause of the world’s end?

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of Apocalypse premiere?

The series will debut on October 8, 2023.

How many episodes will Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of Apocalypse be?

Unfortunately, the information is still TBA. But, the debut of the show will have two consecutive episodes.

Source: Official Twitter

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