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Angels of Death is a dark, psychological horror anime that will grip you from the first haunting scene. Set in a mysterious and sinister building, the story follows 13-year-old Rachel Gardner as she wakes up trapped inside with no memory of how she got there. To survive and escape, she must navigate each floor, with each being a hellish domain ruled by a deranged serial killer.

As Rachel tries to find her way out alongside the unhinged yet oddly endearing murderer Isaac Foster (aka Zack), she encounters a twisted cast of characters. From sadistic jailers to grave-robbing maniacs, each one adds another layer of chilling suspense and psychological depth. Let’s meet the most compelling characters behind this mind-bending thrill ride.

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The Shin Twins – Crafters of Human Furniture

Among the building’s most disturbing occupants are the identical Shin twins. These eerie killers own a furniture shop where every piece is disturbingly crafted from their victims’ skin and bones. Even among serial killer “artists,” their creepy bond and morbid talents make them chillingly unforgettable. Additionally, their identical, unsettling faces mask a chilling disparity – one twin takes pride in his morbid artistry. The other, however, harbors a flicker of humanity, disgusted by the grave-robbing that disrupts his “creations.”

angels of death
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Mr. Gardner – A Patriarch of Abuse

If you think the horrors inside the building are bad, just look at Rachel’s own home life. Her father Mr. Gardner is an aggressive, violent man who physically abuses his wife and daughter. Mr. Gardner represents the horrors that can fester within the seemingly ordinary. We never see him alive, but his actions speak volumes.  Fueled by rage and also a dysfunctional relationship with Mrs. Gardner, he catalyzes Rachel’s tragic journey. His chilling presence serves as a reminder that the monsters we fear can often lurk closest to home. His constant cruelty scars the family and sets the stage for much darker events.

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Lucy – The Obsessed Jailer

Missing from the Angels of Death anime

This character from the manga prequel is a former prison guard consumed by twisted love for her co-worker Cathy. She worships the sadistic warden with a fanatic devotion. Lucy’s fixation and willingness to commit violence for Cathy’s approval spirals into disturbing obsession and also submission. Her creepy devotion exemplifies the series’ exploration of unhealthy psychology. Additionally, Lucy’s tragic fate, at the hands of the person she idolized, adds a layer of bleakness to the narrative.

lucy angels of death
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Mrs. Gardner – The Broken Mother

On the receiving end of her husband’s rage, Rachel’s mother Mrs. Gardner lives in constant fear and also misery. Rachel’s mother is a complex figure marred by a loveless marriage and a string of harsh words. We see their strained relationship through Rachel’s flashbacks, where Mrs. Gardner’s sharp features and also tired eyes hint at a deeper sadness. Her harsh treatment of Rachel hints at deeper family scars. Abused and hopeless, Mrs. Gardner’s fragile existence underscores the show’s exploration of domestic violence and also trauma.

angels of death
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Abraham Gray – Villain in Angels of Death

Abraham Gray, or just “Gray,” is the enigmatic priest who controls the twisted games in the building from the shadows. With his calm, detached demeanor and also God-like manipulation of the “players,” Gray exemplifies the show’s philosophies about judgment, mortality, and the human condition – no matter how warped.

gray angels of death
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Catherine Ward (Cathy) – The Sadistic Jailer

One of the most memorable characters in Angels of Death is the sadistic prison guard Cathy. With her deranged sense of justice and gleeful delight in torturing “sinners,” Cathy rules her floor with an iron fist and also her bubbly, laughter. Cathy’s shrill laughter chills you to the bone, and her twisted sense of “fair play” only adds to her unsettling nature. Her complex mix of beauty and depravity makes her both alluring and also terrifying.

cathy angels of death
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Edward Mason (Eddie) – The Lovestruck Gravedigger

From a visual standpoint, few characters are as striking as Eddie. This ghostly young boy dressed as an old-fashioned gravedigger initially seems relatively harmless. But his soft-spoken, innocent demeanor masks a tragic past and unhealthy obsession with burying the dead – especially Rachel. His tragic backstory might evoke sympathy, but his violent actions highlight the disturbing line between innocence and obsession.

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Daniel Dickens (Danny) – An Eye for Obsession

On the surface, Dr. Danny is a polite, trustworthy physician. However, his kind smile hides a dark secret – a twisted fascination with beauty and the “eyes” that reflect it.  This fuels his experiments on the helpless residents. His past, perhaps involving a disfigurement or loss, might explain his warped perspective. However, his actions solidify him as one of the building’s most dangerous residents.

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Isaac Foster (Zack) – The Unhinged Sidekick

A brutal killer with a menacing scythe and crimson eyes, Zack is an unlikely companion for Rachel.  His bloodthirsty nature and also unhinged personality create a constant sense of volatile tension.  But beneath his menacing exterior and wild red hair lies a surprising loyalty towards Rachel, forged through their shared quest for escape and a twisted understanding of redemption. Zack’s yearning for a “normal” life and his warped sense of morality create a fascinating complexity in his character.  Will he succumb to his murderous urges, embrace his role as a “reaper,”  or will his bond with Rachel steer him towards a different path?

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Rachel Gardner (Ray) – Angels of Death Protagonist

And finally, the tragic heart of Angels of Death is its lead protagonist Rachel. On the surface, she’s a petite young girl who seems almost emotionless and blank. Trapped within the building with no memory of her past, Ray navigates a deadly labyrinth, each floor ruled by a sadistic killer. But Rachel hides devastating psychological scars, including the guilt-ridden aftermath of killing her abusive father.

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Her Dead, tranquil eyes” that first drew the obsession of Dr. Danny speak volumes about the emptiness and trauma within. Yet Rachel’s gradual emotional journey, forging an uneasy bond with Zack despite her morbid death wish, makes her a constant, thought-provoking presence gripping viewers to the very end. Will Ray confront her inner demons and find peace, or will the building’s horrors consume her entirely?

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Angels of Death isn’t your typical horror anime. Sure, it throws a relentless barrage of deranged serial killers and nightmarish scenarios at you, but beneath the gore lies a chilling exploration of human darkness and the desperate search for meaning. It’s the characters who truly elevate this experience. Each resident of the twisted building is a twisted tapestry of trauma, obsession, and a bizarre sense of morality. Stay tuned for more anime updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most interesting character in Angels of Death?

This depends entirely on what kind of character you find interesting! Here’s a breakdown of some popular choices:
Fans of Mystery: Rachel Gardner (Ray) – Ray’s enigmatic personality, shrouded past, and also dark secret makes her a captivating puzzle to unravel throughout the story.
For Those Who Enjoy Complex Relationships: Isaac Foster (Zack) – The unlikely bond between Zack, a brutal killer, and Ray creates a fascinating dynamic fueled by loyalty, redemption, and also a warped sense of normalcy.
Fans of Psychological Horror: Daniel Dickens (Danny) – Danny’s seemingly gentle demeanor masks a horrifying obsession with eyes, adding a layer of unsettling horror to the narrative.

Are there any characters exclusive to the manga?

Yes!  Lucy is a character absent from the anime.  A former prison guard turned warden’s right-hand woman, Lucy embodies twisted loyalty and also the psychological manipulation present within the building.

What role do the Shin Twins play in the story?

The Shin Twins represent an aspect of the building’s darkness – the normalization of death.  While both twins are fascinated with death, they offer contrasting perspectives.

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