Top 10 Anime Like High School DxD

It sure is a guilty pleasure anime for many of us, but there is no denying it was worth a watch. This classic one sure has set some high bars for others, but I have a list of anime like High School DxD that gives it a competition. Ecchi, comedy, harem, action, romance, and whatnot, this list has got it all. 

A perverted MC and a DEVIL with the perfect beauty made the series worthy. Their chemistry and dark humor every here and there just question your sanity. Many of us otaku indeed look for the same chemistry in every other anime. Let me make it clear: it’s no fun watching different anime with a little change. 

Though you’ll find all the spices and elements you found in DxD, there are high chances you’ll be hooked to the story for its uniqueness. So, ARE YOU READY??? Let’s bring it on!

10. The Testament Of Sister New Devil

The Testament Of Sister New Devil

Credit: IMDb

Imagine how our MC Basara Toujou would have felt when all of a sudden he met his step sisters? Yeah, not even one, TWO! Above all, things took a turn for the worse when he crashed into the bathroom when one of them was in it. Mio and Maria, the stepsisters, are exceptional in terms of beauty, and there is no doubt about it. 

Do you expect the story to go just like that? No, dude, prepare yourself for some mind-boggling plot twists. The sisters are hiding a lot behind their cute looks, and so is the case for Basara. The beauties are actually demons in disguise, and the boy is a former member of Heroes Clan. Now, the sworn enemies trapped under one roof give the viewers a lot of drama. 

Basara, instead of making their time hard, decides to protect them. After all, they are his family now. Troubles knock on their door when the Heroes learn about the situation, and now the boy has to do something to deal with the problem. 

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9. Prison School

Prison School Visual

Credit: IMDb

Everyone, get ready for a roller coaster of emotions! Prison School is there to amaze you with its gag humor, comedy, suspense, and ecchi themes. We are introduced to Hachimitsu Private Academy, an all girls school full of beautiful girls.

The craziness begins when the higher ups decide to enroll male students. A group of five male students enter the school, and there you go; they decide to embark on a daunting mission. Any guesses? They all vow to peep into the female student’s loo. However, they fail in their mission as they get punished and thrown into the school’s prison. The true story starts from there, where their friendship will be tested, all while unveiling some secrets!

8. Hensuki: Are You Willing To Fall In Love With A Pervert, As Long As She’s A Cutie?

anime like High School DxD

Credit: IMDb

It’s no lie that there comes a time in our teenage years when we wish for a partner. So, the anime highlights that period in the lives of school students. Keiki Kiryuu is a school boy who yearns for a girlfriend, and one day, something surprising jolts him. 

Someone mysteriously gifts him a pair of panties, and he is left amazed. Eager to find the mysterious sender, he begins his mission. While he investigates multiple individuals, he comes to learn that all his target girls hide something behind their facade. 

To top it all off, all the characters are suspicious in their own unique way. So, it’s not an easy task to find the perverted sender. The comedy, romance, and ecchi scenes make it a very enjoyable anime like High School DxD.

7. So, I Can’t Play H!

So, I Can’t Play H!  anime like high school DxD

Credit: IMDb

Ryousuke Kaga, our adorable main character, doesn’t enjoy a respectable reputation. People mock him for his perverted thoughts and daydreaming about girls and their private lives. Well, he is obsessed with ecchi content and stuff. Where everyone despises him, his best buddy, Mina Okura, knows what lies inside his heart. In reality, deep down, the boy is very kind and respects the women a lot. 

One day, a sudden encounter with a gorgeous red-haired girl, Lisara, brings him out of his reveries. She is a soul reaper on a mission to find a particular individual who has potent magic. Her encounter with Ryousuke gives her the idea to utilize his deep, lustful desires. The duo forms a deal where she will use the energy of his desires to complete her daunting missions. 

The duo’s day-to-day challenges each time bring something new and exciting to the table. It’s a good watch, especially if you are in search of anime like High School DxD. 

6. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland Visual

Credit: IMDb

When it comes to thrill and suspense, this one is the best anime, like High School DxD. Ganta Igarashi’s peaceful life takes an unpredictable turn when, all of a sudden, a mysterious flying red man massacres his classmates. 

To top it all off, the red man intentionally left him alive after giving him a portion of his deadly powers. There you go, a series of misfortunes begin in his life when he is found guilty of the heinous crime. Unable to defend himself, the higher-ups send him to the world’s deadliest prison–Deadman Wonderland. 

The prison is not your average place but a place where the prisoners must participate in high-stakes games. Whether they live or die— they must participate in the games all for the sake of entertainment. Ganta begins on a mission to find the murderer, all while unveiling the mysteries of the prison. I bet you will lose your mind when you learn about the real Killer! 

5. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire Visual

Credit: IMDb

Consider almost everything that grabbed your attention in DxD, making it a perfect anime like High School DxD. Plus, the inclusion of a vampire character adds a bonus! All the fun and drama starts from Youkai Academy, a seemingly ordinary one, but it is NOT! The school is full of unordinary pupils— in short a school for monsters in disguise.

They have one main RULE: if they find any human in the academy, there is only one thing they’ll do—KILL THEM! Tsukune Aono is our male lead who struggles with study and thus fails to get admission in the leading academies. 

Unfortunately, his parents forced him into the Youkai Academy. Unbeknownst to the dark side of the school, he ends up giving his heart to a gorgeous girl, Moka Akashiya. Of course, he didn’t know she was a vampire. So a series of misfortunes takes him under, but the anime is all about him coping with the daily life challenges. 

4. Btooom!

 Btooom! Visual

Credit: IMDb

This anime summons all the game lovers as it directly targets their dream life. Ryouta Sakamoto’s only biggest achievement is his high rank in the video game Btooom! He never imagined that one day, the game he is indulged in will bring his toughest reality. Yup, he finds himself in the game world, where the stakes are real.  

A game is nothing without levels and tasks, so they must fulfill the challenges if they want to live. They must fight the opponents all the while competing with other players. He teams up with the female protagonist, Himiko, and the duo continues their journey of survival. 

It’s also the magnum opus of Madhouse, full of quality. The suspense and action will keep you on your toes, so don’t lose the chance to watch it!

3. Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao Visual anime like High School DxD

Credit: IMDb

Everyone dreams of making the world a better place, right? When reality strikes hard, we are forced to rethink our decisions. The same happens with Akuto Sai, who is ambitious enough to bring a noteworthy change. 

His new friend Junko shares the same dream and decides to work together. Guess what? Soon after joining the magic academy, reality deviates from his imagination, all thanks to a prophecy. People start fearing Akuto as the demon lord and nobody wants to stay with him as devils are bound to bring chaos. 

Our MC doesn’t only have to fight the people’s odd beliefs but his own fate. So, of course, things are a challenge for him. On the other hand, girls have completely lost it as they are head over heels for their good looks. The harem and ecchi element simply make it an anime-like High School DxD.

2. The Familiar Of Zero

The Familiar Of Zero Visual anime like High School DxD

Credit: IMDb

Magic, fantasy elements, romance, and action, this one has got you. Louise is the female lead– a narcissist whose world revolves only around herself. She is a constant target of humiliation because she fails at casting magic. 

Thus, students call her “Zero” which is also a reason behind her cold nature. Things take quite an unexpected turn when she ends up summoning Saito Hiraga from a different world. 

Everyone thinks she failed again, summoning an ordinary guy. So she starts to put out her anger on him while making his stay in the fantasy world unbearable. He works as a slave following her commands, and the brutal girl apparently doesn’t even care. 

Finally, it turns out that Saito isn’t just a run of the mill but can be Gandalfr–a powerful entity. There you go; the real fun begins from here!

1. High School Of The Dead 

High School of The Dead Visual anime like high school DxD

Credit: IMDb

It’s the work of everyone’s favorite Madhouse so don’t expect something ordinary, it’s a popular anime. The high-quality visuals simply double the fun, all while highlighting what we are in search of (XD). As the title describes, the story introduces us to a high school where a calamity strikes. 

Just out of nowhere, an outbreak of zombies brings a storm. Students run to save their lives, while the majority of them lose it. Of course, not all the students are the anime’s center! We follow three friends, Takashi Kimuro, the couple Hisashi and Rei Miyamoto. 

In an attempt to escape, his best buddy gets infected, and having no other choice, Takashi executes him. Now, he is left with Rei and decides to protect her at all costs, all while hinting at sparkling love. 

Not gonna lie; the ecchi element is quite prominent there, so HEADS up! Apart from all the flashy things, I sincerely enjoyed the action and the thrill that it provides.

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Is High School DxD the best harem anime?

The question itself says a lot about it. It may not be the best, but it is not less than the best, either!

Is High School DxD worth watching?

Yes, if you are a fan of mature anime full of ecchiness. 

Is High School DxD family-friendly?

No, it’s an R Rated anime.


Well, our discussion has finally come to an end. I bet it’s been a roller coaster for all of you, where we have indulged in all sorts of genres, where ecchi and thrill were a must. These anime are so full of entertainment that every time I watch them, I crave more of them. I hope the same for you. 

Let’s connect in the comments below.

And before you go, let me remind you that you can get back here anytime for similar anime updates!

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