Top 10 Best One Piece Moments

best one piece moments

Every episode in the huge and exciting world of One Piece offers iconic moments of revelation, sadness, and excitement. Some of the various arcs and episodes stick out and leave a lasting impression on fans all across the world. A particular episode, “The Fist Explodes! Destroy the Auction (Episode 396),” perfectly captures the spirit of adventure and bravery that characterizes the show, establishing it as one of the best One Piece moments. Watch One Piece at Crunchyroll for more thrilling adventures!

10. The Fist Explodes! Destroy the Auction (Episode 396)

best one piece moments

Part one of the grand Summit War story is called the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. The Straw Hats arrive on Sabaody in this first story arc. They hurry to save their friend Camie, a mermaid, while they’re there. Just as Camie is up for auction to the highest bidder, the Straw Hats quickly cause chaos on the Human Auctioning House. Hatchan, a fisherman, tries to save Camie while he’s there.

Saint Charlos, the Celestial Dragon, shoots Hatchan at that very moment and starts to dance and celebrate. The Straw Hat captain doesn’t back down and keeps charging even after Charlos draws a gun on Luffy. Luffy’s furious eyes flare as he punches the World Noble unconscious, triggering a violent fight among the Marines.

9. Eliminated Friends – The Final Day of the Straw Hat Crew (Episode 405)

best one piece moments

As Kuma makes the rest of the Straw Hat pirates vanish, Luffy fights to keep them safe until he discovers he can fly people into the sky and to distant locations. In the end, Luffy fails and is taken away as well, giving the Straw Hat pirates a crushing loss.

The episode is well-known for its heartbreaking scene in which Luffy keeps failing in his desperate attempts to save his crew. Feeling like a failure, he collapsed on his knees and several of his supporters joined him in tears. One of the most important plots in One Piece is the one involving Luffy and his crew. Because of this, “Eliminated Friends” is one of the most emotional and important One Piece episodes for both Luffy’s personal development and the overall plot.

8. One Piece Exists!” – Whitebeard’s Speech (Episode 485)

best one piece moments

As the battle of Marinford gets under way, everyone’s attention shifts to Whitebeard’s last moments. In this intense scenario, a dying Whitebeard declares to the world, “One Piece Does Exist,” with his final breath. It is then that we discover, in shock, that Whitebeard had died on his feet. A pirate age was coming to an end and a new one was beginning.

7. I Want to Live!” – Robin’s Cry For Help (Episode 274)

best one piece moments

It feels like a hundred episodes have led us to this best one piece moments of fulfillment. We had been waiting for Robin, along with Luffy and the gang, to do something, anything, to show some kind of disagreement to the ruthless and Weasley Spandam ever since she fled the Straw Hats without saying a word, afraid of losing her closest friends the way like she lost her family on Ohara.

Episode 274 marks the turning point in the story, as Robin finally answers to Luffy in an orderly way after observing her captain and crew members throughout Enies Lobby and realizing that they are prepared to fight the World Government to keep her by their side, and that was all Luffy needed.

6. Luffy and Katakuri Clash of Haki (Episode 868)

best one piece moments

As the few viewers Big Mom Pirates criticized both Luffy and Katakuri, both a friend and an enemy, the extended epic struggle between the two started to come to a dramatic conclusion. They both released their Conqueror’s Haki at the same time, feeling a renewed sense of respect for one another. This powerful force drove the annoying pirates away and destroyed the surrounding area.

Without saying a word, this especially epic moment beautifully conveyed their mutual energy and willpower. They both believed they were on the same level after an extended battle, and they were still strong enough to use their haki to carry on the fight. Even though Luffy has already engaged in quite a few of haki fights, this one involving Katakuri is particularly remarkable, marking it as one of the best One Piece moments.

5. Straw Hat Luffy! The Man Who Will Become the King of the Pirates! (Episode 1015)

best one piece moments

Zoro, Law, Kid, Killer, and Luffy will now get the opportunity to confront Kaidou and Big Mom. Luffy will use a Third Gear punch to knock Kaidou off his feet. As all of this is going on, Yamato continues to dig over Oden’s book, giving it to Momonosuke at the end and hinting that Luffy is the guy described in the forecast who would deliver the nation from Kaidou.

The scene where the program cuts from Luffy happily bidding the Scabbards farewell to their bodies laying on the ground following Kaidou’s beating is one of the episode’s most graphic and saddest moments. “Straw Hat Luffy” was praised by both reviewers and fans for its superb directing and powerful storytelling, establishing its status as one of the greatest One Piece episodes.

4. Zoro Takes Luffy’s Pain (Episode 377)

best one piece moments

Zoro’s status as the Straw Hat crew’s warrior was cemented at this very time. Zoro is the last one left standing after Warlord Kuma eliminates the Straw Hats and Luffy has fallen out from his battle with Pirate Warlord Moria. When Zoro realizes he can’t defeat Kuma, he offers Luffy his life in return.

Kuma accepts, but only if Zoro can accept Luffy’s wounds as his own. In this heartbreaking scene, we witness the close relationship that Zoro, the pirate hunter, has developed with his crew members and his willingness to sacrifice his life in order to save theirs, making it one of the best One Piece moments.

3. Ace’s Death (Episode 483)

ace death

As Ace’s life is taken in front of Luffy by Akainu’s hot fist piercing his back, the sound of tears fills the air. As Ace passes away on the battlefield, he says his final, sincere goodbyes to everyone who has loved him. We are left feeling the weight of Ace’s death as we watch in disbelief as Luffy realizes that his life has changed forever, just like he did, marking it as one of the best One Piece moments.

2. “Luffy… Help Me” (Episode 37)


For the Straw Hat team and entire series fans, the scene involving Luffy and Nami during the Arlong Park arc was one of the most important moments. We have come to know Nami as a clever, self-assured lady who can take care of herself, but now that she finds herself in a dangerous scenario with the Arlong Pirates, she breaks down in tears as her friends and family are ready to battle to the death.

One of the most heartbreaking moments in anime series is when Nami tries to rip up her hated Arlong tattoo and falls to the ground, crying in pain. This is the first time we’ve seen a more calm and serious side of Luffy. Finally, as her last ounce of stubbornness decreases Nami asks Luffy to “help me.” This famous scene, along with Luffy’s act of giving Nami his prized straw hat and replying, “Of course I will!”, are the main reasons why fans love Luffy and this fantastic series.

1. Gear 5 Debut (Episode 1071)

gear 5 debut

The three main battles in the Wano Saga rank among the best of the whole series. Sanji vs. Queen and Zoro vs. King are both animated well, capturing the characters’ growth throughout the course of the series. In Wano, Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation is the most memorable scene, akin to his battle with Doflamingo during the Dressrosa arc. It’s very satisfying to watch Luffy finally awaken his Devil Fruit—a form that fans have been waiting for years, making it one of the best One Piece moments.

As the expectation of the fans grows, Luffy hops and dances around for a few minutes. It’s satisfying to see how soon Luffy proves to be stronger than his opponent when he eventually starts attacking Kaido. The years between transforms in One Piece make each one feel well-earned, and the show offers some of the strongest power scaling in all of anime, establishing it as one of the best anime.

In conclusion, “The Fist Explodes! Destroy the Auction (Episode 396)” stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Straw Hat pirates and the enduring legacy of One Piece, as highlighted by Anime News. Through success and tragedy, they forge ahead, bound by a shared dream and an unbreakable bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What makes “The Fist Explodes! Destroy the Auction (Episode 396)” significant?

It showcases the Straw Hat pirates’ courage and unity against injustice.

Q2. How does Luffy’s character evolve throughout the episode?

Luffy demonstrates growth as a leader and friend amidst challenges.

Q3. What role do camaraderie and friendship play in the storyline?

They’re crucial for the crew’s resilience and actions.

Q4. Why is Whitebeard’s final declaration pivotal to the series?

It marks a significant turning point in the narrative.

Q5. How does the episode contribute to the overarching narrative of One Piece?

It enriches the themes of freedom, justice, and dreams in the series.

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