Top 10 anime series of 2023

When we talk about top anime 2023, a lot of memories flash right before our eyes. The year was fantastic and made the anime fans’ hearts beat faster. Some anime made them cry, while others made them love. Many most loved anime came to an end and forced us to say an unwilling goodbye. 

However, there were some new anime series that debuted last year and became our favorites. Today’s blog is dedicated to all these masterpieces that made our time a little more valuable. So, either you are a shounen fan, shojo lover, or love sports, stick with me till the end. I’m confident you’ll discover the perfect choice to watch from the list.

10. Oshi no Ko Anime

Oshi No Ko

Credit: IMDb

It’s one of the top anime 2023 having the themes of supernatural and drama. The viewers are taken into the depths of the entertainment industry. We learn what happens on screens and behind the scenes. This is the story of Ai, a beautiful idol who enjoys great love from fans worldwide. 

Things take a different turn when she suddenly announces a break. Dr. Garou used to idolize her a lot, and meeting her was his dream. He never envisioned his dream becoming a reality until Ai came knocking at his door. She came to be his patient as she was pregnant with twins. 

The encounter changes the duo’s life forever. Twists begin, and the story takes a completely different turn, with Ai losing her life and Garou being born as his son. Not gonna lie; the character designs are so beautiful that it’s impossible not to fall for them. Everything about this anime is perfect, which makes it the top anime 2023.

9. Skip And Loafer Anime

Skip And Loafer

Credit: IMDb

It’s a school anime with a dramatic theme. This is the story of Mitsumi Iwakura, who dreams of changing her beloved Japan for good. She is a confident girl who has a clear mind and believes that she will achieve anything she wants. 

With high hopes, she joins a prestigious high school, unbeknownst to her that not everything in life goes according to plan. On her first day, she gets late, and on her way, she meets a handsome first-year student, Sousuke Shima. Against her expectations, she couldn’t make a favorable impression on her classmates.

Above all, everyone was curious about her relationship with the handsome boy. The anime perfectly highlights the struggles of a school student and how she copes with her daily ups and downs. Skip And Loafer is on this list of top anime 2023 for countless reasons!

8. The Apothecary Diaries Anime

The Apothecary Diaries

Credit: IMDb

If you are a true anime enthusiast, then it’s difficult to believe that you haven’t watched this anime. It’s one of the most popular anime series of the last year, and everyone loved every bit of it. We are introduced to Maomao, the daughter of an Apothecary. Her life is a complete mess as she was sold and now lives no more than a maid. Despite being beautiful and talented and full of medicinal knowledge, she lives a messy life. 

Things changed for her when the emperor’s kids fell ill, and she used her knowledge to treat them. She helped the kid and tried her best to keep it a secret, but the handsome Eunuch Jinshi learned about it. 

So, she gets her due credits and is promoted to an upper-level maid. 

She continues to shine using her medicinal knowledge, and she impresses everyone. There are also many cute moments between the male and the female lead. If you are active on social media, then you must have come across the amazing fan edits of this anime. So, it’s clear why it’s famous as the top anime 2023!

7. Mashle Anime


Credit: IMDb

Mashle is undoubtedly the masterpiece that was released in 2023. The story, the action, the magic, and the character development all were on point. There’s no doubt that it is a complete package worthy of being on this list of top anime 2023. 

The viewers are introduced to a magical world where someone without magic is bound to be an outcast. Unfortunately, our protagonist, Mash Burnedead, lacks magic and thus lives a simple life. He is impressive as, despite having no magic, his strength is commendable. 

His peaceful life catches the attention of the higher-ups as they learn that he lacks magic. Thus, they issue him an ultimatum that he needs to prove himself in the magic academy as a Divine Visionary. Otherwise, he must be ready to be an outcast.

Watch Mash compete with the talented magic users with the strength of his muscles!

6. Heavenly Delusion Anime

Heavenly Delusion

Credit: IMDb

When we talk about adventure, mystery, and science fiction, then Heavenly Delusion is a must. The anime introduces us to a world that lives in the fear of man-eating monsters. Due to a disaster some time back, the monsters enter the world. 

Far from the populated area, some children are protected in a shelter and never step outside the boundaries of their shelter. However, the outside life never fails to intrigue them to the point of stepping out. We follow Maru and Kiruko, who are on a mission to find a mysterious place called Heaven. 

The story starts to become interesting when uncanny similarities between the kids are found. Watch it to learn how the story unfolds. The animation quality will win your hearts for sure!

5. Pluto Anime


Credit: IMDb

Pluto entertains us with action, mystery, science fiction, and thrill. The story follows Gesicht, a police detective who is on a mission to find the killer of a famous robot, Montblanc. With a series of things, he figures out that Montblanc’s killer may be a human or a robot. 

Further investigation leads him to find that the killer may be a serial killer, as the murder of another robot was done similarly. He finally learns that the serial killer will harm the remaining 5 robots, so he tries his best to stop him. On his mission, a human-looking robot, Atom, comes to his help. 

4. Zom 100 Anime

top anime 2023

Credit: IMDb

Action, comedy, horror, supernatural, and whatnot, Zom 100 will entertain you with everything. Akira Tendou has forever been a hard worker and has made efforts to get his job. Things went smoothly for him until he started to feel off. It was all because of the countless sleepless nights due to overwork. 

Tired of his burdensome life, he finds peace when the zombie outbreak takes the peace of the world. The outbreak finally gave him a much-awaited break to breathe and get back to life. With a passion greater than ever, he decided to fulfill his wishes before becoming a zombie. It’s a beautiful story with humor and a lot more.

3. My Happy Marriage

top anime 2023

Credit: IMDb

Shojo Lovers must have watched this romance anime on Netflix, right? It’s easily the best romantic fantasy of the last year making it stand out among the top anime 2023. Miyo Saimori is the center of the story. She has lived a terrible life under the guidance of her stepmother. Everyone treated her like a slave. They used to beat her to the point of severely injuring her was common. 

She never garnered the love she deserved and lacked a reason to smile. However, she never voiced any complaints. The universe had a better plan for her when her family decided to marry Kiyoka Kudou. He was a respectable man but was feared as his reputation was not good. Her stepmother and sister were happy that she would go to a terrible place, and the girl thought the same. 

However, surprisingly, Kiyoka turned out to be my best life partner. He was handsome, noble, manly, and extremely caring towards her. Their love story will win your heart, and you will crave more. So make sure to watch it ASAP!

2. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

top anime 2023

Credit: IMDb

No one had ever expected that they would ever receive a Scott Pilgrim anime season. This is also why this will always be the most memorable anime of 2023. The story follows Scott, who sees a beautiful girl in his dream. Things change for her when, contrary to his expectations, he meets the girl in reality. She was Ramona Flowers, a gorgeous lady. He falls head over heels for her, even though he has a girlfriend. His tranquil life takes a dramatic turn when Ramona’s exes decide to confront him.

Problems start to increase in his life, and the encounter with one of the exes almost kills him. He disappears from the scene as if he never existed, making the rest think he died. Only Ramona believed Scott would be alive somewhere, so she investigated. Whether Scott is alive or not, let’s find out by watching the anime.

1. Blue Lock

blue lock anime

Credit: IMDb

Though the anime started in the fall of 2022 but ended in 2023, we can still count it in, right? It’s the best sports anime that we needed to watch last year. Yoicii Isagi is our protagonist, who is a skilled soccer player. 

During a tough match that could take his team to the Nationals, he passed the ball at the last moment. The pass made her team lose, and he regretted his decision. However, his life is about to change as the Japan Football Union is waiting for him to join the Blue Lock Project. He was among the elite strikers invited to participate in the project.

The victor will have the chance to become the striker for the Japan National Team. The offer was no less than a golden opportunity, so he got on board. The challenges will be tougher than before where he will have to stand against the top soccer players with unmatchable skills. Blue Lock is easily the top anime 2023, thanks to the thrill and entertainment it provides. 


Is anime still popular in 2023?

Anime was, still, and will forever be popular. The anime industry is growing day by day.

Which anime broke the internet in 2023?

AOT, One Piece, and Vinland Saga broke the internet in 2023.

Why is anime so popular?

There can be multiple reasons. But mainly because of the cultural appeal and the entertainment that meets the interests of the viewers.


The top anime 2023 list is complete; you can start to watch them one by one. All of them make sure to give us an unforgettable experience. They are all worth watching for many reasons. The last year has been amazing for the otaku fandom. 

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