Lord Of The Mysteries Anime New Trailer, Cast, Plot & More

If you are active on Social Media, and if you are an otaku, then there is a 95% chance that you know about Lord Of The Mysteries anime. There are countless edits on this upcoming masterpiece even before the official release of the details in depth. 

With just a promotional video, the upcoming anime has kept the viewers waiting in line for its release. Before we dive deeper, let me highlight that Lord Of The Mysteries anime is not a Japanese anime adaptation but a Chinese one. Yes, it’s a Donghua based on the popular web novel series written by the author “Cuttlefish That Loves Diving.” 

The anime was in talks back in August 2021, when the first key visual was released. After almost 2 years, in August 2023, the first promotional video amazed the anime fans.

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Lord Of The Mysteries Anime New Trailer & Details

Lord Of The Mysteries Anime Key Visual

Image Credit: Wiki Fandom

The fact that we got only a glimpse into the world of Lord Of The Mysteries, and fans have gone wild over it, says a lot. The way the video starts and unfolds bit by bit all the way till its end speaks of skills and talent. Kudos to the director, animation production studio, and the whole staff for creating this masterpiece. 

The direction is praiseworthy; the character designers have done a wonderful job in designing characters. Overall, the theme song, music, and aesthetics are fantastic. The suspense, the thrill, and the curiosity it creates with its two-minute trailer prove why it’s popular even before its release. 

Expect the Donghua to be full of mysteries, action, and epic moments. Though this teaser indeed took a lot of time to hit the screens, it was worth it. The anime will take almost a year more to smash the screens, so hold your horses. 2025 is going to be its year. The quality of work can be seen clearly. The anime is all set to smash hit the screens in Summer 2025.

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Lord Of The Mysteries Anime Studio Details & More

Studio B.CMay Pictures, a renowned studio that is behind many popular Donghua is animating this one. Some of the most popular Donghua are The Founder Of Diabolism and The King’s Avatar. Among many of them, these two are the most popular, enjoying a great MAL rating.

The web novel is all done and it finished back in 2020 with 8 Volumes. The first anime key visual was out after a year. You may think that the story would be short as it has only 8 volumes, but let me make it clear! Only the First volume has 213 chapters. So get ready for a deep and long dive in the fantasy world filled with thrilling adventures.

About Lord Of The Mysteries

Lord Of The Mysteries Webnovel

Image Credit: Wiki Fandom

The story revolves around the main character, Klein Moretti- the handsome hunk we have seen in the trailer. The plot takes the readers into the historical era as it highlights the years 1349 and 1350.

It all starts when Klein finds himself in the world of mysteries, where nothing seems normal. The world entangles him with continuous dilemmas and puzzles. He had to understand the basics of this complex supernatural world. 

They included learning magic medicine, divination, and a lot more. All he was trying was to somehow find a path that led him to his home, where he could be Zhou Mingrui once again. But it wasn’t that easy. With time, he gets on track with his newly achieved Beyonder Powers.

Fans’ Reaction

Fans who have read the web novel feared about the animation quality of the donghua. Because they didn’t want the animation to ruin the overall plot and the fun it provides. In fact, they were ready to compromise the option of receiving the donghua if it was not high quality. 

They finally felt relaxed after watching the promotional video. Thanks to B.CMay that has taken the lead. Fans were waiting impatiently for a long time as they kept on checking if any information about it was out or not. 

Unfortunately, the creators took a lot of time to release the first video. Enthusiasts were almost disappointed and lacked faith that the web novel would ever receive a Donghua adaptation. Though things have been made clear for now, they still have to wait for more than a year to finally watch it. But all I can say is that all the wait is worth it!


Is Lord of Mysteries getting an anime? 

Yes, it’s official; get yourself ready for Summer 2025. 

Is Lord of Mysteries Chinese anime?

Yes, it’s a Donghua.

Is Lord of the Mysteries completed?

The web novel is all done.


By now, we must have been clear that all we can do is WAIT. There’s no other choice other than counting days and waiting for the higher-ups to give us an update. Apart from the details mentioned above, we have no insights into the donghua’s cast list and staff. This is all we have got! 

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