Sound Euphonium Season 3 Reveals Trailer & Release Date

Sound Euphonium season 3 is on its way to make the fans delighted. The confirmation of the third season came back in June, and now the countdown for its release has begun. The anime has successfully entertained the otaku with its first two seasons. 

Both the seasons are top-rated on MAL. Therefore, the expectations for the third one are quite high. The fact that fans were almost hopeless for its third season makes things even more exciting. The second season aired back in 2016 so it’s been a lot of time for the anime series to continue.

The sudden announcement in June made the fans happy as it was all out of the blue soon after the announcement. The creators made sure to entertain the fans with high-quality key visuals. The perfect character designs designed by the top class character designers were enough to increase the curiosity for the upcoming season. 

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Sound Euphonium Season 3 Release Date & Details

sound euphonium season 3 key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

We all know that when the time of the release comes near, the creators make sure to spellbind us with teasers, anime trailers and visuals. So the same goes this time as well. In the recent announcement, the higher-ups blessed the fans with the one-minute trailer, a key visual, and further details. We were also updated with the release window, cast, and staff details. 

This time, as well, the recent OVA returned for this most awaited season. Tatsuya Ishihara has taken the responsibility to direct our favorite Euphonium anime, and guess what? Everyone’s favorite Kyoto Animation Studio has returned to produce the third season. Only the true fans know that it’s the same studio that produced the first and the 2nd seasons. 

The release window has been confirmed. Unfortunately, we can’t say much about the exact release date, but there is some good news. We won’t have to wait much longer because April 2024 will be the lucky month to broadcast the anime. 

So, all you can do is mark your calendars for the desired month. I know waiting for your favorite series can be quite hard, especially if it’s returning after years. In that case, I would recommend rewatching the first two seasons and the OVA to refresh the story in your brain.  

Sound Euphonium Trailer & Details

Every bit of the trailer speaks of the high-quality work; kudos to the animation production team, the music, and the series composer. The voice actors have done a wonderful job, and we can say that just by watching the one-minute trailer. Haruka Tomtasu, the popular voice actor who is famous for her role of Asuna in Sword Art Online has joined the cast list. She is voicing Mayu Kuroe in the coming anime project. Kuroe Mayu will be a new character, and the higher-ups have introduced her to us in the trailer. Her character design and details were also revealed in the previous announcements. 

The trailer introduces us to the world of Kumiko Oumae, where her third Year at High School has begun. Yes, she is no longer a second-year-student but a third-year-student. Our heroine vows to get Kitauji High School a gold award in this year’s national competition. The next anime season is going to be great as this is going to be our favorite character’s last year. 

So, all the dreams they want to fulfill would only be possible this year. However, winning the Gold medal won’t be a piece of cake as countless challenges are awaiting them. Kumiko is now the new Band President, as all her seniors have retired. The responsibilities have increased, and things have become a little intense this year. 

Other details about the plot of the 3rd season aren’t up yet. So, let’s keep wondering how it will continue. A little suspense is what keeps us engaged, isn’t it? 

Where Can We Watch Sound Euphonium Season 3?

This is the question that must be roaming in your brain rent-free. The good news is everyone’s favorite Crunchyroll will broadcast the anime. So, if you have an account there, then you don’t need to worry. If you don’t have one, then sign up now. 

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Will there be a season 3 of Sound Euphonium?

Yes, mark your calendars for April 2024.

What is the age rating for sound euphonium?

It’s suitable for Teens 13 and older.

Why is Sound Euphonium so good?

It’s a complete package having high-quality animation, a good story, likable characters, and a little bit of everything.


Just like the first two seasons were successful, we expect the same from the coming one. Hopes are high, hearts are happy, so let’s just wait together for our favorite series to return. We are thankful to the creators for announcing the third season. 

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