Spy X Family Code White – Review

Not gonna lie; the last 10 days of the year have lightened up thanks to Spy X Family Code White. Anything that revolves around action and comedy is worth the binge, and this movie proves it well. Ever since the first episode aired, fans have completely lost their hearts to the anime. 

There has never been a moment when the otaku wanted to stop watching and re-watching the anime. It has given back to back hits with the first season aired in 2022, and the second recently ended. The creators released their first movie the day before the last episode of the 2nd season. Season 2 concluded with 13 episodes on December 24. The movie smashed the Japanese Theaters on December 22. However, in the western cinema, it will be released in 2024.

Just like the first two seasons have done well in the anime community, the reviews for its movie are good. The movie pretty much follows the same theme, and there is nothing out of the window, though the thrill and excitement are different. You will definitely enjoy the 150 minutes of this theatrical movie, so it’s worth giving a try. 

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About the Movie Spy X Family Code White

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For those wondering, the movie’s plot is going to be completely original. It is actually a spin-off of the amazing anime. Tatsuya Endo has written the story, who is also famous as the mangaka of the popular anime series. 

In short, the plot will not be canon as the source material is not taken from the manga. It’s a new adventure and a different plot where we join the Forger family in their uncanny and thrilling adventures. 

The movie is the work of everyone’s favorite Wit Studio and CloverWorks. The same anime production studios created the anime seasons. So, expect a great work of art and flawless animation in the movie! And guess what? Kazuhiro Furuhashi, the series’ original director, has directed the movie. What else do we guys need? Isn’t it enough to prove that the movie is worth the watch and meets the expectation pretty well.

Spy X Family Code White Plot

In the movie, we will see our favorite spy Loid Forger helping his daughter in the school competition. He gets an order of replacement in Operation Strix. To prevent his replacement, he decides to help Anya Forger in a cooking competition. Things are not easy, as the competition requires the Perfect Family to go to a certain place to create the perfect recipe. Thus, the hustle turns into no less than a family trip to the desired location. But the family vacation no longer remains peaceful as they find themselves trapped in danger. The movie introduces us to some new antagonists, and we learn about their sinister motives. As usual, the spy family won’t give up on each other and will try their best to keep things normal. 


The plot is intriguing, and the action-packed adventures aren’t disappointing. The action and drama are there, which will keep you engaged throughout the end. All the characters get the spotlight, and the best part is we will see our beautiful assassin in action. So Yor Forger fans specifically should not miss the chance to watch it. 

Overall, the movie gives the same vibes as one gets while watching the episode. The difference is just that it’s an anime film of 150 minutes. There are many fun moments in the anime movie, and the action sequences make sure to make the movie worth watching. Though, not gonna lie, if you are expecting something BIGGER and Mind BLOWING, then don’t. 

Overall, the movie is good for the fans of the Spy X family, but there are many cute moments where it feels bland and boring. As usual, it’s always fun to watch Anya’s face and her cute gestures. The fake couple also entertains the viewers which makes the movie overall lighthearted and fun.

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What is the new movie of the spy family?

Spy X Family Code White is the new movie.

Will Spy Family get a season 3?

Though not yet confirmed, we should expect the third season or the announcement in 2024.

Is Spy Family 2 finished?

Yes, the second season concluded with 13 episodes.


Anime fans who enjoyed watching Spy X Family would definitely enjoy the movie as well. It is a good way to make yourself happy and to give yourself a nice treat before the year ends. The Froger family never leaves the chance to bore us and the same goes this time as well. 

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