Heavenly Delusion Anime: A Visual Feast For Fantasy Lovers

When we talk about masterpieces of this year then three words come to mind. Can you guess? Yes, they are”Heavenly Delusion anime”. This is undoubtedly the masterpiece of 2023. It has an exceptional emotional impact on the audience that they won’t ever forget.

It is no less than a visual feast for fantasy lovers as it introduces us to some extraordinary visuals. The anime world as changed our lives by introducing us to an exceptional world of imagination. Fantasy lovers have found an easy escape from reality. We are lucky to have Tengoku Daimakyo on board.

This is all thanks to the Japanese creators. Heavenly Delusion Anime is  the best and a heart-winning show of this year. It has left the fans in awe with its enticing plot, stunning theme, and phenomenal characters. Everything offered by this 13-episode is simply magnificent. 

Heavenly Delusion is one of those adaptations that received fame through its manga. The manga started intriguing the fans right from the release of its first chapter in 2018. After a long wait of almost 5 years, the masterpiece is finally on the big screens!

About Heavenly Delusion (Plot, Characters, and Major Theme)

Tokio From Dengoku Daimakyo

Heavenly Delusion, takes the viewers to the post-apocalyptic world. Life on Earth has changed ever since a disaster took place around 15 years ago. Consequently, existence on Earth has posed difficulties. 

Man-eating monsters are in every corner, waiting for the right opportunity to attack. Thus, the disaster survivors are facing the threat without any permanent solution. Some kids are being sheltered in a nursery. Whereas; Maru and Kuriko, the main characters, are facing the threat outside. 

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The kids in the nursery don’t know the hell outside the walls as they live peacefully. Whereas Kuriko and Maru are in search of HEAVEN, a place that seems to bring them escape from the HELL they live in. 

Throughout the anime, we follow the duo embarking on a deadly adventure in search of Heaven. Both have their own reasons. Meanwhile, the close bars of the nursery intrigue the kids about the outside world.  

Amidst this Tokio, a girl whose uncanny resemblance to Maru captivates everyone’s attention. His life changes when he receives an invitation to leave the nursery. It offers him to step into the dark realities of the outside world. The mysteries continue, and the characters find themselves entangled in twists and turns. 

Characters Of Heavenly Delusion Anime

Characters are not ordinary individuals lacking any skills or talents. Every one of them possesses a distinguishing characteristic that makes them stand out. Undoubtedly characters in Heavenly Delusion are all intriguing.


Kiruko and Tokio

Credit: IMDb

Kiruko is one of the cute girls and the main character of the anime. She is skilled in using weapons, especially guns and has some impressive survival skills. 


Maru in Heavenly Delusion Anime

Credit: IMDb

Maru is blessed with some amazing supernatural abilities. The abilities allow him to kill the monsters without any difficulty. Apart from that, he is a surprising combatant and excels in Regeneration. Heavenly Delusion has intoruced the viewers to some incdredible characters.


Heavenly Delusion Anime Tokyo

Credit: Disney Plus Singapore

She can harden her entire body, which allows her to do things a normal human can’t do. 


This Anime is all about survival in an apocalyptic world. Viewers are enthralled with deadly encounters and breathtaking adventures. The striking visuals, top-notch mystery, and sci-fi elements are simply icing on the top. Without a doubt, Heavenly Delsuion anime has introduced us to some spine chilling scenarios.

Heavenly Delusion: A Visual Treat

This is a Disney+ anime that has effortlessly kept the viewers towards the edge of their seats. Production I.G. has done a commendable job animating Heavenly Delusion and has set some high standards. The craters were successful in feeding the audience with information that glued them to the last second. 

Every aspect of this show is truly otherworldly. It offers remarkable direction, angles, character design, action style, and QUALITY!

Not just the directors but the song artists of Heavenly Delusion have done a fantastic job. The anime’s theme songs and music are just a blessing to the ears. There is no doubt that Heavenly Delusion anime is one of the best fantasy anime.

IMDb And MAL Ratings (Heavenly Delusion)

Heavenly Delusion enjoys 8.22 MAL rating and 8 out of 10 on IMDb. The ratings are itself proof of how worthy of a show it is. 


How many episodes does Heavenly Delusion have?

It is a 13 episode commendable masterpiece with a survival theme. 

Is there a Heavenly Delusion Season 2?

Despite fans eagerly waiting for it, there is yet no confirmation regarding season 2.

Is Tokio from Heavenly Delusion a girl?

Yes, she is a girl!


Heavenly Delusion is a fairly new entry in the industry. It’s the spring release of this year that has enthralled fantasy lovers and had them go wild over it. The 13-episode anime was so good that fans can’t wait to see a 2nd season. It has definitely given challenging competition to the top anime series released this year. 

This can undeniably be labeled as one of the standout releases of the year. There are many masterpieces in line waiting to smash hit the screens. Among those, Eminence in the Shadow season 2 is the one which is just around the corner. So mark your calendars for Heavenly Delusion’s release.

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