City Of Arrogance Manga: Chapter 16 Recap And Review

city of arrogance manga

City of Arrogance Manga recently released Chapter 16 on October 25, 2023. So, it’s time to get a recap of this newly released chapter before reading Chapter 17. City of Arrogance is a newly released fantasy manga that began serialization on August 24, 2023. 

Since its debut, it has gotten a good response from fans for its beautiful romance story and captivating fantasy world. As a result, fans were always eager to know what happened next in the series. 

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So, getting a recap is a good opportunity to recall what happened in the current chapter of the manga and what to expect in the next one. So, let’s get straight to this wonderful recap and review of your favorite romance manga.

City of Arrogance Manga: Chapter 16 Recap

Chapter 16 Recap
Source: Naver Comics

At the beginning of chapter 16, Cecile arrives in Pervaz and offers her help to Carlisle. Later, she is introduced to Asha, who shows her around the palace. While walking around the palace, Asha feels jealous and uncomfortable around her.

On the other hand, Cecile tries to act friendly with her while secretly trying to bring Asha’s reality to the emperor. She also finds out that the Emperor is about to die, and Priest and his brothers are totally against him. At the end of Chapter 16, Cecile finally made up her mind to confess her deep-down love to her.

City of Arrogance Manga: Chapter 16 Review

Chapter 16 Review
Source: Naver Comics

Chapter 16 of The City of Arrogance Manga is quite interesting, filled with suspense and emotion. By introducing Cecile, the series became more engaging and created so much suspense in the story. Her hidden intention and overly nice behavior raise so many questions for fans.

Moreover, she is also exceptionally beautiful, and the series has one more waifu material for anime fans. So, overall, this chapter is good and leads the series in the right direction to be praised by fans, especially those who love classic romance.

When will Chapter 17 of the City of Arrogance manga be out?

City of arrogance Manga Chapter 17
Source: Naver Comics

As you already know, each chapter of the City of Arrogance manga was released in a span of 7 days. So, Chapter 17 of City of Arrogance Manga is already out on November 1, 2023.

You can read this newly released chapter on Naver Comics in its original Korean language. You can also read the first few chapters for free in the Naver series.

That’s it for the post! We hope you found this wonderful manga review of City of Arrogance Manga: Chapter 16 to be useful. Stay tuned with us for more of the latest anime & manga reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What are the major genres of City of Arrogance manga?

Romance, fantasy, and drama are the major genres of the series. Furthermore, it has a kingdom theme and features a bunch of attractive yet royal characters.

2. Is Moon Lord related to a video game?

Yes, Moon Lord is the final boss in a very popular sandbox game, Terraria. In the video game, Moon Lord is a massive creature with three eyes and four limbs who leads the lunar cult.

3. What is a Douban post, and what is its relation to anime?

Douban posts are a type of content that Chinese people upload to their Douban accounts. Similar to Instagram and Facebook, Douban is a social networking platform that is only used by Chinese people. Just like other anime fans, Chinese anime fans upload anime-related content on their Douban account, like reviews, recommendations, critics, appreciation, etc.

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