Chivalry of a Failed Knight Manga Vol. 1 – Review

The light novels for Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry) manga, a series anticipated since the 2015 anime version, have finally arrived courtesy of Sol Press! This first volume uniquely blends familiar elements and genuinely engaging twists. While it wears its tropes proudly, there’s a hint of self-awareness that makes it refreshing. Even if the plot treads familiar ground, author Riku Misora keeps things engaging and easy to read.

Setting the Scene

The story takes place in an alternate world where Mage-Knights rule supreme. The magical power these guys have is the backbone of national militaries power and holds some serious clout. Given their importance, governments train these modern mages in specialized academies for their supernatural powers.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Manga
Credit: The Official Website

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Manga

Our tale follows two such students: Ikki, a disowned heir from a distinguished family, and Stella, a world-renowned genius in magic who also happens to be a princess. Due to a prank by the school’s eccentric headmaster, they become unlikely roommates. Awkward right?

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Ikki’s reputation precedes him – he’s labeled a “failure” due to his weak magical abilities losing streak. Shunned by his family, he enrolls in the Knight Academy anyway. His family even tries to sabotage him by manipulating school rules, forcing him to retake his first year with near-impossible requirements for his academic life. But Ikki’s a fighter, determined to prove himself.

The Good, the Bad, and The Sexy

Let’s be honest, Chivalry of a Failed Knight Vol. 1 isn’t perfect. It leans heavily on fanservice, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. From the opening scene where Ikki walks in on Stella changing, to Stella groping Ikki’s unconscious body, to the obligatory bath scene, magical girls – it’s all here. And let’s not forget Ikki’s incestuous little sister who has an unhealthy fixation on her brother. Plus it’s common sense that the whole “sharing a room with a girl” trope feels a bit stale.

So, Should You Read It?

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Vol. 1 is a mixed bag. The good stuff coexists with the not-so-good, and your tolerance for certain themes will determine your enjoyment. You might enjoy this if you can handle a decent amount of fanservice and a side of sibling weirdness. The story’s funny, the main characters are strong, and the romance feels surprisingly believable for a light novel. However, if the content mentioned earlier makes you cringe, this manga adaptation might not be for you.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Manga Characters

The story has some solid moments, especially regarding the characters. Sure, they’re stereotypes, but they’re not one-dimensional cardboard cutouts.

Kurogane Ikki

Our protagonist, Ikki, is surprisingly strong-willed. He’s a talented fighter who avoids most cliché pitfalls. Unlike some oblivious heroes, Ikki just wants to prove his worth with unorthodox mastery, and that’s what attracts Stella. Sure, he appreciates her looks (because, well, anime boobs), but he also sees her inner strength. Their romance develops quickly, but for a light novel, it feels genuine.

Stella Vermillion

Stella is your typical tsundere princess with a twist! She’s a strong girl, useful, has a talent for magic, and is fiercely loyal to Ikki. Think Sakura from Naruto, but way more awesome.


This is where the manga gets major points. Alice is a transgender character who’s treated with respect. Introduced as a girl, everyone uses the correct pronouns and proceeds to have heartwarming interactions. Her roommate, Ikki’s sister, immediately accepts her. Even Ikki and Stella, though initially confused, quickly understand that Alice is a girl regardless of appearance. This is a big deal in the anime industry, where transgender characters are often mocked. Plus, Alice’s special skill plays a vital role in the story!

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Rest of the Crew

Unfortunately, most other characters are forgettable and one-dimensional. They fall into predictable stereotypes and don’t get much development. Additionally, the story borrows heavily from other magic school battle series, particularly, it shares distinct similarities with The Asterisk War. If you’ve recently read something similar, this might feel repetitive.

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But hey, if you can look past the fanservice and the occasional lack of originality, Chivalry of a Failed Knight Vol. 1 manga series is a solid likeable story. The baseline story is flawed, for sure, but it’s also funny, has great character designs, and the leading couple is fire. Just know what you’re getting into. It also has a surprisingly high-quality fantasy anime adaptation with great voice actors!

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Manga

Credit: The Official Website

So, there you have it, folks. Whether you’re down for some magical shenanigans or you’d rather steer clear of the ecchi stuff, now you’ve got the scoop for the 1st volume of Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Join the J-Novel club and Happy reading. Stay tuned for more anime & manga updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chivalry of a Failed Knight appropriate for younger audiences?

Due to fanservice and some suggestive content, this might be better suited for older audiences.

What are some similar series to Chivalry of a Failed Knight?

If you enjoy Mage-Knight school tournament series, check out The Asterisk War, My Hero Academia, things with psychic battling too, among others. There are a lot of series in this genre

What genre does it fall under?

Adventure, mature Romantic fiction,power fantasy concepts,has some ecchi elements, and action. Those would be its manga tags.

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