Strawberry Prince Anime Feature Film New Teaser Trailer Announces Release Date

Only a few days are left for the Strawberry Prince Anime Feature Film To Be Out. The movie’s release date is July 19, so mark your calendar accordingly. Having said that, you can also start buying the tickets in advance from April 16. The movie will be based on the famous Japanese Vtuber Boy Band “Strawberry Prince”. 

About Strawberry Prince Anime Feature Film

Strawberry Prince

Credit: Crunchyroll

The recent announcement came along with a 60-second teaser trailer and some teaser visuals. Judging from the trailer, we can expect the film to be a visual treat. The character designs, animation quality, and aesthetics are on point, making it a perfect feature film. 

We couldn’t get an idea about the voice cast and Music, but we can have high expectations. We also received details regarding the movie’s main staff.

  • Nanamori works as the Executive Producer
  • Naoki Matsuura works as the Director
  • Masato Kashiwabara is the man behind the Original Story
  • Nanamori works as the Planning Producer
  • Chinatsu Suzumura handles the Screenplay
  • Yumi Nakamura manages the Character Designs
  • Takahiro Yoneda works as the Art Director
  • STPR Records handles the Music
  • LIDENFILMS handles the overall Animation Production
  • SutoPuri, the Movie Production Committee, handles Production
  • Bushiroad Move works as the Distributor
  • Supervision: STPR Studio is responsible for Supervision

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Source: Crunchyroll

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