WIND BREAKER Episode 2 Review

Welcome back to Anime Fleek, my otaku friends. Today’s blog is all about “WIND BREAKER episode 2 review” and why it’s hyped in the anime industry. Anime fans are absolutely in love with Haruka Sakura’s spirit and skills. The anime keeps its momentum and effortlessly fulfills the viewers’ expectations. 

WIND BREAKER Episode 2 Review & Highlights

WIND BREAKER Episode 2 review

The episode kicks off with Sakura giving Nanny Sato a piggyback ride while complaining about how long she has been riding. We are sure that the Furin boy can’t handle compliments, and they make him blush in an instant. This also makes us realize that he was never acknowledged and praised, which is why he never expects people to like him in the first place. His personality is what makes the show entertaining and hilarious, along with the badass action scenes.

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WIND BREAKER Episode 2 review


WIND BREAKER Episode 2 review

There is no denying that the show is giving us the best comedic moments, and episode 2 was not a disappointment. It’s nearly impossible for anyone not to enjoy the anime. Every here and there, where there is emotion and intensity, the next moment, we’ll be sure to laugh our hearts out. I love how it’s keeping a perfect balance with all the elements. 

WIND BREAKER Episode 2 review

The entry of a new character, Akihiko Nirei, makes us smile effortlessly. He is also a fresher at Furin High School, just like Sakura. Of course, Sakura’s expressions and emotions were similar to what many of us felt watching him. However, one thing is for sure: the duo’s screen time is going to be worth a watch. 

WIND BREAKER Episode 2 review

Whenever ML gets serious about his goals at Furin High and getting the top spot there, Nirei flips the emotions to comedy. Of course, just like everyone else, it’s hard for him to believe that Sakura will be able to do that. Anyhow, we are looking forward to our MC proving him wrong. On the other hand, we are sure both of them are underestimating each other based on their assumptions. Kotoha also doesn’t want Sakura to underestimate Nirei in any way.

Another BANGER Fight Scene

WIND BREAKER Episode 2 review

Nirei was all beaten up, protecting a girl from some goons. I love his spirit of never giving up, which is similar to that of our typical heroes. It will be fun watching his character development go from weak to strong. Before things turn for the worse, our male lead jumps into the fight. In an instant, he fought them all off, shocking Nirei to a great extent. 

Highlights Nirei and Sakura

Nirei’s Backstory

Highlights Nirei

Like I said, there’s a perfect balance of everything, and Nirei’s flashbacks make us understand his character even better. He used to be an easy target for the bullies, but one day, one of Furin High School students saved his life. From that moment, he had always admired the Furin boys as Justice Heroes and wished to be like them. Finally, his emotional backstory made Sakura realize his efforts. I can expect this moment to be the start of a great, great friendship!

Highlights Nirei and Sakura

First Day Of School

Highlights Furin High School Students

Both entertaining characters turn out to be classmates. As usual, Sakura is super excited to meet other strong guys, while Nirei is nervous. The first person who greets them is Suo, who surely has the guts to joke. The dude has a mysterious aura, but it seems like he keeps it hidden with his goofiness. 

Suo's Entry

Suo introduces Sakura and highlights his heroic action in the last fight, along with other Furin Students, which overwhelms the boy. However, this time as well, he didn’t hesitate to share his goal of being at the top of the hierarchy, surprising everyone. 

Highlights Furin High School Students

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with the entrance of Kyotaro Sugishita, apparently the most dangerous guy. It seems like something interesting is waiting for us in the next episode. 

Furin High School Students

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Is WIND BREAKER on Crunchyroll?

Yes, watch it on Crunchyroll.

Is Wind Breaker Manhwa getting an anime?

The anime is currently airing, and you can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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